Autoboss SPX has launchel

Scanner, which becomes very hot on the market. It can do reading and clearing and support key programming and electronic parking brake and so on.


Highlights of AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner

1. Original AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanneris a professional diagnostic tool which has self-learn function, comparison function and record function and so on. These 3 functions can be well expressed below:

(1) Self-Learn function enables the scanner to learn and save correct values for ECU live data parameters from a vehicle in good condition

(2) Comparison function can compare the learned values against the vehicle you are working on and highlight values which are out of range.

(3) Record function enables users to record the vehicle data when testing the vehicle. And users can send the recorded data back to AUTOBOSS head office for analysis, which will help users solve problems faster.

2. what Autoboss V30 elite super scanner supports is not only reading and clearing fault codes — goes far beyond and access the complete vehicle, including drive line, chassis, body and the networking/communication modules.

3. Auto V30 covers over 57 manufacturers with up to 148 systems per vehicle (totally around 4,000 vehicle systems). Best of all, the V30’s vehicle coverage continues to grow, with simple internet-ready updates accessible to you at the click of a button.

Best price Original Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner on eobd2. If you are interested in it or want to know more information about it, please do not hesitate to ask customer service for help.

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