Ford Ranger SID208 ECU read: Ktag 7.020 or VVDIprog?

Can Xhorse VVDI PROG read that ecu? SID208 from Ford Ranger


Ford Ranger


146 kw




VVDI Prog: No

There is no Ford ECU in the list



Managed to read data with a Ktag clone!



Success with Ktag fw 7.020 with Ksuite 2.23

Ktag 7.020 review deleted DPF, EGR, DTC successfully

Finally received my Ktag package. It’s firmware 7.020 master version. and tested on three cars today today.

See my Ktag fw 7.020: looks good

29-1 29-2

Now, i’ll chip in some words of my experience.

Three ECUs i’ve tested:
ISUZU ECU Transtron 4JJ1
Mazda Denso ECU RF8P
Hino 700 Denso Diesel ECU

Attached pictures here. Here you go…
Transtron 4JJ1 SH7058 ISUZU (P430):
without sensors


Ktag deleted DPF&EGR: success!
Mazda Denso RF8P (P277):


k-tag Fw 7.020 deleted DPF & Lambda: success

Hino 700 Denso Diesel ECU (P347):


Ktag v7.020 DPF & EGR and DTC deleted: success

In summary, i’m satisfied! This ktag works good for me, without issues.

Later, i’ll test on more (Mercedes S Class W221 ME9.7 ECU, Vw passage 1.6 TDI pcr2.1, etc.)

K-TAG KTAG Firmware update to V7.003 adds BMW F-chassis

K-TAG KTAG Firmware update to V7.003 adds BMW F-chassis

Good news!!! KTAG K-tag KSuite V2.13 ECU tuning kit firmware has just upgraded to V7.003 which adds BMW F-chassis petrol and Mercedes Benz W222 Bosch ECU reading& writing. But the update version is valid for K-TAG Item No SE80-B only.

Software version: K-suite V2.11 (Parcel comes with V2.11 software, we will send you K-TAG ECU Programming V2.13 software download link, free to choose which version you want to install)
Firmware: V7.003

Multi-Language: English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Support BDM Function Well, Available Protocols BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx
Support ECU programming for Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks

How to update KTAG ECU programmer firmware to V7.003?

For customers who got the Item No SE80-B KTAG?ECU programming tool with old firmware, please send back your KTAG main unit to our factory, our engineer will update the firmware and send back the unit to you.

DO NOT USE internet when you use this software.
DO NOT update the software or firmware online.
DO NOT use anti-virus software.
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What to do if KTag failed to read EDC16C35

What to do if KTag failed to read EDC16C35

Just got the new ktag clone from China.

First I tried ECU EDC16C35 with CMD Probe, but Ktag didn’t connect to it.

What I did for KTAG connection:
I tried kTag with CMD Probe and with direct connection (soldered) to the pcb from CnAutotool.
I tried different cables for connection.
With external power supply to kTag and without (only usb).

Just for testing I tried the same with VAG EDC16 ==> same result.

Both ECU’s are working (connection over pin out is ok).

Optional reasons & solutions:

Solution 1:
BDM Port is broken. (send back to the seller for repair)
Even genuine tools don’t read.
Other EDC16C35 working fine

Solution 2:
Buy a good quality KTAG Master ECU Programming Tool adapters, from

Solution 3:
can be caused by bad K-line, when also can′t do other EDC16……..
Or BDM don’t work
I think you have to rework your clone or try slow communication