How to Use Ford VCM II Scan tool to Read and Clear Mondeo DTCs?

There have some customers dont know how to read & clear mondeo DTCs with our Ford VCM II , please check the steps as following :

Open IDS software

Select “Start New Session”-> “All other”

Establishing communication to PCM

Select vehicle specification

Confirm the vehicle is fitted with a monochrome navigation system or not

Select “No” and click the “tick”

Confirm the vehicle info, if it’s correct, click “YES”

Read VIN automatically

Click the “tick” in the right corner

Select “Self Test”->“All CMDTCs”

Reading Continuous DTCs

Click the mark in the right corner

Confirm “You are about to clear DTC (s) and any information associated with these DTC (s). Select Tick to clear or X to cancel.”

Click “Tick” to clear

Ford VCM II IDS clears DTCs successfully

Select “Tick” to exit IDS software


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