What to do if KTag failed to read EDC16C35

What to do if KTag failed to read EDC16C35

Just got the new ktag clone from China.

First I tried ECU EDC16C35 with CMD Probe, but Ktag didn’t connect to it.

What I did for KTAG connection:
I tried kTag with CMD Probe and with direct connection (soldered) to the pcb from CnAutotool.
I tried different cables for connection.
With external power supply to kTag and without (only usb).

Just for testing I tried the same with VAG EDC16 ==> same result.

Both ECU’s are working (connection over pin out is ok).

Optional reasons & solutions:

Solution 1:
BDM Port is broken. (send back to the seller for repair)
Even genuine tools don’t read.
Other EDC16C35 working fine

Solution 2:
Buy a good quality KTAG Master ECU Programming Tool adapters, from wobd2.com

Solution 3:
can be caused by bad K-line, when also can′t do other EDC16……..
Or BDM don’t work
I think you have to rework your clone or try slow communication

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