John Deere EDL V2 Diagnostic Kit

John deere EDL V2 diagnostic kit with Service Advisor EDL V2 Software, you can view service manuals, use DTAC (Technical Assistance Center) data, make diagnostics, readings, tests and calibrations, re-program controllers.

John Deer EDL v2 Interface & Service Advisor Diagnostic Kit:
1.Latest Service Advisor 5.3 AG and CF
Service Advisor 5.3 CF & AG ALL Data Base Up To 2021
JD Parts Advisor Latest 2021
JD Service ADVISOR 5.3 [2021] AG (Agriculture Equipmen).
JD Service ADVISOR 5.3 [2021] CF (Construction and Foresty)
2.One Year Warranty On All – Software & Hardware !

John Deere EDL V2 Highlight
1. John Deere Service Advisor EDL (Electronic Data Link) heavy duty diagnostic adapter for construction equipment, agriculture, engines For John Deere.
2. John Deere Diagnostic kit includes software For John Deere Service Advisor 4.0 Agriculture or Construction and Forestry version.
3. John Deere Service Advisor 4.0 Agriculture workshop service manual, repair manual, electrical wiring diagram, hydraulic diagram, diagnostic, assembly and disassembly engine, transmission.
4. John Deere AG Management Solutions, Attachments, Backhoes, Combines and Headers, Cotton Harvestings, Excavators, ForkLifts, Hay and Forages, MAte Hand Cut and Shredderses, Plantings and Seedings, Skid Steers, Sprayers, Sugar Cane Harvesters, Tillages, Tractors, Worksite Pro Attachments.
5. John Deere Service Advisor 2.8 CF (Construction and Forestry), workshop service manual, repair manual, diagnostic, electrical wiring diagram, hydraulic diagram For John Deere.
6. John Deere Service Advisor 4.0 CCE (Commercial and Consumer Equipment)dealer technical assistance, diagnostics, connection readings, calibrations, interactive tests, specification, tools, assemble and disassemble presented all models For John Deere Construction Equipment and some models Hitachi, Euclid, Bell and Timberjack.

Package including:
1pc x Electronic Data Link v2
1pc x USB cable
1pc x 9-pin Deutsch adapter
1pc x V5.3 AG + CF software 500G SSD —option
(the latest V5.3 AG+CF Software have installed well in 500 SSD, when you receive it,pls insert it into your laptop,then can use it directly)

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