PCMTuner Module 71 Bench Mode Not Working Solution

Caused the error reason:

Use other power supply not PCMtuner package plug will burn the resistance

If you use OBD for Power supply. Please do not plug in a sepatate 12v, otherwise, it will cause the device transistor or step-down chip to burn.

Must use PCMTuner professional power supply!

If you use your own lab power and viltage regulator.You don’t know how device power works.Just the voltage to 13.5 or whatever you think will cause the whole triode to turn out.

PCMTuner Module 71 Bench Mode Not Working solution:

1. Resoldered two resistance

2. Replace two resistance (if old resistance is lost or damaged)

Here is a resistance replace tutorials: Feedback by PCMtuner User:

Resoldered two transistors K1P, and work bench mode. One Soldered K1P other analog p1P. I haved only one K1P

Replace first this transistor, K1P, analog 1P,p1P

K1p mmbt2222a-0.6A 40/75v and p1p pmbt222a – 0.8A 40/75V

Read EDC17C06 on bench Successfully

Product Category: Engine Control Unit

Manufacturer Number: 0281015042

Brand: Bosch


Vehicle Manufacturer No.:7811701


Details at https://www.cnautotool.com/goods-7173-PCMtuner-ECU-Chip-Tuning-Tool.html



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