How to make GM TECH2 cover Opel cars 1997-2014?

One user bought GM Tech 2 and one Opel 32MB Card in German. He feedback the software can cover Opel from 1997 to 2008 instead of 1997 to 2014. He connected GM Tech2, it failed to identify, he followed the instruction to do but got errors: hardware error;Your vehicle choice needs the candi.

Turn off the Tech2 and plug in the candi. After that, they carry out the vehicle choice as usual.

————————————————– ————————————————– –

Check / make sure Tech2 / Candi and car connection are working. The green indicator flashed and the machine made a slight noise.




gm-tech2-cover-opel-cars-1997-2014-4 engineer working solution:

Please insert the CD into one computer, install the software, after that plug the GM Tech2 into the computer, you will be able to make GM Tech2 cover Opel from 1997 to 2014 year.

Without installing the software on one computer, GM Tech2 only covers Opel from 1997 to 2008 year.

Good Luck!

XTOOL EZ500 Overview with Car List of Functions

XTOOL EZ500 is a full system diagnostic tool which owns the same functions as XTOOL PS80. It supports full system diagnosis like Engine, ABS, Airbag, Transmission, Immobilizer, Body (ECM), Chassis. EZ500 also equipped with basic functions and special functions which make it a useful tool for workshops.


Bright spots of XTOOL EZ500:

Record data: Record and playback live data
0 screen: 8.0 inch multi-touch screen
Diagnosis reports: Diagnosis reports in PDF file
One-click update: One-click software update via WIFI

Here will show you more details about the functions of EZ500:


Diagnosis list of EZ500:


The image here only post a few of them, if you want to view more least, please click:

Special Functions list of EZ500:


EPS List of EZ500:


Immobilizer list of EZ500:


The following link will show you more car list about IMMO:

Service light reset list of EZ500:


Hope you may know more about this XTOOL EZ500 Diagnostic Tool.

Tested XTOOL X100 PAD 2 program Citroen C4 new key OK

Hi mates! We newly tested XTOOL X-100 PAD 2 program Citroen C4 new key successfully! So share the operating steps here for your reference.

Step1. Connect XTOOL X100 PAD 2 with Citroen C4 via car OBD port. Choose “Immobilization” then select “Citroen” and “Citroen V26.42”
Step3. There are two options on C4 menu: “Non smart key” and “Smart key”. Choose “Non smart key” then “Program keys”.
Step4. It remind you if continue all keys will be erased and you should enter correct pin code. Hit “OK” then “Yes” to confirm.
Enter the pin code “7XEQ”
Input the key number you want to program.xtool-x100-pad-2-program-citroen-c4-new-key-7
Step5. Now follow the tip, turn ignition off then insert the new key in 15 seconds to turn ignition on.
Program success! In this way you can add Citroen C4 new key by using XTOOL X100 PAD2 Tablet Key Programmer!

Xtool Ps2 truck tool user manual for share

Please download the manual here for more reference

Xtool PS2 Truck Professional Diagnostic Tool
Original Xtool PS2  is a high-tech and professional automobile diagnostic tool for truck,
1.supports all protocols and all modes for the OBD II.
2.This PS2 can do Car year before 2010,and few parts of car year after 2010.
3.And it can be upgraded online
Support Car year before 2010,and few part of car year after 2010
English only

PS2 Technical Parameters:

Operating system:WINCE 5.0 operating platforms
CPU: SAMSUNG 32 bits processors, basic frequency is 400MHZ random memory: SDRAM 64M
Programming memory:FLASH 64M
Exterior memory:supports SD card slot-in and slot-out
Mainframe power supply:DC12V/24V
Mainframe power:25W
Printer: Mini high-speed thermal sensitive printer
Screen: 8 inches real-color touch-screens, 800×600 with LED back-light
Machine composition: mainframe, testing adapter, group of lines, manual and outside box
Temperature: -20-50°C
Relative humidity: <90%
Mainframe battery: rechargeable battery 3500m/Ah
Wireless communication: blue-teeth

W211 Original Key Hopping Code Repair with CGDI MB Key Programmer

Posted - on - July - 25 -1

W211 Original Key Hopping Code Repair with CGDI MB Key Programmer

Hopping code: Most of the keys are too fast to be inserted
and removed, and the track code does not roll, resulting in
code hopping, so that the key and the lock cannot be
matched properly.
Use Mercedes monster to repair, the specific operation is as follows:
1. First you need a key password.
2. Calculate the track code of the key.
3. Read the EIS, fill in the password and save the data.
4. Calculate the erase password and erase the it.
5. Load the EIS data with the password.
6. Click “Allow modification of data.”
7. Change the track code of the key position to the track code of the
8. Write data.
9. Learning key
Need to use the tool below:

Posted - on - July - 25 -2 Posted - on - July - 25 -3

Posted - on - July - 25 -5 Posted - on - July - 25 -6

1. First you need a key password, If there are no keys, you can calculate the
password by doing all key lost.

Posted - on - July - 25 -7

Calculate password

2.Calculate the track code of the key, click to read the key/chip and read the
current information of the key.
Posted - on - July - 25 -8

Fill in the password

Posted - on - July - 25 -9

Click to get the track code

Posted - on - July - 25 -10

Confirm that the key has been inserted into the device and check that the key
password is correct. The track code calculated by the wrong password is invalid

Posted - on - July - 25 -11

Key track code calculated successfully

3. Read the EIS, fill in the password and save the data.
Posted - on - July - 25 -12

EIS data saved successfully

Posted - on - July - 25 -13

4. Calculate the erase password and erase the lock, let us get the
erase password first.

Posted - on - July - 25 -14

Erase password successfully calculated

Posted - on - July - 25 -15

Click to wipe the lock (EIS )
Posted - on - July - 25 -16

Please insert the IR adapter into the EIS within 30 seconds.

EIS erased successfully

Posted - on - July - 25 -22 Posted - on - July - 25 -17

Read the EIS and see the current state

Posted - on - July - 25 -18

The EIS has been wiped out

Posted - on - July - 25 -19

5. Click on the load EIS data saved before with the password.

Posted - on - July - 25 -19 Posted - on - July - 25 -20

Loaded successfully

Posted - on - July - 25 -21

View the key position (key position is 1) and copy the track code
Posted - on - July - 25 -22

6. Click “Allow data modification”.

Posted - on - July - 25 -23

7. Modify the track code of the key position to the track code of the key

Posted - on - July - 25 -24

8. Write the EIS data

Posted - on - July - 25 -25

It is recommended to write the vehicle identification number first, then write
the lock data.

Posted - on - July - 25 -27 Posted - on - July - 25 -26

Please insert the IR adapter into the lock within 30 seconds.

Posted - on - July - 25 -27

Write lock data successfully

Posted - on - July - 25 -28

Read lock EIS data to see current lock status

Posted - on - July - 25 -29

The current EIS is not activated, put the original car key inserted into the lock
to learn, and the lock can be activated.

Posted - on - July - 25 -30

Insert the key Wait 1-5 seconds, the ELV responds, the EIS
activates successfully, and the key learns successfully.
Click on the read lock (IES) data to view the current lock status.
Posted - on - July - 25 -31

211 lock original key hopping code repaired successfully

Posted - on - July - 25 -32

Support the key to read and write, you can directly re-match
K-line EIS do not support this repair method.

GDS VCI For KIA & HYUNDAI software has not been updated for over 4 weeks now, How to Solve?

Hi. I installed the GDS software about 2 month ago and today when I went to use it, it tells me that this software has not been updated for over 4 weeks now. Connect to internet or you will have limited capability.  I did not connect to the internet. The computer that is installed on, can’t go on the internet. How can this be fixed.

How - to - Solve

A: change computer time to 2016.9 to try it. so it is working.

Top GDS VCI for KIA & HYUNDAI with Trigger Module

Buy it for 8 reasons:

1. With Trigger Module, Flight Record Function
2. Firmware V2.20 Software Hyundai V19, kia v12
3. Update by CD
4. GDS VCI Vehicles Coverage : 1996-2017 some new car models for Hyundai Kia
For Kia, it can be supported till 2013.
For Hyundai, it can be supported till 2017.
5. Package come with USB Dongle, software installation more convenient
6.Wanted to checked the supported car list for hyunday? click this video
7. How to install GDS VCI Hyundai V19 video
8.How to install GDS VCI Kia V12 video


1. Language: English Only
2. Operating System: Windows XP/Windows 7
3. Kia and Hyundai software cannot install in same computer.The installation step is a little long.
4. GDS software mainly support North America vehicles models, please use OBD software for Hyundai Kia.

GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool for KIA Hyundai Features:

1) Completely Integrated Diagnostic System with User Specific information & settings
2) Complete Technical Service Information
3) Comprehensive & Customized Diagnostic Solution
4) Guided Troubleshooting Procedures
5) Mobile Data-recording Function
6) Real-time Software Management

Trigger Module (Flight Record)

Intensified recording function of vehicle conditions at idling or driving
Recorded data VCI can be reviewed and analyzed precisely and the terminal
Exact Analysis of data trend
Data storing in PC and sharing for remote control diagnosis and further diagnosis
Actuator Driving
Sample Operation and multi-record with large memory up to PC HD memory
Easy to use and fast procedure

GDS Software Installation Tips:

1. Kia and Hyundai software can not be installed on the same computer. Before install Kia software, it must install hyundai master dvd,  otherwise it will cause the softwre install not success

2. Never try to update the software, otherwise the circuit board will be burned, need return it back for repair,and you will pay all the maintenance cost and shipping cost back and force, because such damage is not free in the warranty policy.

GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool is an advanced service system that provides comprehensive coverage for all Hyundai vehicles including all Hybrid cars. Professional Diagnostic Tool GDS provides complete diagnostics, analysis and reprogramming capabilities as well as a huge library of technical, service and repair information. And now buy it. you can get NEW kia GDS software free.

GDS VCI Packing Including:

1pc x VCI Interface (Optional Color:Red/Blue)
1pc x OBD2 main cable
1pc x 20 Pin Adapter
1pc x 12 Pin DLC Cable
1pc x 10-8-2 Pin Cable
1pc x 6P DC Jack
1pc x AC-DC Power adapter
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x U Disk( Kia,  Hyundai )
1pc x Trigger Module (Fright Record)

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS/ X300 DP New update 2019/7/8

OBDSTAR X300DP PLUSX300 DP New update 2019/7/8:
Renault 2016- Clio IV / 2015- CAPTURE / 2018- symbol key programming
Maserati Ghibili pincode reading+smart key programming

Dodge Charger/ Cherokee 2019 odometer reset
Maserati Ghibili 95320 odometer reset

OBDSTAR - X300 - DP - PLUS -1

OBDSTAR - X300 - DP - PLUS -2

OBDSTAR - X300 - DP - PLUS -3

What is Best for Mercedes FBS4/BGA/NEC/Moto Key Programming?

What is the best FBS4, BGA, NEC, Moto Key Programming Tool? CGDI-MB or  VVDI MB TOOL or Diagspeed or AK500 or NEC PRO57?

Look here! This is for people who are looking for one good key tool to program all new and old keys to Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes key programmers comparison: CGDI MB vs VVDI MB vs Diagspeed vs AK500 vs NEC PRO57

Moto - Key  - Programming  - 1 Moto - Key  - Programming  - 2 Moto - Key  - Programming  - 3 Moto - Key  - Programming  - 4 Moto - Key  - Programming  - 5

It’s easy to find that,

you’d better to have more than one key tool for Mercedes key programming.

IMPORTANT: CGDI-MB is the only FBS4 key programming tool!

Moto - Key  - Programming  - 6 Moto - Key  - Programming  - 7

So, you have to use a CGDI MB esp. for FBS4 key (confirmed to read and write FBS4 keys to W205, W218,W166… without any issue) and get another auto key programmer (such as VVDI-MB TOOL and the like)  for BGA keys and the other.

Note that with Xhorse VVDI MB, you should buy VVDI PROG too, because the are some eis and ecu’s that you cant do with MB Tool independently. For example some w210 eis or Sprinter 906. You should have both, VVDI MB Tool and VVDI prog. Or, if you have to buy some tool again, Simon Touch is the best, but its more expensive.

But if you have a CGDI MB, you have a chance to program a new key through OBD. All done with a tool. That’s the reason why people look for it.

YOU HAVE TO KNOW: What is the difference between FBS3 and FBS4:

Late 2015 is FBS4, Early production 2015 is still FBS3.

Not on the outer shell.. maybe the numbers under the battery cover will tell you..

You can also tell by the kind of car…

For sure FBS4… 222, 231, 205, 117, 2012 model year and up 212 and 218, 166 and 190

Note that FBS4 was added to 212 207 etc at mid 2013 (804) not in MY 2012

FBS4 can use blank keys to program to the car with Xentry and an authorized online account.. Not all online accounts have access to program keys..

BMW ISTA+ 4.09.33 Standalone SQLiteDB’s Download Free

(Feb. 07th, 2018) Free download ISTA+ 4.09.33 Standalone and SQLiteDB’s on Mega.

ISTA 4.09.33 the standalone version

HW checks removed and includes separate link for the NOFASTA patch.


Password: NOT required!

Security: Unknown – TRY ON YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Suggestion: you need luck with ISTA+ 4.09.33 as it’s not tested yet by professionals that safety is unknown. And luck also is needed because of the uneasy installation. Hope the installation guide is helpful but note that it would be kind of different from versions, in terms of steps. If you’re not good at this, just buy a cheap HDD or SSD with software inside. A lot of Chinese have crack software with internal disk. Jus buy it with relief.

Newest BMW Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P  Download

Look here: 2019.05 BMW ICOM Software HDD ISTA-D 4.08.12 ISTA-P with Engineering Software
2017-12-bmw-icom-1 2017-12-bmw-icom-2 2017-12-bmw-icom-3



2017-12-bmw-icom-5 2017-12-bmw-icom-6 2017-12-bmw-icom-7 2017-12-bmw-icom-8 2017-12-bmw-icom-9

Honda DPF forced regeneration: Which tool? How to do?

Look here: Honda DPF forced regeneration tips and guides

What is DPF forced regeneration:

A forced regen occurs when soot builds up inside the diesel particulate filter (DPF) to the point that the vehicle is no longer operable. When this happens, a driver has to pull over and initiate a self-cleaning process that can take up to 40 minutes — valuable time that could have been spent on the road.

What is necessary for Honda DPF forced regeneration:

A decent Honda HIM diagnostic interface and a functional laptop running on Windows 7

HQ Honda HIM look:

4 screws on bottom


2 printed circuited boards


First board

Top board 3557-1235-00. Rev A – the first and 2006-03. PCB design is learned from Honda or their partners and cloned.







Plastic is cheap. You can see broken screw holes.


Second board

Board 3557-1025-00, Revision A, date 2006-03.

Work well with Honda HDS





HONDA-HIM-diagnostic-tool-pcb-16 HONDA-HIM-diagnostic-tool-pcb-17 HONDA-HIM-diagnostic-tool-pcb-18 HONDA-HIM-diagnostic-tool-pcb-19 HONDA-HIM-diagnostic-tool-pcb-20

When should you do DPF forced regeneration on Honda:

When you are in degraded mode or with the message “Check system”, or if like me, you regenerations too close and you want to limit the damage before it is too late.

Small extra info before starting:

– Make sure you have a PC laptop preferably holding the charge for use 1H or desktop PC on UPS to avoid power cut during the operation.

– The operation takes about 30min. So either you stay in the car while time is still on or off with the PC: not to go back in the car during the regeneration, avoids interactions with it to avoid problems.

– If you use an adapter Com (232) -> USB, verify that the com port is set to COM1. The interface does not work on another COM port!

– Check the oil level before and after regen. If after regen, the oil level is too high or if it stinks diesel will require draining.

– Disable the energy saving usb, antivirus, internet and all that can use PC resources.

How to use Honda HIM for DPF forced regeneration:

On this, I appeal to my memory, because I was a bit stressed during the manip and I also fear that my PC crashes battery.

Let’s go:

1) Make a nice little tricks with the car to make the 76 ° or at least not too far

2) Put themselves in a place where noise motors can interfere people and nothing can come under the car. (The DPF rises above 600 ° C)

3) Open the hood

4) Disable all that pump energy (ceiling, etc …) and especially not fun to reactivate during operation.

5) Connect the HIM to the car and the computer.

6) Start the HDS

7) Turn the ignition on II

8) In Honda HDS, press the “Select a new vehicle” and enter the mileage.


9) Select “System”

10) Select “Diesel”


11) Check and delete the DTC menu “DTC – given frozen”. The HDS warn you it is absolutely necessary to remove them before operation and also check the various sensors of the DPF, so if you have a problem with sensors, do not bother going any further.

12) and go back to “Settings”


13) Select “DPF Regeneration”

14) Put the engine running, turn on the lights and put on the air conditioner ON

15) If the engine is not the right temp, the HDS asked to accelerate between 1600 and 2400trs/min

16) When the temp is reached, the HDS takes over, release the accelerator.

17) Allow the Honda HDS to regeneration. The engine mounts alone at 3000trs/min during regeneration, it is stagnant at 1500 trs/min. At the end of the regeneration scheme dates back to 3000 trs/min to cool the exhaust line (weird, but it is like here)


19) When the regeneration is complete, leave the HDS, turn off the engine, remove the cables from HIM and go for a ride to make sure the cooling line.

That’s all. regeneration is done!