How to solve X431 launch V / V+ NO connection communication with car ?

As we all know, Launch X431 are professional universal auto scan tool designed and developed by LAUNCH for Repair Technicians and DIY. Cnautotool is a LAUNCH Authorized Dealer.Now Launch Tell Us has stop X431 IV and Launch X431 Diagun III production. But the tools will be replaced by X431 V (X431 Pro) and X431 V+ respectively. Below here I will detail introduction these two products.
How to solve X431 launch V / V+ NO connection communication with car ?
first,you need make sure you have activate this tool well
Second,do you connect with your car well and also start the car?
if all done,still no connection

this problem is your client -side problem,I mean X431 V+  software problem
,just redownload one will be ok
1  uninstall (no delete,but Uninstall) the SP183 client-side,that is the RED CHINESE LOGO
2 then open your install menu,find the file “cnlaunch”,delete all this file
then your tools will be NO red logo on screen or NO cnlanunch file any more
3 Redownload:
open your dbscar,there is a green robot ,download android version,download it
then you will have new client -side now
then reload all software for car list,you can choose one-lick to download all,also can choose download one by one (I advise you choose one by one,if your internet is not very good )
if you cannot download or find where is new client software,you can find me on line,I pass you on line only

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