Piwis tester 2 vs Piwis tester 3 vs Super DSPIII DSP3

Which device is the best Porsche diagnostic tool?

Piwis tester 2, Piwis tester 3, and Super DSPIII DSP3 are three popular diagnostic tools in the automotive industry. These devices are widely used for their advanced diagnostic capabilities and extensive support for a wide range of vehicle models, including Porsche.

Piwis Tester II ​Piwis 2 ​V18.150 Porsche Diagnsotic Tool

Porsche Piwis 3 Diagnostic Tool Piwis III

Super DSP3+ Odometer Correction Tool

Piwis tester 2, also known as Piwis 2, is a reliable and efficient diagnostic tool specifically designed for Porsche vehicles. With its V18.150 software, it offers comprehensive diagnostic functions, including reading and clearing fault codes, live data streaming, component activation, and programming capabilities. Piwis tester 2 is widely recognized for its accuracy and compatibility with older Porsche models.

On the other hand, Piwis tester 3, also referred to as Piwis III, is the latest generation diagnostic tool for Porsche vehicles. It is equipped with advanced features and improved hardware, providing users with enhanced diagnostic capabilities. With its updated software, Piwis tester 3 offers faster processing speeds and improved functionality, making it a valuable tool for Porsche technicians and enthusiasts. It is worth noting that Piwis tester 3 is backward compatible with older Porsche models, ensuring comprehensive diagnostic coverage.

Super DSPIII DSP3, unlike the Piwis testers, is a versatile tool that not only offers diagnostic capabilities but also specializes in odometer correction. It is a powerful device that supports a wide range of vehicle makes and models, including Porsche. With its advanced software and hardware, Super DSPIII DSP3 allows users to accurately adjust and correct mileage readings on vehicles, providing a reliable solution for those in need of this specific service.

When comparing these three devices, it is important to consider your specific needs and requirements. Piwis tester 2 and Piwis tester 3 are dedicated diagnostic tools for Porsche vehicles, while Super DSPIII DSP3 offers additional functionality with its odometer correction capabilities. If you primarily work with Porsche vehicles and require comprehensive diagnostics, either Piwis tester 2 or Piwis tester 3 would be suitable options. However, if you also need odometer correction capabilities, Super DSPIII DSP3 would be a more versatile choice.

Overall, all three devices – Piwis tester 2, Piwis tester 3, and Super DSPIII DSP3 – are reliable and efficient diagnostic tools. They offer advanced features and support a wide range of vehicle models, including Porsche. It is essential to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing the right tool for your diagnostic and odometer correction requirements.

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