Most European(German) car key programmer advice

Using experience with the car key programming tools for most European(german) and all other car keys.

@Manta1600 review:

Lonsdor, Autel 608, OBD star or x100pad 2

but you can’t work only with 1 tool

you will need lot of other tools

Something good for Ford other for Fiat other for Opel VW BMW Benz and etc.

and total easy will go over 20 000 euro also you must have cutting machine and keys in stock.

Around 2000 euro is low range Chinese cutting machine

to around 10 000 will cover – most Ford PSA and Vauxhall – some Renault – some VW – Some Fiat etc – nothing trustable for BMW and MB

And never will be sure can you program next car – and will lost around 50% of the jobs

@Tahircetiner review:

You’d better start with zedfull. you can’t do everything with lonsdor and with 2k. for Mercedes vvdi MB. and maybe VVD2 for bmw and VW. but 2k to low.

@rapidlocksmiths review:

There is no universal tool that will cover all euro all German and all other car keys on all years.

German coverage , ie VW , Mercedes and BMW , you need a tool like abrites or vvdi 2 to get good coverage on these , but these tools still have gaps and specialist tools like MB extreme and other mb tools are useful , all have failures and tools such as VCDS , VAG Tacho are also needed as well as tools like obd helper and good dump tools.

rest of Europe models , tools like abrites , zedfull , smart pro etc are excellent but all outside of your budget

rest of world makes again abrites , smart pro , zedfull , lonsdor , obdstar im608 etc etc etc

tools like lonsdor obdstar will give you decent coverage but all have big gaps against want you are looking for .

the best advice i can give is invest your money in something with a future

tools like zedfull offer excellent universal coverage but no where near the full coverage you want , and tokens cost money ongoing , but even this is not in your budget.

@crankycarl review:

I have both the IM608 and the MaxiSys Elite.
After using the IM608 for a couple months, I passed the elite on to apprentice.
Big update for the IM608 just dropped today too for IMMO.
As far as I can tell there is no difference in diag functions between the two.
I use IM608 over elite for diag as well basically because it has faster CPU and the interface is a bit better (preference).


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