Ford Escape 2013 Replace/Program/Calibrate PCM with Maxisys Elite + J2534

Today I am going to share with you a case study on how the Autel owner experience with his first j2534 programming event.

Purpose: Needed the solenoid body id/ strategy code in order to complete a pcm programming

Car: Ford Escape 2013

Device: Autel MaxiSYS Elite and J2534

Background: client secured a new auto body repair contract and was going to attempt his first programming procedure on new pcm module. while assisting him we discovered Ford software was requesting the solenoid body id/ strategy code but could not retrieve this information since it was a new pcm module installed on the vehicle

How to: locate the solenoid body id/strategy code to complete pcm programming procedure

PCM removal


New PCM module

Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-2 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-3
Solenoid body tags location

solenoid body tags:

Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-4 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-5 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-6 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-7


Cannot locate the body id tag

May need outsource to dealer

Loss of reputation/business relationship


Get an original PCM

Old PCM module installed

Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-8 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-9 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-10

Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-11 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-12 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-13

programmable parameters
transmission characterization
document id codes

Program the PCM module:

New PCM module installed

Reset passive anti-theft system (PATS) parameter:

vehicle without keyless entry and push button start for the 2013 escape

turn the ignition key cylinder from OFF to ON
in Maxisys Elite, select Hot function – immo – PATS functions and follow up the screen instructions to enter the PATS security access
from the Elite, select “Parameter Reset” and follow the on-screen instructions
perform the misfire monitor neutral profile correction procedure

Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-15 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-16 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-18 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-19 Maxisys-Elite-ford-pcm-programming-20

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