OBDSTAR Odo Master done 2013 VW NEC24C64 cluster calibration

Have 2013 VW NEC24C64 color screen type 2 to do cluster calibration via OBD using OBDSTAR Odo Master.

How-to guide:

Use the OBD2 cable to plug obdstar odo master into the 16pin port of 2013 VW.

The dashboard light up.

Select “Cluster calibrate” menu option of odo master, search VW.

Newest version VW v31.99.

VCI is upgrading.


Initializing diagnostic data…

Select from type…

odometer type: NEC24C64 (2013 color screen)

Color meter.

Type 2


Please turn on ignition first, if it is a smart key, please turn off ignition and then turn it on, press “ENT” key continue.

Logging in system…

Ensure the instrument in the black state.

Reading data.

Please enter a file name to save.

Input value 24C64COD


Read write mileage.

Note: adjustment mileage may cause the EEPROM data to be destroyed, please backup the EEPROM data first.

Logging in system…

Please input the mileage of the adjustment.
Ensure the instrument in the black state.

Writing data…


Have new mileage value on the dashboard.

Job is done.

Thanks to obdstar ODO master for calibration cluster on 2013 VW NEC24C64 color screen type 2.

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