Launch X431 Pro Mini Feedback and FAQ

Launch X431 Pro Mini FAQ:
Q: Is the X431 pros mini better than Autel MS906?
A: Thanks for your inquiry. The X431 pros mini scan tool is not only do ECU coding function much more than autel ms906, but also the x431 pros mini of price is affordable than autel ms906. So choosing x431 pros mini is better for you. If any further questions, please contact us any time.

Q:Can this scanner program a new key?
A: Yes, this diagnostic tool can program a new key.

Q: Can it program a 2004 f350 replacement pcm
A: Thanks for your inquiry. Launch X431 PROS Mini Scan Tool can program a 2004 f350 replacement pcm

Q: Can this scanner use for Mercedes sprinter
A: yes, it can work. you can tell us the year of your car.

Q:Will this read abs/asr on a mk4 vw beetle?

Q: Does it clear Ford “mykey” “non admin key”!? and reprogramming the key to admin key ?!’for Ford fusion 2012 !! Thanks
A: Dear Customer, thank you for your inquiry. Yes, this X431 pros mini diagnostic scan tool supports key programming for Ford fusion 2012

Q:Would this work with a 2016 toyota prius? all the features it provides? also, 2000 528i bmw want to turn the day time running lights off.
A: Dear sir, Yes, it can, pls feel free to place your order, if you have any other concern, you can send us E-mail.Thanks

Q: can it read misfire mode 6 data on fords?
A: Dear sir, Yes it can, pls feel free to place your order.

Launch X431 Pro Mini Feedback:
1.Replaced a fuel pump module on a BMW 5 series that needed coding. I was able to easily code it as well as clearing any fault codes and registered the battery. This alone was cheaper than having it serviced at the dealer.

2.I have had this for almost a month now and had the opportunity to use it on several different vehicles. It is a very nice tool no matter what for anyone that does some or all of their automotive work. But for the price I think one would have trouble finding a better tool. It has never once failed to recognize a vehicle or not be able to do something the 4 figure versions do. It is very handy in its solid caring case with labeled cutouts for all the adapters. It reminds you during shutdown to ensure you pull the module since it connects by bluetooth so you are not actually tethered to the car. Which is an added benefit if you want to run inside to look something up online or walk around to some spot on the vehicle other then the drivers seat while running a diagnostic. While it is pricey and way to much for bragging rights, with todays modern cars I would strongly encourage any DIY auto mechanic to save up and get it and I see no reason Pro’s couldn’t use it as well.

3.Still reviewing it but so far this is a very handy little scan tool and for the money and what it does it is one of the better values…so far as I am still putting it through its paces.

4.I received my Launch X431 Pro Mini today and set it up with the help from seller who gave fast and great service. I worked on three cars today with no problems at all from brake reset to tpms reset to injector replacement, turn out check engine light, work so SMOOTH.It is way more than i expected.Great all around scan tool for shop. Simple to use

5.Seems to do everything it is advertised to. Haven’t had any issues connecting or communicating with any vehicles. When I first started it up, I selected the programs I wanted and downloaded and uploaded them without an issue. Since then, the unit tells me that 3 programs are ready for update but I have not been able to update them. The unit will enter the process of downloading and go nowhere with it. I have tried several times without any success. My subscription says it’s good until November 2020 but no can update bud.. hoping I can get this figured out as it is otherwise a fantastic unit.

6.As a traveling mechanic the size of this device is a blessing and the functionality is over my expectation. the only down side it is that I would like to know how to upgrade the micro SD card for more memory. on this there is a lack of support but for the rest a big thumb up.

7.As described,awesome tool,great purchase! Thx!

8.Works great allready used to bleed abs pump in a couple cars and reset service lights. Cleard a tranny code on my 08 caravan that my normal scanner couldnt. Downside is yhst its a bit slow but worth it considering the price and 2 years of updates.

9.very good product. very portable. The automatic vin reading and global info from the car is amazing including the car millage. I test amercan, japanese,german cars and all works well.

Of all the scan tools I have in my tool box, this has become my go.Yes it reads codes and seems to be compatible with nearly any vehicle, but with todays technology it would be nice to have additional information attached to the fault code. It’s not any different than a basic code reader for most jobs. I purchased it because it can do DPF regen on diesel pickups/trucks

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