The reason of Digiprog 3 Blue screen and White screen

there are mainly 4 reasons
1).Digiprog III digiprog 3 odometer programmer can’t connect with the computer unless it needs to update, also can’t run with the original software.
2).If you update incorrectly, Digiprog 3 will blue screen. (When we have newest update software, you could update DP3, if we haven’t newest software, do not update).
3).Crashed during shipping
4).The voltage is unstable when Digiprog 3 is opened. (Note: please read carefully the manual before use DP3.)

What exactly is the particular terminology regarding Digiprog 3 display screen food selection? Language or perhaps In german? My own DIGITAL VIDEO DISC coming from an individual will be In german, plus the functioning software will be In german, the way to modify to be able to Language?

Any: Digiprog III DIGITAL VIDEO DISC will be In german, nevertheless the functioning can be acquired together with equally Language and also In german, when you start Digiprog III, simply click language alternative, and established Language.

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