The way to make U start HDD for Launch X431 PAD

Launch Tech USA is pleased to announce its latest scan tool, the Launch X431 Pad – the absolute fastest scan tool, from diagnostics to repair, right at the vehicle. With its large 9.7  IPS color touch screen and Windows® 7, multiple applications can be utilized simultaneously and at blazing speeds. Performance is further optimized with an automatic vehicle ID and module search feature, greatly reducing the technician’s guesswork and diagnostic time. following tell you the way to make U start HDD for Launch PAD.

This is the detailed way to tell you how to make U start HDD
1, Run Ghost32
Run “ghost32_11052666.exe” on laptop with XP system, then click OK.
2, Choose whole HDD GHOST, then click it in order: Local ->Disk->From Image

3, Select image file of U boot disk:
Files provided: AutoUdiskBoot_en.GHO (Note: The file name has a little difference in the figure below, it does not matter), then click “open”

4, Select U disk as the target disk (eg KingstonDT)
Select the target disk (remember: Choose U disk to the target disk); then click ”OK”

5, Target Device Information, Click “OK”

6, Cloning Confirm, then click “Yes”

7, After a few moments, the pop-up dialog box to complete cloning, click “Continue”

8, Cloning is completed, exit Ghost32, click “Quit”

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