How To Bind Launch X431 V+ And HDIII

Firstly, follow the above procedure to register as a car member ( open the envelope in X431 V+) .

Secondly, enter “User Info”.
Thirdly, take out the envelope in HDIII adapter, select “Activate VCI” and then follow the prompt to input the serial number of activation code.
Finally, go to the car account to bind the truck module. After that, click on “Update” to update all cars and trucks brands.
Alright, to read more operation guide of Launch X431 V+ & HD3 Heavy Duty Module at this blog, and if you have no idea if your truck is supported, welcome to visit


The HD module must work on any of the x431 v plus or pro3 or pad 3 account which old customer have purchased before and have been activated by LAUNCH already. If not have the x431 v plus or pro3 or pad 3 account, this HD module alone can not be activated and the diagnostic software can not be downloaded from LAUNCH official  website

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