Launch X431 PAD is the latest tablet available in the market

Those of you who regularly check our website will have noticed that we have recently added a brand new Launch car diagnostic tool to our range – the Launch X431 Pad! The Launch PAD combines the performance and convenience of tablet computing with 20 years of experience in vehicle diagnostics. With up-to-date Launch software and a wider than ever vehicle coverage which now extends to 75 manufacturers, this is a terrifically high performance car diagnostic tool.

Launch X431 PAD is the latest tablet available in the market that serves as a diagnostic scanner of LAUNCH for DBS (Diagnosis Based Solution) car system. This device is powered and configured with Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS, comes with a built-in printer and this tool has DBScar Pluggable connectors.

With a Windows 7 operating system, the Pad provides high quality and easy-to-use performance with all the popular functions of tablet computers. With Wi-Fi as standard, users can connect to the cloud computing Multi-Euro Networking System (MENS) to link with X431 Pads devices across the UK and further afield. Live and saved data can be shared with other devices and specialist technicians can provide in-the-moment advice and guidance for professionals looking to fix problems instantly.

Hello community, after much searching and searching, talking with VAGCOM cable providers and etc … finally found a Vag com 12.12 can be considered reliable. You were many that you asked for comments or email if there was one that told you that was trustworthy and delivered to an online reputation such as Amazon. (as long as you know I do not dedicate myself to the sale of cables or anything like that). But then at the end I found a Spanish company that imports and let me try and finally found one that worked me stable and smooth in cars 2012 onwards.

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