WOYO PDR007 Product details

WOYO PDR007 is a high-precision equipment, due to regional differences in parameter format, may not be applicable in some areas, please know before buying. Use this equipment only in accordance with local laws.

WOYO PD R007 Tool is a fast repairtool for autobody.

1. WOYO PDR007 is easy to use, any worker with a background in metal composition can master it in three minutes.
2. WOYO PDR007 can fix soft dents on metal surfaces in only thirty seconda.
3. Independent Time & Power Mode, More Setting Options.
4. Adjustable Boep Sound to Avoid Interference( Close, Up, Dow)
5. Features a large color display for precise control and monitoring progress inreal-time
6. Application: soft dent, dent in non-marginal area.
7. Repair method: With rapid, focused heating Induction on the dentsurrounding va the repair handle, the dent stretched and repaired by Itsel.
8.Compared with the traditional way of demolition and repair, speed 6 times faster delivery of owners, improve shop utilization, rapid recovery of investment

Model: WOYO PRD 007
Input Voltage: 220V(EU)/110V(US)
Input Current: 3.6A/7.3A
Output Power: 800W
Output Voltage: 300V/150V
Output Current: 7A

Packing List:
1x PDR Main
1x Main Cable (1. 8M)
1x Power Cable(1. 5M)
1x Repair Handle
1x Tool Case

Attention before use(Warning)
1.Not suitable for operation by those with pacemakers or artificial limbs with metal parts.
2.Before using this device, you must wear a safety mask, safety gloves, and safety clothing to avoid being burned during use.
3.Operators must not have any metal objects on their person during operation, including but not limited to watches, cuff links, keys, belt buckles, coins, or zippers.
4.This device cannot be operated in areas with conductive particulate matter, areas used for applying paint, areas housing or handling chemical fuels, areas of high temperature, and areas of high humidity.
5.Once the device is powered on, flammable objects must be kept away from the device.
6.Before you power on the device, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher on hand in case any misoperation causes a fire.
7.Do not use this device in the vicinity of safety airbags.
8.Once the device is powered, there must be personnel on site to watch over the device. When the device is not in use, unplug the device’s power cable.
9.This device should be stored at temperatures between 0 and 50 celsius. When transporting the device, avoid vibrations or shocks.

Attention in using (Warning)
1.While the restoration head is restoring a damaged car body, the temperatures of both the restoration head and the body will rapidly increase. Do not touch either the
restoration head or the car body before they have had time to cool down.
2.While the restoration head is in the process of restoration, the temperatures of both the restoration head and the damaged area will rapidly increase. Using the restoration head on one area for too long may increase temperatures to the point of damaging the car’s paint job (it is recommended that every 1-1.5 seconds, the operator wipes down the damaged area with a wet rag in order to keep the temperature manageable).
3.During the restoration process, the temperatures of both the restoration head and the damaged area will rapidly increase and the body of the car will immediately become softer. During restoration, make sure the restoration head is not applying pressure to the car, otherwise the restoration process itself might further dent the car.


WOYO PDR007 Product details





WOYO PDR007-4.1

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