The Autel MaxiSYS MS908 has been built to offer extreme ease of use

The Autel MaxiSys Pro has been built to offer extreme ease of use, powerful diagnostic performance and much more. A major upgrade has been the addition of an ultra-powerful A9 quad-core processor that offers a 50 percent increase in speed versus competing products, according to the company. This tool features a clear 9.7” LED screen with a high-resolution capacitive touch screen. MaxiSYS has the industry’s first multitasking Android operating system and the comprehensive OE-level vehicle coverage that Autel has become known for.

Neil Rowland, owner of AZ Mobile Reflash and Troubleshooting in Mesa, Ariz., and Don Smith, owner of Elite Electronics** based out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas, reviewed the Autel MaxiSYS MS908. Both reviewers liked the quick processor speed and boot-up time that this scan tool offers. “It doesn’t seem to make a difference what model of car I hook it up to,” Rowland adds, “It’s the fastest (scan) tool I’ve ever used.”

Smith says, “The MaxiSYS (MS908) saves us time on every job we use it on with its quick boot-up time, ability to look at live data and ability to use bi-directional controls while not being bound by a cord.”

The MS908 PRO included the manual, which was loaded onto a CD. Both reviewers say that because the product is easy to use, there is little need for the manual. This scan tool also included 12V and 120V chargers, a USB cable, non-OBD adapters, a strap/handle and a screen cleaning cloth.

According to both reviewers, the MS908 is easy to use. Even right out of the box, minimal setup was involved. Once the scan tool arrived in the shop, Smith says he only needed to register the device on Autel’s website in order to perform updates. “If you choose to not update it, you can use it out of the box within five minutes.”

Rowland says, “Autel is really good about updating their tools. It’s a tool that you need to check for updates like once a week, because as soon as Autel comes up with solutions, they put them on the internet for you.” Rowland also likes that the updates can be made through the tool, without having to hook it up to a computer, as the tool is fully Wi-Fi capable. He adds, “I’ve updated mine on the road. It saves me a ton of time.”

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