Current Totals on Caterpillar ET Software

Current Totals on Caterpillar ET Software

Caterpillar - ET  -  Software

-Connect Caterpillar ET Software,
-Information – Current Totals,

Current Totals:
-Total Operating Hours (hours)
-Total Idle Time (hours)
-Total Fuel (Gal)
-Total Idle Fuel (Gal)
-Total Max Fuel (Gal)
-Average Load Factor (%)

Injector Solenoid Test using Caterpillar ET Software

How to perform: Injector Solenoid Test using ET Software (CAT Engine)?
The purpose of the injector solenoid test is to diagnose injector wiring and injector solenoid functionality.

-Connect Caterpillar ET to your Laptop,
-Open Menu: “Diagnostics – Diagnostic Test – Injector Solenoid Test”
Example: CAT Engine – C11

Engine - C11 - 1

NOTE: Injector Solenoid Test cannot be performed while the engine is running.

-Click “Power All” and wait the process until complete (Mode: powered), from Cylinder 1 to Cylinder 6.
-On Menu “Test Results”, all the results are OK, indicates that Solenoid Injector still on good condition.

Engine - C11 - 2

-This test identifies an open circuit or a short circuit in the circuit for the injector solenoids. The test activates the injector solenoids one at a time while the engine is not running. A good solenoid will create an audible click when the solenoid is activated. Heavy Duty Diagnostic Cat ET indicates the status of the solenoid as “OK”, “Open”, or “Short”.

Diagnostic Codes on Caterpillar ET Software

Diagnostic Capabilities

Diagnostic Codes
The engine’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) has the ability to monitor the circuitry between the ECM and the engine’s components. The ECM also has the ability to monitor the engine’s operating conditions. If the ECM detects a problem, a code is generated.

Diagnostic - Codes - on - Caterpillar - ET - Software

There are three categories of codes:
-Diagnostic Code
-Event Code
-Flash Code

-Diagnostic Code - A diagnostic code indicates an electrical problem such as a short or an open in the engine’s wiring or in an electrical component.
-Event Code – An event code is generated by the detection of an abnormal engine operating condition. For example, an event code will be generated if the oil pressure is too low. In this case, the event code indicates the symptom of a problem. Event codes indicate mechanical problems rather than electrical problems.
-Flash Code – Diagnostics and events are reported via flash codes. When a diagnostic code or an event code becomes active, the specific condition is immediately reported to the operator through a series of flashes on the CAT ET Diagnostic Software . By counting the flashes, a numeric representation of the diagnostic code or event code is revealed.

Codes can have two different states:

-Active Codes
An active code indicates that a problem is present. Service the active code first. For the appropriate
troubleshooting procedure for a particular code, refer to the following troubleshooting procedure:
a. Troubleshooting, “Diagnostic Trouble Codes”
b. Troubleshooting, “Event Codes”
Refer to the Troubleshooting, “Diagnostic Code Cross Reference” for information that relates to converting flash codes to the equivalent diagnostic code or to the equivalent event code.

-Logged Codes
The codes are logged and stored in the ECM memory. The problem may have been repaired and/or the problem may no longer exist. If the system is powered, it is possible to generate an active diagnostic code whenever a component is disconnected. If the component is reconnected, the code is no longer active but the code may become logged.
Logged codes may not indicate that a repair is needed. The problem may have been temporary. Logged codes may be useful to help troubleshoot intermittent problems. Logged codes can also be used to review the performance of the engine and of the electronic system.

Current Totals on Caterpillar ET Software

Current Totals on CAT ET Software

-Connect Caterpillar ET Software,
-Information – Current Totals,

Current Totals:
-Total Operating Hours (hours)
-Total Idle Time (hours)
-Total Fuel (Gal)
-Total Idle Fuel (Gal)
-Total Max Fuel (Gal)
-Average Load Factor (%)

Current - Totals - on - Caterpillar - ET - Software

What diagnostic adapter do you prefer (Read 10626 times)

Tell you what adapter people use most. Here are views after the vote in the forum dedicated to all’s favorite adapter to share pros and cons and learn tips and tricks.

Here is my 2cents or 2.03cents Canadian on Diagnostic Interfaces.

DG Tech DPA4 or 4+: #2 Choice Metal case makes it durable (must use original USB cable to take advantage of USB port protection)

Nexiq USB Link: #1 Choice can also be used with toyota techstream and isuzu IDSS (Must be very careful to not break the usb port on older style)

Nexiq Magikey: Was the best back in the day (Need a PC with printer port to connect)

Nexiq LiteLink: Works with Snapon Modis (older J1708 Data Bus only)

Cummins Inline: RP1210a compliant for apps other than Cummins Insite (Doesnt work well with all rp1210a applications)

Movimento/Navlink: Only way to connect to TCU via IDS on Ford/Int LCF/CF Trucks??? (Freezes using servicemax on some laptops)

Navistar IC4: Small durable adapter (Bad customer support, hard to find drivers, USB cable is part of adapter)

Older PF-Diagnose adapter (B&B Electronics): Small durable adapter (serial cable connection)

Eaton Wireless: Long wireless range (intermittent data loss even at close range)

Noregon DLA: #3 Choice alternative to Nexiq and Dearborn (Large size/odd shape)

Caterpillar ET: Only way to connect to some offroad equipment with CDL data Bus (Need PC with printer port)

This is just my opinion on the adapters above based on personal use.

There are other adapters available and other peoples results/opinions may differ.

Combining Equipment, Technology and Services to Help Build Your Success

Cat Connect makes smart use of technology and services to improve your operational efficiency. Using the data from technology-equipped assets, you’ll get more information and insight into your equipment and operations than ever before.

Working with your Caterpillar ET, you can find the right combination of Cat Connect technologies and services for your sites. Whether your goal is to control costs, improve performance, keep people and equipment safe, or reduce risk, Cat Connect gives you the options you need to build the successful, sustainable business you want.
Cat? Connect for Energy and Transportation Applications

Cat? Connect for Energy and Transportation Applications
Optimal Maintenance with Energy & Transportation
Smarter Maintenance with Energy & Transportation
Ready to Run with Cat? Connect
Turning Data into Insights with Cat? Connect
Blast from the Past

Global Positioning System (GPS) Time Rollover Occurrence

Worksites around the world can generate incredible amounts of data. At CAT Caterpillar ET, we understand the value of this data and utilize technology in many ways to help customers optimize their businesses every day. For this to occur, we depend on key technologies and satellite systems, including the Global Positioning System (GPS).

In recent news, you may have heard about an issue relating to GPS time rollover occurrences impacting GPS devices. We want to share some key information on this event, how it may impact connected assets and what Caterpillar and our Cat Dealer Network around the world are doing to efficiently resolve this issue for customers with impacted devices.

What is GPS?

As a global navigation satellite system, GPS provides geolocation and time information to a GPS receiver anywhere on Earth. GPS operates independently of any telephonic or internet reception and can provide critical positioning capabilities to users around the world. At Caterpillar, we utilize the GPS navigation satellite system with our Cat? Product Link? devices.

What is the GPS Time Rollover Occurrence?

Generally speaking, the GPS time rollover occurrence relates to the 10-bit field in a GPS time message which will automatically reset back to zero every 1024 weeks. For Product Link devices, there are three instances of time rollover occurrences this year, April, July and November.

What impact will this have?

This is a potential global and multi-industry issue. We are aware that this GPS time rollover occurrence will impact software in certain Product Link devices. As such, the effects could range from devices sending messages stamped with an incorrect date to not sending a GPS location or other data at all. Product Link devices might also fail to provide geo-fence alerts, appear as non-reporting, show improper asset utilization, or not provide a location. Additionally, no impact to machine operation, grade control, or payload functionality is expected as a result of the GPS time rollover occurrence.

Caterpillar and the Cat Dealer Network around the world are working together to quickly and efficiently resolve this issue for customers with impacted devices.

To better understand the GPS time rollover occurrence and the possible customer impact, here’s a bit more information with some of the most commonly asked questions. Contact your local Cat dealer for additional assistance.

Q: How does this impact me if my Cat? equipment is fitted with a Cat Product Link device?
Q: Which Product Link devices are affected?
Q: What is Caterpillar doing to prevent this issue and minimize the impact to me?
Q: What should I do if I believe my equipment is affected by the GPS Time Rollover Occurrence?

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the cat et 2018A Minimum Configurations:

PC containing a Pentium 2 GHz processor or greater
500MB of available hard disk drive
Microsoft Windows? 7 Professional or Windows 8 Professional, Windows 10 Professional

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How to use Nexiq with John Deere Service Advisor software

Hi, I have two scanner, John Deere EDL v2 and Nexiq usb link. EDL connection with service advisor is perfect. But with usb link, it doesn’t work. The only way where i have connection with usb link is in GetEcuId.

But finally I got Nexiq usb link to work with Service Advisor software

Here is how to operate…

First, you must reflash your Nexiq with John Deere EDL firmware. When you do that, you\ll got EDL as connected device in device manager.

Find original firmware and save it (backup)
In John Deere Service Advisor find EDL.bin
I do not remember where it location …
Copy and rename EDL.bin to usblink.bin
replace original C:\NEXIQ\RP1210A\usblink.bin
Go to C:\NEXIQ\Test
open binload.exe
check checkbox – Enable automatic USB-Link firmware update
open CommCheck.exe
firmware will be update
and Nexiq name will be changed – now EDL-Link

Please take a note, that firmware reflash is possible only with original nexiq or HQ nexiq clone, LQ clones can’t be reflashed, even with newer nexiq firmware

It depends on what clone you have, my clone get all updates,works with OBD volvo,and have no issue.

Second, you must modify standard heavy duty diagnostic scanner Nexiq 9 pin deutsch cable. just simply revert positions of CAN lines. There is two pairs of CAN lines. Here is instruction and picture how to do that here

Standard Nexiq 9 pin Deutsch cable



Nexiq 9 pin Deutsch cable pinout