Mini Cooper Car Won’t Start After DME Replacement- Autel MaxiSys Solution

Here’s the working solution to Mini Cooper car won’t start after DME replacement problem.

Vehicle: Mini Cooper 2007
Program DME and instrument cluster

User installed a new DME and wanted to walk him through the programming procedure. After the procedure there was a follow up coding/synchronization special function that was not supported by the MaxiSys Elite.


Tools You Will Need:

Autel MaxiSys Elite to program DME

ISTA and ICOM emulator

Battery maintainer

Battery Maintainer
full-regulated DC output prevents overcharging of the battery and provide precise control to maintain the necessary battery voltage during complex service and reflash.
not a battery charger.


1) Program DME

Select Programming/Coding function->Selective Update

Select Module to program, here choose Engine-DME

Press OK to execute measurement plan

Turn off engine
Switch on terminal 15 (ignition)

Programming in process


Turn ignition off and then remove the key with remote control form key slot (if equipped)

Then wait for 10s. Insert a key with remote control in key slot and turn ignition on

Insert a key with remote control in the key slot(if equipped) and turn the ignition on

Programming is done

2)Perform diagnostic scan

Read and reset fault code

mini-cooper-dme-program-maxisys-6 mini-cooper-dme-program-maxisys-7
The fault  “2FD7 Digital Motor Electronic DME EWS electronic vehicle immobilization
system anti-tampering protection” still exists.

Car will not start.

You need to adjust CAS.

3) CAS Adjustment

CAS=Car Access System
The CAS regulates the access options to the vehicle.
The CAS control unit is the master control unit.e.g for the following systems
Electronic immobilizer
Central locking system
Comfort agency
electronic steering lock
power windows regulator

CAS adjustment procedure in MaxiSys Elite
Select Hot Functions->Immo & Key-> Digital Motor Electronics (CAS)


4) DME CAS Adjustment

Require BMW ISTA-D ISTA-P software and ICOM/ICOM Next emulator

Select Service Function->Power Train->Engine->Adjustment->DME-CAS-DME-CAS adjustment


Select (2) Adjust Reset Starting Value

Follow the prompts
Terminal 15 off


Wait until main replay has dropped out
Terminal 15 on
Engine can be started again

Service function finished

Can i install a used module?
A: Yes. Here are a few tips to remember when programming a used module:
1. Higher success rate on older vehicles
2. Module is suited Year Make and Model
3. Part numbers are the same


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