Examples of T200 scanner diagnosable systems:

MAN DIAGNOSTIC TOOL, This diagnostic tool allows all of the functions of the MAN truck diagnostic tool issued at the main dealerships. Man Cats ll is the software which we include in this package with the T200 diagnostic interface. Diagnostics, programming and calibrations are included giving you the optimal fault correction tool available.

This offers a cost-effective solution for any workshop, giving you MAN dealership diagnostic capabilities for faults that you may encounter. Genuine T200 (Interface) with 12 month guarantee. Optional PC (Software loaded) Complete MAN truck diagnostics Comes with PC complete set.

Applicable to all types of commercial vehicles MAN, released after 2001. MAN CATS T200, as well as many modern Auto-Scanners works through a wireless connection, which simplifies the self-test process. Works together with the program man cats

Examples of MAN T200 scanner diagnosable systems: EBS, ECAS (electronically controlled air suspension), EDC (engine regulation), retarder, gearbox, air-conditioning system, central computer, airbag, instrumentation, door module, etc.

Included refurbished laptop DELL D630 or Lenovo X220 who is prepared and configured to use with “MAN Cats T200″ diagnostic tool

+ DEV Access
With developer access you can unlock special features such as:
FFR-EDC pairing;
Convert VDF to UDF;
IMMO PIN codes for Key Learning;
ECU part number changing;
ECU VIN number changing;
ECU New/Used programming.

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