Program Honda Vezel 2015 All Keys Lost by OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS

Vehicle model: Honda Vezel year 2015

Purpose: program key when lost all keys

Device: OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS/ Key Master DP PLUS

Method: via OBD




Connect OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS with vehicle via OBD socket

Select Immobilizer->Honda->Honda/Acura V31.25->Select from type-> Immobilizer-Auto->16-PIN






Turn on ignition switch

Makes communication

Identify the type of the immobilizer system: 4th Generation Immo

Select Key function->Rewrite key


When the key is registered or detected, this function is used for making necessary backup


Require at least one original key to reset all the key steps


Enter number of keys you want to register


Switch ignition off

Then turn on the ignition

Turn off ignition within 20s


Turn on ignition with next key within 20s

Turn off ignition within 20s


Turn on ignition without changing the key within 20s

Switch ignition off

Turn on ignition

Check if the immobilizer indicator goes off.  If yes, press Enter to continue

Turn off ignition


Turn on ignition with original key


Key registration completed. Turn off ignition

Test all keys and start engine.



How to Add Ford F-150 2016 Key with OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS

Vehicle: Ford F-150 4×4 offroad year 2016

Device to program: OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS

At least 2 keys are required to program

X300DP Plus will program keys for F-150 from 2004 to 2019



Connect X300 DP PLUS with vehicle via OBD socket



Select Diag Program-> Immobilizer->Ford/Lincoln->Ford/Lincoln V32.43->Ford->Immobilizer->F150/F250->2015-2019







Check current key number


Current number of keys: 3 (make sure there are at least 2 keys)

Insert the working car key and turn on ignition switch


This function is available by connecting the server. Make sure WiFi is connected.

Reading data

Read data success

Insert a new key to be programmed and turn on ignition


Configuring the system

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Program F150 2016 key success by


Test the new key.


ISUZU MU-X Remote Program with VVDI KeyTool + Obdstar X300DP

ISUZU MU-X remote done! Today, we managed to make a new remote to VVDI Key Tool and OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS.



Key tool: Vvdi Key Tool and Obdstar Key Master X300 DP

Vvdi keytool is used for remote generation


Obdstar X300DP is used for remote programming




Step 1: VVDI Keytool generates a remote
Step 2: Obdstar key master programs a remote
Step 3: Test the new remote

In detail…

Step 1: Xhorse VVDI Key tool generates a remote
Vvdi keytool starts to generate a remote:
Remote program – Asia – Isuzu – Thailand
2BTN 1234 ISUZU Thailand ASK 433 MHz
Connect the remote module to the VVDI key tool
Press “Gen” to generate a remote
Remote is generated!
Put the battery cr2032 and install it into the remote shell

Step 2: Obdstar X300 DP programs a remote
Turn ignition on
Obdstar tool starts to work for the ISUZU remote
Isuzu – Isuzu v30.16 – remote – MU-X
Program remote
Turn ignition on
Program at most 5 keys
Close all doors and open the driver’s door

Number of programmed remotes: 2
Press adding remote unlock button for 5 times until double signal light flashes
Isuzu remote programming success!
Number of programmed remotes: 3
Step 3: Test the new remote
It’s confirmed working!

Best Key Programmer for ToyotaLexus Smart Key All Key Lost via OBD

This is for those looking for a decent universal OBD2 key programmer that can work good for Toyota smart keys.

For key programming, OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS full can do Toyota smart key all keys lost (check video demo here). The advantages of the the device is that it comes with 4 simulated keys in default which will save you a fortune. The downside is that the server is under maintenance currently.

The best option for Toyota all smart keys lost via OBD is the original Tango and emulators. But it does not comes with emulators, you have to purchase them alone.


So the Lonsdor K518ise is your best way to go. It has the best support for Toyota vehicles. Lonsdor works perfect for Toyota and Lexus smart key all keys lost via OBD, done with another SKE-LT smart key emulator:


Here are tips and guides of Toyota/Lexus smart keys all keys lost.

1) Binding
1.Go to the “Bind emulator key” function;
2.Turn on emulator key and put it into K518ISE key slot (put the status indicator down, make sure the key is active);
3.Following the system direction and click “OK” to start binding;
4.After binding completed, the system will indicate “Binding successful”.

Note: The KPROG-2 adapter is specialized for part of Volvo car series and the new Maserati for the time being. Lonsdor is still developing some more car models that the adaptor can support in the near future, such as Jeep Grand Cherokee, please refer to or directly go to the”One key update” for latest news.

2)  Backup EEPROM data
Connect K518ISE with car OBD port, enter into “Backup immodata” to back up the data.

3)  Make emergency emulator key
After choosing the immo data, in a network environment, the system will indicate to choose the corresponding SKE emulator key model, please start the key and put it into K518ISE key slot(make sure the key is activate), follow the instruction to make an emulator key.

4)  Add smart key
Click the car start button, put the generated SKE emulator key close to the start button, with induction the car will automatically activated.
The system will read current key count, then follow the instruction to add key.

1. “Bind emulator key” can identify the SKE emulator key binding state;
2. SKE emulator key need to bind K518ISE host and can bind only for one time;
3. When making emulator key, make sure well net connection and to choose the corresponding SKE emulator key model correctly.

Example: Lonsdor K518ISE Program LEXUS ES200 smart key all key lost by OBD

This is a part of Toyota smart key look…





This is Lonsdor K518 Toyota/Lexus FULL car lists with updated models…

(Updated on 08-2018)

84 Smart Key
2007 Crown Key
Alphard Add Smart Key
2006 Reiz
Crown 68 chip all lost

(Updated on 04-2018)

Toyota series:
2008  Reiz 0111  smart key
2008  RAV4 0111 smart key
2008  Prado 0140 smart key
2008  Camry 0140 smart key
2008  Corolla 0111 smart key
2008  Cruiser A433 smart key
2008  Alfa      smart key
2008  Previa    smart key
2008  Lexus 0140  smart key
2010  Camry 3370  smart key
2010  Prado 3370  smart key
2010  Reiz 5290  smart key
2010  Crown 5290 smart key
2010  Lexus 3370  smart key
2010  Camry 0020 smart key
2012  Reiz 7930  smart key
2012  Crown 7930 smart ky
2012  Prado 7930 smart key
2012  RAV4 7980  smart key
2013  Lexus ES GS IS smart key
2014  RAV4  2-button smart key
2014  RAV4  3- button smart key
2014  New vios/Yaris L smart key

Lexus smart key,select from PCB type:
89904-30291(0140 PCB  ES350 old ver. )
89904-50430(3370 PCB  ES240/ES350 new ver.)
89904-48321 (5290 PCB  PX270)
89904-28132(0780 PCB  5-button Previa)
89904-6071 (A433 PCB  Cruiser)
89904-0041(0111PCB RAV4 3-buttonReiz Carola)

Lexus / Toyota car list (first version)

2004 Lexus GX470 – (Under Camry 4D)
2004 Toyota Sienna
2006 Toyota Corlla (AKL, Bypass Wait, Under Toy Immo- Type2))
2007 Toyota Prius (AKL, Silver Prox & Remote)
2007 Toyota Rav4
2008 Lexus IS250 (Under IS300)
2008 Toyota Camry
2009 Toyota Camry
2012 Toyota Corolla (Remote Key)
2014 Toyota Prius (Add)
2014 Toyota Rav4 (H Key, and Remote – Type 2) ADD
2015 Lexus GX460 (Under RX270)
2016 Toyota Camry (Key n Remote)
2017 Toyota Prius (Add Type 3)

Have users had good success with Lonsdor on Toyota?

Look here: Lonsdor K518ise Toyota tests and reviews:

Toyota corolla 2010 all key lost “G” succses
Toyota rav4 2006 proxy ok, auris 2015 remote ok, bmw x5 2008 cas3 ok,

Toyota hilux 2018 H add key ok

Corolla 2008 all key lost ==>> very good

Orange chip 39 (128bit) card test reports:
Fortuner …work

MB Star SD C4/C5 Diagnostic Tool for Mercedes Benz Software Upgraded to 2019.09

Some customers consult about the latest software version for MB Star , the latest software update to 2019.09 now , please check the software details as bellow :

1. DAS 2019.09: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System

2. Xentry 2019.09: New software released by Benz Company after 04/2009 by diagnosis new cars.

3. WIS net 2019.03 : Workshop Information System

Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car, component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail.

4. 2018.11:Electronic Parts Catalog

5. ST Finder:Part Location Finder options: 2008 and 2016

6. STARUTILITIES :the movement management system and self-test

7. SD MEDIA 2014

8. PL73

9.Engineer Software : DTS monaco V8.14.016 And Vediamo V5.01.01 Support Offline Programming

10.HHT Software for old cars

11. Engineer version Vediamo updated to V5.01.01,Engineer version DTS updated to V8.14.016,Upgrade to the latest version of 2019 data

1) Fix the error that Mercedes-Benz DAS cannot directly call WIS

2) Join the DAS sedan smart offline programming

3) Join the 204 DAS stand-alone version, which can be mutated (German), which is more powerful than Vediamo

4) Join DAS special function password-free access PKW and SMART

5) Repair SMART 450, 451, 452, 454 No longer need TAN Caculator, all offline

6) Increase offline EOL and VMAX all LKW, modify truck maximum speed limit

7) Lift the truck NOx TORGUE restriction, do not need FDOK XT calculation code, directly enter, directly cancel the legal speed limit, you can modify without special function

8) Clear the truck SCR/ADBLUE fault code (MR), do not need FDOK XN calculation code, enter directly

9)Add DAS 212,207 prototyp model

More request , welcome to contact us directly

(Solved) BMW ICOM 2019.7 error “ISTA-P not found”

My 2019.7 BMW ICOM got error “ISTA-P not found” shown as bellow.

Finally solved after using engineer’s fixing file.

I uploaded on mega (no pass)!VZZTWQCZ!UKPpm_KZGHxHVIUAfGQRUciCcfbftuDJ80xUesW333g

Just download it, save it and run it, then ICOM will run flawlessly.

Good day.

How does Benz C6 diagnose and program 211 DTS Monaco

How does Benz C6 DOIP diagnose and program 211 DTS Monaco?

Benz 211 DTS Monaco diagnostic & programming (CBF) using Vxdiag Benz C6 step by step.

Open “DTS Monaco”, click on “Yes, I am”.


Initializing DTS Base System…
Click on “Open a workspace”.
Select 211, then open.





Click on “Start”, wait until finished.

benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-9_36939757 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-10_36939773 benz-211-dts-diagnostic-programming-benz-c6-11_36939773

Click on “Flash Programming”, then “ME97 (HSCAN_KW2C3PE_500). M272_KE_VC13_2”.


Click on ” Temporarily add flash data”, select “Benz (C:) -> DTSProjects-> _ALL_CFF -> ME97 -> 0064475240_001.CFF.

Tick off Session control for ME97…
Click on “Stop”.



Select “ME97 (HSCAN_KW2C3PE_500). M272_KE_VC13_2”, then “Read ID”.

ECU Origin…Value OK

Supplier Identification (Name /code) …Value OK

Diagnostic information …Value OK

Hardware version (Major /Minor) …Value OK

Software version (High / Middle / Low) …Value OK

Part number …Value OK


Exit DTS Monaco workspace.

Mercedes Benz C6 by VXDIAG is really nice to perform Benz 211 DTS diagnostic & programming (CBF).

FAQ for GM Tech2 Scan Tool

Here are some information for you: Frequently Asked Questions about gm tech 2 car diagnostic tool


Q: Can Tech 2 Scan Tool read VIN?
A: Yes, it can do.

Q: Does gm tech2 do Hummer H3?
A: Yes, it does. GM Tech2 can do diagnose for Hummer h3 model.

Q: Can gm tech2 do airbag resetting for Chev Tahoe 2007?
A: Yes, it can do airbag reset for this model.

Q: Does gm tech2 support Saturn?
A: No, it doen’t.

Q: Does tech2 work 2007 Cadillac Escalade?
A: The software car list includes the Cadillac model.
Q: It can clear the fault code on Saab 2005 1.9 TDi
A: Yes, it can do this

Q: Can this product do coding?
A: Yes,it can do. With TIS2000 software, it can program GM cars before 2007.

Q: Does it include one 32 mb card, or i have to buy so22-b again?
A: the item sp23-b includes one 32 mb card, you can choose which software you need, and if you need extra 32 mb cards, you can buy so22-b and choose other software you need.

Q: GM Tech2 Scanner can support gmc and pontic and saturn car model?

Q: Can GM Tech2 send commands to the various modules and is it able to do diagnostics on a climate control programmer?
To what year is the scanner effective? I own a 1997 Cadillac DeVille and a 2001 Chevrolet Venture.
A: Yes, you can use GM TECH2 to diagnose climate control programmer, when it has communication GM Tech2 can send commands to the modules.

Q: Can it do key coding and control unit programming for all Opel and Isuzu?
A: GM TECH 2 can’t do key coding, but can diagnose for most Opel and Isuzu from 1992-2011

Q: Does the tech2 includes the dongle?
A: For this GM Tech2, it has no dongle included by default.
If you need the dongle and do coding, you could buy tis2000 CD USB Key.

Q: It can work on windows7?
A: No, it can only work on Windows XP.

Q: Does it support for K-LINE?
A: Yes, it does

Q: Whether this item can program Opel, SAAB and Suzuki?
A: No, it can only do programming for GM cars before 2007; can not do programming for Opel, SAAB and Suzuki.

Q: Can GM Tech2 Scan Tool work diagnose 2005 GMC – Sierra 1500 truck?
A: Want to use our GM tech2 to diagnose truck, you need to buy an additional truck adapter, because our GM tech is compatible with truck, but only packed with the car adapter.
Q: I bought one GM TECH2 and the TIS2000 software can’t be installed and no identification, what’s the problem?

A: If the TIS2000 you are trying to install is contained in the GM TECH2 software, then it is useless to install TIS2000 software. To program electronic control unit, I advise you to buy an extra TIS2000 to work with GM tech2.

Q: After receiving GM TECH2, I got some errors.
A: If it is the Blue screen, just replace the Blue Screen Chip. If it is not the problem of Blue screen, please send us the self-test report to check where the problem is;
have no idea on how to operate self-test? Refer the self-test manual at GM TECH2 “technical support/service”.

Q: GM TECH2 one button doesn’t work how to fix?
A: If you have new version GM tech2, there are two ways to solve:
1) we send you a new button to replace;
2) please send back to repair.
If you have old version GM tech2 installed with the newest software, the button maybe won’t work.

Q: When I use vehicle diagnostic tool GM TECH2 for the second times, the tool starts to smoke, and my car voltage become 14V from 12V, what’s the matter?
A: Please follow the correct operation steps: before diagnosing, turn on the ignition and then connect the GM TECH2 with the car, when the car starts you’d better test the voltage, because during this process a part of cars’voltage will reach up to 24V or more, especially the car which has a poor contact of electrical ground.

GM Tech2 Diagnostic Scanner instructions

GM Tech2 Description:
The Tech-2 is the same tester GM Technicians use to diagnose GM vehicles. The Vetronix Tech 2 comes with Authentic GM software and provides support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru 2011.

Tech2 Specification:
1) Dimensions: 12
2) Microprocessor: 32 bit,16 MHz
3) Memory: 32 MB flash type II PCMCIA. Type III slot available for future expansion.
4) Communications: Integral RS232 communication port.
5) Screen: 3.8.8 backlit monochrome with full graphics capability: 320,40 pixels. Displays up to 9 vehicle parameters at once .Download Tech2 Brochure (5.2 Mb)

GM Tech 2 Scan Tool Features
1) Authentic GM software in the Tech 2 Flash means the most comprehensive diagnostic software available for late model GM vehicles.
2) Support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru 2011.
3) Removable hardware modules provide insurance against scan tool obsolescence.
4) Large, easy-to-read backlit screen.
5) RS232 & RS485 ports provide the avenue to connect future devices to your Tech 2 Flash.
6) Ability to capture stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, and Failure Record for later review.
7) Ability to view the status of vehicle diagnostic tests as they run.
8) Bi-directional The authentic GM 1992-current year software will provide full bi-directional control when performing power train, chassis, and body diagnostics.

An industry change in protocol from OBD II to Controller Area Network (CAN) has begun. In order to perform diagnostics on a vehicle that uses the CAN interface; you will need the Tech 2 Flash and a CAN diagnostic interface module. The module connects between the Tech 2 Flashs diagnostic link cable and the OBD adapter. Once the module is connected, it can be used on all GM vehicle applications,even those vehicles using other platforms such as OBD I and OBD II.

The Following GM Vehicles Utilize The CAN Interface
05 Buick Allure (3.6L)
05 Buick LaCrosse (3.6L)
05 Buick Rainier (5.3L)
04-05 Buick Rendezvous (3.6L)
04-05 Cadillac CTS (3.6L)
04-05 Cadillac SRX (3.6L / 4.6L)
04-05 Cadillac XLR (4.6L)
05 Cadillac STS (3.6L / 4.6L)
05 Chevrolet Cobalt (2.2L)
05 Chevrolet Corvette (6.0L)
05 Chevrolet Equinox (3.4L)
05 Chevrolet TrailBlazer (5.3L)
05 Chevrolet SSR (6.0L)
04 Chevrolet Malibu (Body/Chassis only)
05 Chevrolet Malibu (3.5L)
05 GMC Envoy (5.3L)
05 Pontiac G6 (3.5L)
05 Pontiac GTO (6.0L)
05 Pontiac Pursuit (2.2L)

GM Tech2 Package List:
Tech-2 Flash Tester
32 MB PCMCIA Card with GM OE Applications
CAN diagnostic interface module(Candi) and instruction sheet download (199.2 kb)
RS232 cable and user manual
RS232-DB9 adapter
DLC Cable, DLC Loopback Adapter
12V Cigarette Lighter Power Cable
SAE 16/19 Adapter
NAO 12/19 Adapter
Battery Power Cable
Storage Case



1. It Can Only Support 12V Cars, No Trucks
2. One Device only Has One 32MB Card As Default, If You Want do more vehicles, Please Buy Additional 32MB Memory Card
3.The TIS2000 including is without usb key version, please need buy the usb version in our website:

How to solve Xentry [2221-45] No access authorization

Optional solutions of Xentry [2221-45] No access authorization
Here are some optional useful solutions of how to fix 2016 SD connect c4 open shell error [2221-45] “No access authorization for XENTRY Diagnostics …” some solutions are from eobdtool engineers, some from users sharing at forums.

Problem description:
(2221-45) No access authorization for XENTRY Diagnostic was found on the server. You must contact the User Help Disk.


Solution Way For WIN7 system HDD:

Browse to C:\MB\Xentry\fusoko\eclipse\plugins folder,

delete com.daimler_xentry.diagservice_1.6_0.2016.07181047 file.


If you Running 2019.07 SD C4 WIN8 system HDD

Just need to delete the following:


Problem solved !

Hope it can help you if you happened the same problem.
Solution III from another user
Software version: 05.2016 Xentry
Free download Xentry-2221-45-fix.rar:!Ip1GkQhR!hHakXl1U1Q5SEE_5NlIZcfSNRE_2CKDJSL9OLXTexYw

(2 fix)
Solution IV with lots of thanks & likes in a forum
Software version: Xentry 2019.9
replace the file call com.daimler.xentry.diagservice_1.6.0.201605121225.jar in the folder
c:\program Files(x86)\Mercedes-Benz\Xentry\fusoko\eclipse\plugins
with the attachment below

Wish this helps