Launch X431 Pro Mini reviews -wins many tools

I’m a Launch user living Atlanta, US, and very pleased with this Launch X431 Pro Mini Bluetooth. Here I plan to write an objective review on X431 Pro Mini. I really highly recommend it for following reasons.
Package came in a poco time and a good condition. This unit more likes a tablet but vehicle diagnostic tool when looking at the shape.


X431 Pro Mini unit is small, the smallest of the scan tools that I’ve dealt with. This tool is the newest Launch product out on the market for 2017.

The first thing I have to do before using the product is to register an account via the X431 pro mini APP on the main screen. I was asked to enter my number, user name and password. After all these done, I have an account available to log in the APP to upgrade the software.

I took a big risk in buying X431 Pro Mini because it wasn’t released in North America. But good thing it worked out because the updates for the software are newer than the ones in North America. Example: on the X431 pro Mini Porsche firmware V21.91. In current software from North America it’s V21.81.


x431 pro mini porshce

It’s all about the software, doesn’t matter where these machines are made, the software has to be current.

Previously I had the older Launch GDS which gave me issues with Acura, Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Thank god the issues have been fixed with this new X431 pro Mini unit. By far, the BMW, Benz and VW software is the best you can find on the market.
I applied it to my Porsche, and it accurately solved the oil indicator and cleared the DTC. I also used it to troubleshoot problems of my wife’s AUDI, couple of problems was found and fixed without issues.

My Audi 8 series Brake pad was changed a while ago by myself, and the indicator light was really annoying, I googled for solutions, it said my car need to do the brake reset. So just bought this device on and perfectly solved my problem. I also applied it to my other cars and did the CBS reset, Steering Angle Calibration and TPMS Reset.
I used and bought previous Snapon- Verus, Autel and PIWIS, Vagcom. This X431 pro Mini tool by far is one of best well-rounded ones. As a private car owner, it’s necessary to own this sort of helper, but for technicians, I bet it is a must have. With this functional and practical device, I can at least save 2000 dollars per year, also labor and time. Worth for the money.

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Launch X431 Bluetooth Adapter Using Tips

If you want to use Launch X-431 PRO3/X431 Pro Mini/Diagun IV to program Car via Bluetooth, you might have to get a Bluetooth adapter. These three Launch X431 products each have their own Bluetooth adapters. Here give some using tips about how to use Bluetooth adapters.

How to use the new Bluetooth DBScar Adapter that you get ?

1. check the new serial number in the dbscar adapter, then check whether the serial number changed in your account or not first . If not , pls contact us immediately.


2. Update your X431 Pro Mini , then it can be used .

Here comes the images of each Bluetooth adapters

We don’t have the link to get the Bluetooth adapter only, contract us if you want to buy.




1.  Bluetooth adapter sale without software, it must use with Launch X431 PRO3 or Pro Mini or Digun IV. Make sure you have one of them. Please send SN and picture to us when get the order.
2.  We don’t have the signal link to purchase Bluetooth adapter, if you want to buy it, please contact us to get it. The Bluetooth adapter sale 180USD each.
3.  If you have any question when using, please turn to us, we will help you.

In order to get the Bluetooth connector as soon as possible, please check the info below.
1.  Serial number (SN) of your Device;
2.  Account name on Launch’s website;
3.  A picture with clear SN . (backside of the main unit or Passkey paper, or a screenshot of SN on main unit)