Being a Heavy duty mechanic I found it quite frustrating to buy a reasonably priced CAT SIS ? diagnostics software and CAT III 317-7485 adapter for CATERPILLAR? equipment. I also prefer to have everything installed on a laptop since I do not want to have to deal with installation, drivers, setup, activation, updates, etc… I just want something to PLUG and PLAY out of the box!

I service mostly HEAVY DUTY equipment like CAT Caterpillar ET? Trucks, HIGHWAY and OFF HIGHWAY equipment and needed a DEALER version to service our CAT equipment since my local dealer was gouging the living hell out of me! It was like have a 2nd ex-wife leeching me! (One Ex is enough!)


We have done work on CAT? Excavators, truck engines, tractors, loaders, dump trucks, backhoes, combines, asphalt pavers, compactors, graders and more. I wanted to share a good experience I had with buying this CAT ET SIS 3 III USB adapter 317-7485 TOUGHBOOK package from the folks at

The Heavy Duty Diagnostic CAT ET SIS unit they sell came ready to go out of the box with a refurbished Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 (NEW adapters) which I think are the toughest laptops ever made! No wonder the police and military guys use these… I sure would not do this with my slim little Lenovo! (I dropped it once and had to replace the shattered screen)

Other software that was also included as a bonus was

CAT Caterpillar? Dealer Version SIS ET? Highway + Off-Highway equipment
Detroit Diesel DDDL 7.05 + Detroit Diesel DDCT + Detroit Diesel Calibration Tool
International ICAP, IPTS, NETS, IPC + – International Master Diagnostic
V Macks 2.6.12 + – V Macks Dealer Pro
Meritor and Wabco Diagnostics
Eaton Service Ranger 3.2
Cummins Insite
Perkins EST 2010B
Volvo VCADS 2.35.10
Nissan – Toyota
Hino 2.0.3.

If you are working on equipment that is not CAT then you will probably need a package with the NEXIQ 2 USB adapter, that can work with Cummins engines, etc… I also like the fact that you could choose a MUCH FASTER SSD hard drive! If you have never used an SSD, welcome to the future! These hard drives are FASTER, more reliable (no moving parts), lighter and even use less battery power.

I had bought another package like this previously from some other Chinese seller because it was so cheap, but I kept running into CAT ET SIS Expired license error then CAT ERROR 142 baud rate, CAT ERROR 231, CAT ERROR 275 and CAT ERROR 434. It was one nightmare after another.. so keep in mind the cheapest price can also ending costing you more in your pocketbook in the long run, plus lost billing time and I think I lost some hair as well on that one! I almost took a hammer to my poor Lenovo ;) like this guy!

Bottom line is I recommend a Toughbook since it designed to be used outdoors in the bright sun (most laptop screens will wash out competely in bright sunlight, but not his one) Can handle sand, dirt, rain, being dropped is no problem as well. I will never use a Lenovo or Dell for my expensive mechanic software again due to the cost and hassle of reinstalling and licensing if the hardware fails.

Do it right and do it once. I hope this helped someone else from losing their hair from frustration ;)

How to Connect Caterpillar ET Software from your Laptop to ECM

How to Connect Caterpillar ET Software from your Laptop to ECM?

-Open Caterpillar ET Software, it will automatically connect to ECM, Click “Stop Connect”.


-Click on Menu: “Utilities – Preferences”.


-If using Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3, and Mark on “Enable Dual Data Link Service”.


-If using Caterpillar Comm Adapter II, and setting “Ports” (example: COM4) as your COM port at Device Manager.


-If using Nexiq USB Link, Choose “RP1210 Compliant Device”, also Click Advanced button to select a specific RP1210.

#Driver Download:
-Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3 – V2.0

VVDI MB Tool All Keys Lost Programming for Benz W204 w207

In this instruction,CnAutotool want to show you how to use VVDI MB tool to program new keys for Mercedes Benz W204 W207 all key lost.

Run VVDI MB Software,and select “EIS Tool”

Chassis “Auto Detect (CAN)”

Click “Read EIS data”


Select “Save EIS data” to save the EIS data on your PC


Select “Password Calculation”


Select this if lost all working key

Then select “W172,W204,W207”

Select “Data Acquisition”


Then it will prompt you with below massage


1.This operation need about 2.5 hours.

2.Connect EIS with correct cable before contiue

3.Don’t connect ESL to cable

Click “Yes” to continue


Connect EIS with correct cable on the bench,don’t connect ESL

Connect “device OBD line” to cable OBD head.

Attention:Not car OBD

Press OK after confirm


Connect “IR adapter” to VVDI MB Tool

Please connect VVDI MB BGA Tool,EIS and emulator key as blow show


Press OK,now it will cost you about 2.5 hours

After then completing,please save the data on your PC


Acquistion finished,upload the saved data with “Upload Data” for password,click “OK” to continue

VVDI-MB-Tool-All-Keys-Lost-Programming-for-Benz-W204-w207-11_9894769 VVDI-MB-Tool-All-Keys-Lost-Programming-for-Benz-W204-w207-12_9894784
Select the data you save just now


Upload success.Queue number:1,require about 1 minutes to finish


Wait about 1 minute,the press “Query result”


Copy “Key Password”


Back to “EIS Tool” and click “Read EIS data”

Paste the key password


Save EIS data


Press “OK” to save HC05 formal file


Select “Prepare Key File” and click Load EIS file


Select the data file you save just to upload


Select “Key 4” and “v051”,then click “Prepare Key file”


Now save the key file



Then click “Load Key file” to load key file you save
VVDI-MB-Tool-All-Keys-Lost-Programming-for-Benz-W204-w207-26_9894893 VVDI-MB-Tool-All-Keys-Lost-Programming-for-Benz-W204-w207-27_9894909
Click “Write” button to start writing key


Now click “Identification key” again to check


The key data file have been wrote into key,then back to “EIS Tool”


Click “Read EIS data”

VVDI-MB-Tool-All-Keys-Lost-Programming-for-Benz-W204-w207-31_9894940 VVDI-MB-Tool-All-Keys-Lost-Programming-for-Benz-W204-w207-32_9894956
Now use the new key to turn ignition on and off several time


Read EIS data again


Key 4 is activated done!



Lonsdor K518 Remote Smart Key Generation Vehicle List

Lonsdor released car key generation function in August, 2019. The function can be applied to both K518ISE and K518S key programmers.

Support both remote/smart key generation function.

Require to work with this dedicated car key generation cable

Lonsdor k518 remote generation car list (keep updating)


American cars

GMC, Buick, Ford, Hummer, Cadillac, Chrysler, Lincoln, Chevrolet


European  cars

Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW, Jaguar, Opel, Skoda, Volvo, Citroen


Asian cars

Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki, Mazda, Nissan, Acura, Kia, Mitsubishi, Ssangyong, Subaru, Isuzu, Hyundai


Chinese cars

Baojun, Baic, Besturn, Bisu, BYD, Changhe Auto, Yema auto, Maxus, Dongfeng, Southeast, Foday, FQT Motor,Foton, GAC group, Hafei, Haima, Han Teng, HengTian, MAPLE, HAWTAI, Huanghai, Geely, JAC, JMC



Lonsdor k518 smart key generation car list (keep updating)

Peugeot Citroen Maserati

How to Write the Original Key Through the NEC Adapter With CG-MB

CGDI Prog MB tool with strong functions which its able to add keys on for Mercedes Benz and program a new key when all keys are lost. Now , lets check the steps how to write the original key through the NEC adapter .

1. Please insert the key into CG-MB device

2. Click ”Read”show related key information

3. Disassemble the key, take the chip out, and solder it to the NEC adapter

4. Read keyview related information

5. Reset and erase new key

6. Click open/writeplease note the prompt

7. Chooseunused key position dataclick and open it

8. Write success

9. Take the chip out,weld NEC adapter back the key, get on the car

For more details for MB CGDI , welcome to contact us directly

How to Do Online Coding Service with Piwis Tester II ?

There have customers who dont know how to do online coding for Piwis Tester 2 , so our engineer made the bellowing instructions , any request , please check :

Step 1: Prepare Porsche Car information:

Excellent network performance is most important

Car model, Year

VIN number

What module need coding


Step 2: Order piwis II one time online programming


Step 3: Due to time difference, pls keep your order number contact email  appointment online programming available time in advance.


Step 4: Connect car to Porsche Piwis Tester and laptop, send us team viewer id and password during appointment time for online coding service offering.


Step 5: Waiting for online programming till coding finished, and check and confirmed.

For more request , welcome to contact us directly


How to Install SSM3 SSM4 Software for Subaru Diagnosis & Programming ?

VXDIAG SUBARU diagnostic tool SSM3 functions tested work good :

1. All System Diagnosis…worked

2. Each System Check…worked

3. Saved Data Display…worked

4. Immobilizer (register key) …worked

5. Reprogram…worked

6. Read CF application measurement data…worked

7. Convert/Save measurement data on driving recorder…worked

8. Oscilloscope…worked

9. Program Subaru smart key…worked


But when you by this tool , how to install VXDIAG SSM 3 software ?

Operating system: Windows XP/Windows 7

Language: English German Spanish French Italian

Vehicle coverage: Subaru 2005 to 2018

Internet connection: Yes


Before installation , please be attention :

1. You should install SSM4 setup to finish installation.

2. VXDIAG cannot be used as a Subaru ssm4 diagnostic tool.

3. Do always use SSM3 software only.

Main steps :

Step 1: Install SSM3 setup

Step 2: Install SSM4 setup

Step 3: Install FlashWrite

Step 4: Install VX Manager driver

Subaru SSM installation guide:

1. Click Launcher.exe, first to install SSM3, then to install SSM4

2. Save Subaru.exe to folder of C or D, Install it on win 7 or up, right click to run

3. Restart laptop, click SSM3 to test car after connecting device to laptop and car.


Want to know more user experience ? Wed collected some reviews for your reference :

Vxdiag and customized settings: handy!

It’s handy for doing stuff like turning off the passenger seat belt warning (my dog rides over there sometimes and doesn’t like wearing his belt) or setting the wiper de-icer to work for as long as I tell it to instead of a 12 minute cycle. Or make the door locks unlock with one press of the remote. All of this is stuff you won’t be able to do (AFAIK) with any other scanner.

I also rebuild wrecks and it’s the only thing that will talk to the airbag systems so I can figure out WTF is making the light stay on after cobbling together a car from 2 or 3 others.


Vxdiag Subaru diagnostics: works!

Complete access to everything with the ability to read and clear codes and manipulate other features. More or less everything that the dealership can do.

It just depends on if you think having complete access to all the systems in the car is worth it. It’s nice to have when I need it. I had a VDC code that was for the steering angle sensor. Rather than go to the dealer, I just busted out the knock off SSM and calibrated it in the driveway.


Vxdiag and new remotes: works!

It should perform “learning control” of TCM after clearing memory2 was done. So, it might be able to program a new remote. if you already know how to use SSM and you know it well enough to tell if this pirate copy is acting up vs. the real thing. It’s not like they give you a license or support, so you’d better already know exactly what you’re doing with it.


Vxdiag Subaru key programming: a bit different!

It is a bit different from most. I make and program keys for a living and for a while the SSM was the only thing that would program the prox fobs. Not true anymore but I still paid less for the VXdiag with software than I would for a single piece of software for my T-code pro. . and there are 3 for Subaru. I have one which only covers the earliest models.

By the way , you have to have a NASTF LSID or be very good friends with a Subaru parts manager.

You need an immobilizer code (which is VIN specific) to program keys/fobs. It does not change so once you have it for your car you can go nuts. Odds are your dealer would probably give you YOUR immobilizer code if you shop there somewhat regularly. They may charge you for it as I know they have to pay a couple of bucks to mama subie for them.

There’s also an ‘enabling password’ which is also static and I suppose is a very flimsy extra layer of security to protect the immobilizer features of the SSM. It’s 3781.


Expiry date and additional software: worthy!

Someone says it will stop working after expiry date. Actually, don’t know and don’t care. mine says 2026, that’s like 9 years from now. If I have it that long and nothing better comes along, I got my money’s worth. I will say licenses for additional software titles (toyota, etc.) are only like $20 extra so I’d speculate renewing the license will be cheap if it becomes an issue.

How to do Program key fob to 2006 Chevrolet HHR with Tech2 ?

If someone want to do key fob for 2006 Chevrolet HHR with GM Tech2 scan tool , but dont know how to do , please check the steps as bellow :

Install the GM Tech 2 scanner

Turn ON the ignition with the engine OFF

Power On the Scan Tool

Hit Enter


Vehicle identification – Model Year > (9) 2009

Vehicle identification – Product Type > Passenger Car

Vehicle identification – Product Make > (1) Chevrolet

Vehicle identification – Product Line > A

Diagnostics > F6: Body and Accessories

Vehicle identification – Service Categories > Keyless Entry

Body and Accessories > F5: Module Setup

Module Setup > F0: Body Control

Body Control Module > F0: Program Key Fobs

Program Key Fobs > F0: Invalidate all key fobs

How to Use Ford VCM II Scan tool to Read and Clear Mondeo DTCs?

There have some customers dont know how to read & clear mondeo DTCs with our Ford VCM II , please check the steps as following :

Open IDS software

Select “Start New Session”-> “All other”

Establishing communication to PCM

Select vehicle specification

Confirm the vehicle is fitted with a monochrome navigation system or not

Select “No” and click the “tick”

Confirm the vehicle info, if it’s correct, click “YES”

Read VIN automatically

Click the “tick” in the right corner

Select “Self Test”->“All CMDTCs”

Reading Continuous DTCs

Click the mark in the right corner

Confirm “You are about to clear DTC (s) and any information associated with these DTC (s). Select Tick to clear or X to cancel.”

Click “Tick” to clear

Ford VCM II IDS clears DTCs successfully

Select “Tick” to exit IDS software


More request , welcome to contact us directly