MB star c5 sd connect C5 DOIP WIFI with software hdd For benz truck car diagnostic tool

MB C5 Star Diagnosis Function:

1. 1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart; (support:W204,W212,W207)
2. All electric system Diagnostic; (Do not include flash code);
3. Reading out and erasing trouble code; reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator; testing the components of cars; coding and programming.

MB C5 Star Diagnosis Character:

1. Realizes all the function of official factory compact 3.
2. C5 Multiplexer can connect to factory computer and for laptop.
3. Complete maintenance data. It could offer full disassembly and assembly circuit diagram, working principle and element place anytime needed. It is the best assistant for maintenance man.
Product Description
MB Star C5(Compact 4-StarDiagnosis Tester)

MB STAR C5 is the professionaldiagnostic equipment for cars manufactured, it is the replacement of HHT. Compact 4 operates based on the Windows 7 system.

Xentry 2023.03 : New software released by Benz Company after 04/2009 by diagnosis new cars.

Package List:
1pc x MB SD Connect C5 Plus Multiplexer
1pc x OBDII 16PIN Cable
1pc x 38PIN Cable
1pc x 14PIN Cable
1pc x 8PIN Cable
1pc x Lan Cable
1pc x Second Hand Laptop Lenovo X220 Laptop (All software activated. All system ready to use)

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