Cummins INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter Cummins Truck Diagnostic Tool with Cummins Insite 8.5/8.7 Software


The Cummins Inline 7 datalink adapter is a reliable adapter that can be used with many applications to communicate with various vehicle systems.  It is designed to be used with RP1210 compliant software with the following connectors:

6 pin (J1708 / J15870)
9 pin (J1939)

Supports all Cummins electronic engines.  Can also be used with all other RP1210 software such as:

Caterpillar (on-road)

The INLINE 7 datalink adapter communicates with your PC using a:

USB cable through a standard USB connector

Cummins was among the first to release an adapter with all three connection options. INLINE 7 is fully compliant with the TMC RP1210 standard, and also offers 250 and 500 K baud support, including up to 1 megabaud support.

Functions with a wide array of Cummins, OEM and third-party service and information tools
Fully compliant with the Technology and Maintenance Council’s RP1210 standard

Protocols supported:

J1939 (250K, 500K, or 1 MB)
CAN (125K, 250K, 500K, 1 MB)
(3 CAN channels with Auto Baud)
ISO 9141
ISO 14230 (KWP2000)
ISO 15765

Package Includes:

Inline 6 Data Module
Data Module Protective Boot
USB Cable
9 Pin Data Cable
Inline 6 Driver CD
J1939 (3 pin male) Backbone Adapter
J1939 (3 Pin female) Gender Change Adapter
DB25F 2 Pin & 3 Pin Cable
Storage Case


Tips to activate & use Inline 7 Iniste 8.5 Software?
1. Inline7 runs the same driver as Inline6

2. Software activation is done via server. Need to confirm by server and it may take some time, after success, the software is combined with your computer.

3. Do not directly open the Inline 8.5 after installed, you need to go through the server software and use Inline 8.5.

4. After Inline 8.5 is authorized successfully, users can use 3 years for free for 70 times, generally the user is supposed to get authorization every month (that is within 3 years, after the times is used up, users can get authorization by themselves). After 3 years, you need to pay extra license.

5.After activation, users are not allowed to change laptop motherboard, RAM and CPU. If you change them, you have to submit the Inline 7 serial number to the seller for activation.

6. The Calibrations in the Inline 7 U disk can be used for 6 months only, after 6 months later you can search “Inline Calibrations” online and download to use.

7.If you install Chinese version insite 8.5, then you have to run “Cummins License Configuration tool” in Chinese; if you choose the other language to install insite 8.5, then run the “Cummins License Configuration tool” in English, because the dealer code is not the same.

Chinese dealer code: 010C
English dealer code: 086N

8.After input Dealer code and serial number, please click on ” Payment success”, then provide the dealer with the serial number for processing in the server. When it is done, click on ” Payment success” again and you will receive a message indicating success.


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