Yanhua Mini ACDP FEM/BDC Connection + ECU Clone FAQs

Q1: I bought a set Yanhua Mini ACDP full package, I wanted to test FEM module on my X5 2017. But I found that I didn’t have these two adapters marked in red as below. I don’t know how to connect all the devices?

package - connection - method - 1

A1: The picture you offer is the old package connection method.

Check the newest connection picture below, the new OBP+ICP adapter is black.

package - connection - method - 2

Old OBP+ICP adapter (green)

package - connection - method - 3

New OBP+ICP adapter (black)

package - connection - method - 4

Q2: I’m trying to make a key with ACDP for BMW 2013 328i (F30, N20 MEVD1729 DME). When I drilled the DME shell, I damaged the DME PCB, and I cannot read the ISN. I ordered ACDP DME cloning kit (ECU clone module), I got a used DME, can I clone the old DME information into a used DME with the ACDP DME cloning kit? Do I need special authorization for restoring the FEM or the DME?

A2: You can use the N20 Bench integrated interface board to read old DME N20 data, If can read out then write the new DME data. For restoring the FEM, you need to get the authorization of yanhua BMW module 2.

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