2015 version Launch X431 pad Advantage

2015 versionĀ Launch X431 PAD updates direct from Launch X431 website.Free launch x431 mini printer. This machine was $1080 but is now for a limited time only when they are gone they are gone at this price. This is the global version with over 75 manufactures on it.This is an official Launch x431 product and updates are direct from Launch x431 website and wont be blocked unlike the chinese chlones from other websites.Full kit all the old OBD connectors as well

The Launch X431 Euro Pad combines the performance and convenience of tablet computing with 20 years of experience in vehicle diagnostics. With up-to-date Launch software and a wider than ever vehicle coverage which now extends to 75 manufacturers, this is a terrifically high performance car diagnostic tool.

The Euro Pad is truly wireless with an embedded Windows7 operating system. This PC based system features a one key system restore button and allows multiple applications to be run at the same time with no loss of speed. It gathers repair information from the internet while you read the live data streams from the diagnostic process, allowing you to switch functions seamlessly.

It is possible through a VPN connection with the Launch server to transfer images and videos, and to allow a remote support centre to control the Euro Pad functions while connected to a vehicle. In addition there is a superb feedback function which allows users to send fault reports directly to the Launch service centre server.

Save screenshots while working for review later and print out reports for archiving with the built-in thermal printer. This flexible and versatile solution to car diagnostics is the next generation in Launch technology, offering a number of essential functions with convenient wireless capabilities.

VCDS 12.10 Update VersionĀ VCDS 12.12 VAG diagnostic Interface improved and newly add many functions as following:
1. VCDS 12.12 VAG Interface run on windows xp and Windows 7 32 and 64 bit.
2. VAG COM 12.12 software can use online, and it not have expire problem as it can change the system time automatically.
3. VCDS 12.12 with password protection will not be locked.
4. VCDS VAG 12.12 is fully compatible with all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through the current model year(from 1994 to October 2013), including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics.
5. VAGCOM 12.12 Reset all service indicators (including 2010 and later Audi and VW).

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