Launch DBScar OBDII Scanner Product Description

LAUNCH DBScar is a high-tech automotive fault diagnostic terminal to work with Android smart phones. By connecting it via Bluetooth to smart phones, it can perform basic diagnosis on vehicle OBD system, and it can also realize basic diagnostic functions of entire vehicle system including reading DTCs, clearing DTCs and reading data stream.

You can only download one car model software from Launch official website, and this car model support all system diagnose. If you download “BMW” software, you can not download other software. It has about 70-100 car models for you to choose, you can pick up the one you need Super launch idiag. It is suitable for personal car owner to repair your own car easily.

Launch DBScar OBDII Scanner Product Description at :
1. Read DTCs of vehicle entire system and Clear vehicle DTCsc
2. Read data stream of vehicle entire system
3. Data instrument, fuel consumption analysis
4. Real-time diagnosis via Bluetooth of cell phones
5. Launch clouds accounting

By the way , some time , Launch company will change the new serial number . If change the new serial number , you need remove the original software which your equipment have , and use the new serial number to download the new software from launch website .

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