Launch X431 V Ford Steering Angle Sensor Reset+ Clutch Leaning

Launch X431 V 8 inch at How to reset steering angle sensor for Ford Mondeo? And how to do Clutch Adaptive Learning for Ford Focus? Following us, you’ll find the detail in this blog:


Part 1. Launch X431 V reset Ford steering angle sensor steps

Open Launch X431 V Ford software.


Go to “Automatically Search” and it will show Ford Mondeo vehicle information as below:


Select Fuel Type, in this case the fuel type is gasoline.

Click “System Selection” and select “ABS/TCS (Anti-Lock Brake/ Traction Control Module)”.

Go to “Special Function”.

Note: 2017 X431 V 8inch support many Ford useful garage special functions.

Choose “Configure The Steering Angle Sensor” function.

Then follow Ford steering angle sensor calibration instruction:

1.Make sure car is stop not running on flat ground.
2.Make sure you set the steering wheel to straight ahead position.
3.You will need to rotate the steering wheel.

Click OK and turn on ignition (switch to position 2).

Then rotate the steering wheel about 10 degree to left and right.

Wait 3 or 4 seconds and Launch X431 scan tool V successfully reset steering angle sensor for Ford Mondeo!


Part 2. Launch X431 V Ford Clutch Relearn steps

Same procedure as the above until you go to “System Selection”.

Select “TCM (Transmission Control Module)” then “Special Function”.


Choose “TCM Adaptive Learning”.


You will see a pop-up TCM Adaptive Learning message. Click Yes to continue.

Turn on car ignition then choose “Clutch”.


Click Yes to continue.

Make sure the transmission gear selector is at PARK position.

Press and hold the brake pedal.

Wait about 15 seconds then Launch X431 V 8 inch tablet complete Ford Focus Clutch Learning!

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