How to setup V4.94 Digiprog 3

How to setup V4.94 Digiprog 3V4.94 Digiprog 3 (or Digiprog 3 setup instruction)
1). Connect Digiprog 3 main unit into the ODB diagnostic socket (Notice: Do Not use cigar lighter lead, or else it will lose the warranty)
2). The Digiprog 3 main unit power on when finish STEP 1, and it turns to load the system.
3). A while later, the screen will display Digiprog 3 software version information, software is marked as a unique 12 digit electronic serial number.
4). Then the screen will appear with a disclaimer regarding the use of machine.
5). Click “Check/Tick” to start using the digiprog 3 odometer master programmer.
6). It needs to input password to enter into the system. The default password is “1”.
7). Welcome the main interface. You are also allowed to check the software version marked red on the following picture.
8). Select the function you need to do and follow the screen instruction.
SVDI PSA Commander

Well, it isn’t if you have the right tool and experience to guide you knowing what’s fake or gets the job half-done… and what’s used by real mechanics every day for real people in real life on the road. Digiprog III is the real deal. For example we use it ourselves to change odometer number when putting together a custom engine build. Or when old car was completely restored with new parts. In that case, we reset number back to zero.

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