New JPRO Professional Heavy Duty Truck Scanner

JPRO Professional
To meet the complexity of today’s heavy duty vehicle diagnostic and repair requirements, Noregon Systems announced the 2016 introduction of its commercial vehicle diagnostic solution, JPRO Professional with Next Step. JPRO Professional software now comes in a new subscription service and diagnostic tool for speed of acquiring vehicle information, ease of use, OE level coverage, up to date repair information and now, bi-directional testing on heavy-duty engine platforms, according to the company.

“These features set JPRO Professional apart,” said Greg Reimmuth, senior VP of sales & custom solutions. “The single comprehensive view of the truck, accurate roll call display of all electronic controllers with the ability to read over 44,000 OEM description diagnostic trouble codes, saves time, tremendously improves accuracy of complaint root cause and comprehensive vehicle health; all while providing integrated repair information and the ability to perform bi-directional testing procedures, clears bays more quickly and results in increased revenue for a repair shop or reduced maintenance cost for a fleet.”

“The OE level coverage, together with vast service and repair information helps increase the ability, speed and accuracy of any technician,” Reimmuth said. “The latest enhancement of the JPRO Professional subscription software is bi-directional testing capabilities of major engine platforms like Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Volvo and Mack along with coverage for medium duty Ford, GM and Sprinter vehicles.”

Another change that Noregon is presenting for 2016 is offering the new JPRO Professional software as an annual subscription service. “We are simplifying how JPRO Professional Diagnostic Tool is offered to the market while adding tremendous value in one package so customers have a powerful, all- encompassing diagnostic tool,” Reimmuth continued. “For one subscription price, customers will be provided with an all makes all model capability inclusive of all updates, new releases and added functionality. It is the essential diagnostic tool a heavy duty facility will need.”

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