Chrysler Witech Micropod 2 with V17.03.10 Chrysler Mopar Micropod 2 software FAQ

Chrysler Witech Micropod ii was second generation Witech VCI for Chrysler, Chrysler VCI Micro Pod 2 can replace Chrysler Witech VCI Pod. Chrysler Mopar Micropod 2 from come with original v17.03.10 Chrysler micro pod 2 software, support diagnostics and online programming for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat (North America).

Below share Chrysler Witech Micropod ii FAQ for customer reference:

Q: Does this witech micro pod 2 software can update?
A: Yes, the wiTECH MicroPod 2 come with v17.03.10 latest software, it can update via teamviewer remote tool. kindly note:
1.Except the original chrysler Mopar Micropod 2, only our micro pod ii can update, but update need contact us via teamviwer.
2.The Turkey chrysler witech micropod 2 version can not update, their software is V14.

Q2: Mopar micropod 2 can working online?
A2: Yes, witech micropod 2 from can working online, the Turkey version can not using when internet connected.

Q3: Does this Chrysler VCI Micro Pod 2 can programming?
A3: Chrysler VCI Micro Pod 2 can work with online programming via subscription.
Note: Turkey version Micro Pod 2  can not programming, because can not using internet.

Q4: The new version of chrysler witech micropod ii can using with online account?
A4: The chrysler witech micropod 2 hardware also need to register, the diagnostic system of Chrysler VCI Micro Pod 2 is a two-sided authentication, there is no account with useless, the software also need be activated.
Note: So the Turkey version chrysler micropod 2 said that the online account can use the new version of the software is nonsense.

Q5: Witech micro pod 2 Chrysler VCI Can connect with wireless?
A5: Sorry, now the chrysler witech micropod ii can not connecting with wireless, maybe in the near feature will have wireless Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 released.

Q6: Can micropod ii VCI support lastest Chrysler Car?
A6:  Yes, witech micropod ii software v17.03.10 can Synchronize update, this cover the latest vehicles testing.
Note: The Turkey version witech micropod ii software is V14, can not work with new models.

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