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If you are looking for a cheap and powerful Launch diagnostic tool for all cars, you are reading the right article. cnautotool is rolling out a sale on Launch Launch X431 V+ diagnostic table Android system. The device is now available for $1188 only.We are LAUNCH Authorized Dealer dealing in original Launch X431 tools including: car diagnostic and analysis system, OBDII code reader scanner, truck diagnostic scan tool, Android iPhone based scan tool, injector cleaner &tester, oil lamp reset tool and x431 parts.

Active driving protection identifies gadgets plus models that help in keeping an auto in order plus stop any sort of accident. Concerning most of these gadgets, you are able to hold these in beneficial functionality in 2 ways. An example may be make use of obd2 applications that will mend plus sustain these repeatedly. Other might be kept by way of automotive mechanics. Most of these gadgets will be like ABDOMINAL forbidding the particular locomotive’s wheels out of locking upwards when the drivers brakes, permitting the driver that will drive while braking; traction manipulate models stop the particular locomotive’s wheels out of sliding while the Launch X431 V+ is speeding up; electronic balance manipulate preserves the motor car in order plus traveling.

X431 V+ is a new diagnostic tool release by Launch tech. It composed of an X431 V+ pad computer, a protection sleeve, a DBScar diagnostic connector and many OBD1 to OBD2 connector. It communicate with your car by DBSCAR connect with bluetooth, it read car DTC and do diagnose function by the X431 Pro Pad computer, it achieves X431 series full car model and full system diagnose function, it can replace X431 Diagun III or X431 IV.Meanwhile, taking advantage of mobile internet, it integrates more application and service, such as creating maintenance data base and case library, providing instant maintenance information, establishing public and private maintenance social circle etc. As a result, it builds a broad vehicle diagnostic community, which helps you to share vehicle maintenance knowledge online, exchange vehicle maintenance experience online and provide vehicle maintenance related service support online. This will be another revolution raised by Launch in the vehicle diagnosis industry.

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