How to program keys for Xterra via MaxiDAS DS708

My Spanish co-work Fernando just got Autel MaxiDAS DS708 (of course Spanish version) Auto Diagnostic tool . He was lost in the program when he tried to use the unit. He could not figure out what it meant. I could not either. If I had not guessed wrong, the left item should be ECU information and the right line should be exactly the mileage number. Fernando quickly stopped my assumption because there is no such function in the manual book. Then he will share how to program keys for Xterra via MaxiDAS DS708

Here list a writeup on how to program keys for Xterra via MaxiDAS DS708
First some details about RFID transponder key
1. You don’t program anything in the keys, you introduce the keys to your truck as legitimate keys, authorized to start it. Nothing changes in the key, only some info from each key is stored in the truck computer.
2. Your Xterra can only recognize five keys.
3. You need to have ALL the keys that you want to use when programming, you are NOT adding a key (like you would do for a remote) but you will erase all the keys and re-introduce all of them (keys left out will NOT start the truck).
As that being said, let’s start by gathering all the keys

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