SDconnect C4 Suddenly NOT Worked Solution

I check the machine and discover “famous” 00 problem. I spent many hours of googling and testing, and according to various threads, this issue can be sloved by reflashing the unit with SDconnect. Unfortunately, Iam not able to reach step, whre you can flash unit. I have no possibility to choose FW, there is only “software update” but not possible to find FW. Please see screenshots, folder seems to be correctly named, unit is visible, but after the 20+ hours I was not able to find solution.

I also tried to install newer version SD Connect 4, but it looks like its connected to some different sw, because as soon as I installed it, I was not able to run sdconnect anymore.
SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 1 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 2 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 3 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 4
SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 5 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 6 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 7 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 8 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 9
Finally, its working!

First of all, I disassembled unit and checked fuses – no issue with them (I found 2). Solution described from gcs190 worked like a charm:

” Rename the update_automatic and update_special folders and leave only with the original name update_manual, in this it leaves only the files, and

Try to see if they come out now in the update tab. ”

– I kept only manual and 3 files, after I flashed, machined started to be alive, I flashed also just to be sure. Now Iam able to connect it and register.

I spent additional 2 hours fighting with low battery/external voltage. No matter how much charged batteries I put inside, still issue with batteries so I solved it that I clamped lab power supply to the + and – on batteries, set 9,1V 1A and run it.

Additional issue with ext voltage has been solved with the fixture what I found in the box (see pictures). I cut end of some adapter, which I got in here, plug 2nd lab power supply and tested different voltages. 12V was not enough, not the 12,5V. Finally I was able to flash with 24V.

exact procedure was:
1) plug power supply on battery with 9,1V
2) turn on device
3) plug with fixture 24V
then I was able to flash

I also discovered that u can edit toolkit.ini where is min voltage, but this helped sometimes only for battery (got error on low ext voltage without batteries), but I was not able to completly bypass external low voltage.

Anyway its seems to be working now, I am much smarter for next time thanks again for your time!

EDIT: now I can see all files for update in software without any issue, so its looks like that when machine crash, force manual update is the only way.
SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 10 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 11 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 12 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 13 SDconnect - C4 - Suddenly - NOT - 14

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