Nissan Consult 3 Plus Data Monitor Recording Function

This article show a guide on how to use Nissan Consult 3 Plus to perform data monitor recording function to record engine ECU data.Hope it is helpful to your work,and if you want to know more about Nissan Consult 3 Plus,check:Nissan Consult 3 Plus Projects.

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1.Recording Data:

From the “All DTC” screen, select the system you need to monitor operational data from.

-In this example we will be looking at the Engine ECU.

Monitor - Recording - Function -1

2.From the “Self Diagnostic Result” screen, select the “Data Monitor”tab.

Monitor - Recording - Function -2

3.Selecting Data:

(i) Clear the pre selected Main Signals items by touching “Clear Monitor Item”.

(ii) Highlight the desired items from the list on the screen. Select these examples:









Monitor - Recording - Function -3

4.Setting Recording Parameters:

In some cases, the default settings may be all that are required.(i) Touch the “Setting”tab (circled right).

Monitor - Recording - Function -4

(ii) Sampling Rate:Slow down the “Sampling Rate” from every 10ms to every 20ms.This can be done by selecting the drop down icon. (circled). (iii) Recording Time:There maybe cases where the recording time needs to be extended beyond the 10 sec. default.For this exercise, set the “Recording Time”to 20 seconds(arrow at right) so as not to make the graphs too large.

Monitor - Recording - Function -5

(iv) Trigger Point:Adjust the “Trigger Point” (arrow at right). Move it to 20% Preand 80% Post (circled).

Monitor - Recording - Function -6

5.Setting Trigger Conditions:

(i) Select the second tab “Trigger Condition 1”.This provides access to trigger condition settings.Un-select the “DTC Trigger”box if the ECM has a permanent DTC in it. Otherwise, the recording will start automatically as soon as a DTC is detected.

(ii) Select “Confirm” on the bottom right of the screen.
Monitor - Recording - Function -7
(iii) Touch “Start” once the screen returns to the“Monitor Menu” screen.
Monitor - Recording - Function -8

6.Data Recording outline:

The recording activityis basically as follows;(i) Touch record.(ii) Immediately start Engine & allow to idle for 2 seconds max.(iii) Race engine twice & allow to idle again until the end of recording.The above must be carried out as quickly as possible in order to maximise the recorded data on the graphs.
Monitor - Recording - Function -9

7.Start the Recording:

(i)Once prepared, touch “RECORD”on the bottom right of the screen to capture the activity of the engine as described above in step #6.Watch the recording time bar graph (circled at right). Recording stops at 100%.



Monitor - Recording - Function -10

(ii) Once the recording has stopped, the graph of data is automatically displayed.

Data can be viewed as required in either graphical or numerical form.

8.Saving the Recording:

The recorded file should now be saved so it is not accidently lost before it can be reviewed in detail.

(i)Select the “Save” button (circled) at the top left of the screen.

Monitor - Recording - Function -12

(ii) This opens the “Data Monitor” dialogue box. Enter the vehicle’s VIN as the “File name” to make the file easy to find later.

The file is now safely stored on the Toughbook in the CONSULT-III plus “Data Folders”.

(iii) Close the recording by selecting the red “X” Close button at the top right of the screen (circled at top right).

Monitor - Recording - Function -13

9.Accessing and Reviewing Recorded Data:

(i) Click on the “Recorded Data” icon at the top of the screen (circled).

(ii) Since this is a Data Monitor recording, select the “DataMonitor” folder.

Monitor - Recording - Function -14

(iii) Select and Open the previously saved file (JN1FBAC11A000…..).

Monitor - Recording - Function -15

10.Reviewing Data File:

The file can be displayed in graphical or numerical formats as required.

(i) In graphical display, one graph can be “dragged” from its current position in the screen order to be located alongside any other signal for a direct comparison.

(ii) If so desired, you can compress more data into the same field. Select the “+” or “-” symbol (circled).

Monitor - Recording - Function -16

(iii) It?s possible to slide the data back in time to catch activity well before “RECORD” was touched (represented by vertical red line near left of screen).

Use the bottom blue slider tab on the screen to do so (arrowed).

Monitor - Recording - Function -17

11.Sending Recorded Files to TechLine:

Once a recording has been saved, it can be readily accessed and attached to a TechLine Contact.

(i) Minimise CONSULT and click on the “CIII plus Data Folder” icon on the desktop.
Monitor - Recording - Function -18

These files are saved in a specific folder within the CONSULT application files:


(ii) Select the “DataControl” folder.

Monitor - Recording - Function -19

This is where all saved data of any kind is located.

(iii) Select the “Data Monitor” folder.

Since you were using Data Monitor, it is in this folder that your saved file will be stored.

Monitor – Recording – Function – (20)

(iv) Your recorded file identified by the VIN is found.

Monitor – Recording – Function – (21)

NOTE: Since this is a CONSULT embedded “DM” file, it cannot be opened outside of CONSULT-III plus.Simply attach this file to your TechLine contact.It is important that the VIN is used as the file name to enable easy identification and access in the future.If there is more than one file, it will help TechLine if they are identified by the same VIN with an alphabetical suffix, i.e.

JN1FBAC11A0001234_C … etc

2006 Nissan Altima: How to Cut keys and Program remotes

This is how to decode & cut a key and program or add a new key to Nissan Altima year 2006.

If you have all remotes available:

Here, you must have all remotes on hand when performing this procedure. Any remotes not used during this procedure will become inactive.

Close and lock all doors with the driver’s side power lock switch located on drivers door panel.
Insert key into ignition (DON’T TURN) and remove it from the ignition key cylinder at least 6 times within 10 seconds (this will need to be done at approximately one second intervals). You may need to insert and remove the key up to 10 or 12 times until your hazard lamps flash. PLEASE NOTE: Withdraw key completely from ignition cylinder each time. If this procedure is performed too fast or too slow the system will not enter programming mode.
Insert key into ignition and turn to the ACC position.
Within 5 seconds, push the LOCK button on the keyless remote. Your hazard lamps will flash. PLEASE NOTE: Do not press the button on the remote more than one time or the programming will not be successful.
If there are any remaining remotes (including working ones), Unlock then Lock all doors using the switch on drivers door panel. Within 5 seconds of locking and unlocking doors press LOCK button on the next remote. Your hazard lamps will flash. Repeat this step for each remote (including any working remotes).
When all remotes have been programmed turn the key to the OFF position, remove keys from the ignition, unlock doors using the driver’s side power lock/unlock switch and open the driver side door. Test all remotes.

If you have a decent key only or lose all keys:

You need:

a Nissan NSPC001 pin code reader

a decent auto programming tool for the car: Nissan Consult 3 or Consult 3 plus

a security immobilizer card used to make keys to Nissan

a good automatic key cutter, such as SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine

and good new keys/remotes to add

The steps:

read pin – program key – decode and cut keys

in detail…

Step 1: NSPC001 reads pin codes

Connect the code reader into the OBD diagnostic socket

Read the 5-digit BCM code and transfer it to 4-digit pin code

Write down the pin code

Disconnect the pin code reader

Step 2: Nissan consult iii Plus adds new keys

Connect Consult III plus to the computer and the vehicle

Connection method: via the USB cable or Bluetooth

Insert key into the key hole, turn ignition ON with engine OFF

Start Consult-III plus software

Click on “Connect” button on VIMI selection screen to connect with VI


the computer and vehicle establish good communication

then Consult3 plus software will display VIN info

Choose Nissan model and year, and confirm vehicle information


Wait until the Nissan Consult module to access all control modules, Engine, BCM, Transmission, Airbag etc.

The car dashboard will illuminate and the indicator lights on Consult 3 will flash


Diagnostic: Direct Diagnostic Mode program

Tick Key programming icon (NATS SELECT DIAG MODE) on the left menu, plug the security card and press START

(There are two options under NATS SELECT DIAG MODE. Select C/U INITIALIZATION.

Push START BUTTON after enter password

Manually enter the pin code

Initialization completed

Follow the guide in the sw to finish key programming

Step 3: SEC-E9 machine decodes and cuts Nissan keys

First decoding…then cutting….

SEC-E9 key cutting machine Nissan car list:


Images: How to use SEC-E9 key machine for Nissan key decoding and cutting

sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-2 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-3  sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-5
sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-6 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-7 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-9 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-10 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-11 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-12 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-13 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-14 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-15 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-17 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-19 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-20 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-21 sec-e9-key-machine-cut-nissan-keys-22
Credits to the Spanish user for his contribution.

Nissan ECU Reprogramming: Which tool? How to do?

What’s the difference of ECU Programming and Reprogramming?

Ecu programming is programming of ecu. It can be new or used ecu. But the word reprogramming is when a key or ecu has been already programmed but the after a while It stopped working so you need to reprogram again. It normally happens to Mercedes keys. If you program after a while

It stops working so you need to reprogram or program a new one

Ecu programming is programming of either used or new ecu

We can still reprogram ecu if after a while the ecu program fails

(Credits to Carl)

How to determine whether a reprogramming event is needed for a particular vehicle?

Using the service information websites, locate an applicable TSB for your incident.  Select NERS J2534 ECU programming, then select the “Reprogramming” tab, Search for TSB to find a TSB that has been published about the incident.  The TSB will provide applicable reprogramming instructions.

How to choose a decent auto diagnostic tool to reprogram Nissan?

Nissan ecu programming is easy.

Some can be done by most tools like Launch. But CONSULT is the best.

Programming or reprogramming of control modules can be accomplished by using one of the following methods:

For reprogramming, Nissan ECU Reprogramming Software (NERS) is the SAE J2534 complaint software. NERS Supports ECM and TCM reprogramming. NERS must be used in conjunction with a validated SAE J2534 compliant pass-through device.
A Nissan CONSULT can be used for reprogramming model year 1999 and newer Nissan and Infiniti vehicles.  The Nissan CONSULT II and III are no longer available for purchase, but users may still purchase reprogramming files designed specifically for use with this equipment.
CONSULT II supports reprogramming on 1999 through 2006 model year vehicles.
CONSULT III supports reprogramming on most 2003 through 2009 model year vehicles.
CONSULT III Plus supports ECM reprogramming on most 1999 model year and later and some TCM and ABS/VDC reprogramming.
Nissan Consult 3 Plus supports blank ECM and TCM programming. September 2013 Nissan and Infiniti began the phase-in of “blank” service part ECMs and TCMs. Depending on the model and model year, replacement modules come without software. When the replacement module is installed in an applicable vehicle for any reason, it will need to be programmed.

How to reprogram an ECU with a Consult 3 Plus:

This is a Nissan Consult 3 Plus confirmed to work for ECU reprogramming

nissan-consult-3-plus-pcb-1 nissan-consult-3-plus-pcb-2 nissan-consult-3-plus-pcb-3 nissan-consult-3-plus-pcb-4

Tips: (might be helpful for you)

you need to edit the file DiagnoticTool.ini to enable reprogramming and also IMMO. Or if you have money to waste buy the reprogramming card and the NATS card. Add the following line to the DiagnosticTool.ini file


also make sure system management access_mode is set to 1. That should give you full access. That’s not to say that it will work if you do not have the correct calibration file in the reprogramming folder on the C drive.

Good luck.

(Free Download )Nissan consult 3 plus V72.13 – ECU programming works

Nissan Consult 3 Plus features:
– Update support ECU programming without immobiliser card (old version does not support programming)

– Perform diagnosis and programming till year 2016.

Nissan Consult 3 Plus works on:

1.Nissan Consult-3 plus (Nissan consult 3+) work for all nissan car, infiniti car and nissan gtr car to 2016.
2.Nissan Consult-3 plus work with obd-16 connector for the new kind of car, work with 14 pin connector for the old Nissan.
3.Nissan Consult-3 plus support Nissan car electronic system diagnostic
4.Nissan Consult-3 plus support Nissan electromobiles such as Leaf.
5.Nissan Consult-3 plus support all Renault diagnosis.
6.Can calculate the security code for the new cars till year 2016 with NISSAN Password.

Note: Nissan Consult iii Plus support key programming as well,but you need to buy immobiliser security card to work with. Nissan Consult 3 Plus V72.13 installation:
1.Click Consult-iii-* setup.exe
2.Step 2: Just show Nissan Consult III Setup Wizard
3.Step 3: Choose the installation path of Consult III
4.Step 4: click Install Consult III software
5.Step 5: wait for the Installshield Wizar
6.Step 6: Choose: accept the terms of Nissan Consult License agreement
7.Step 7: Choose North America market(NAM), click next
8.Step 8: Choose North America
9.Step 9: choose U.S.A
10.Step 10: you also can choose others language Step 11: the installation of Consult – III software succeeded

The installation guide of Nissan Consult III USB drive Connect the Consult III firmware with your pc by USB cables, and connect the Consult III hardware with your car via OBD-II 16pin diagnostic plug, supply 12V power to Consult III firmware.
1.Step 1: Found New hardware( Nissan Consult III) Wizard, choose “Yes, this time only”
2.Step 2: Choose Install the Consult III software automatically
3.Step 3 Choose JCI-iB-Alliance vehicle interface, just click next
4.Step 4: just click finish, completing Consult III hardware drive installation

How to Crack Nissan Consult III software, and configure Consult III software
1.Step 1: Open Consult III software on desktop
2.Step 2: perhaps show these error: there are no registered VI/MI, please contact your administrator, just ignore, click “OK”
3.Step 3: click “SUB” button
4.Step 4: click Administrator setting
5.Step 5: input Consult III Password — nissanconsult3
6.Step 6: Choose VIMI registration
7.Step 7: Input Consult III VI serial number: 926573, and click: set
8.Step 8: Click the home button
9.Step 9: then click: “Connect” button
10.Step 10: the Consult III will found hardware, show: checking the firmware version
11.Step 11: choose the Function of Consult III software, just enjoy it

Comment obtenir Nissan Consult III Plus travailler avec Ford VCM2?

Ont obtenu la vi alliance pour travailler avec Consult3 plus le logiciel. Et assurez-Consult III + pour l’exécuter avec une interface Ford VCM II.


Actica Passthru + XS


Nissan USB Diag

Alliance VI

Et Le VI2 outil évident

tout cela est le meilleur de travailler avec Nissan Consult 3 plus.

d’autres vont également travailler mais peut-être pas aussi bien.

L’allumage sur son pas vu si vous utilisez VCM II

J’utilise Avdi et Ignition ON On ne voit pas trop

Je lis que peu importe quel outil J2534 vous utilisez l’allumage sur son pas vu

Probablement, seulement si utiliser Alliance VI2, mais l’alliance vi est tout à fait un peu plus compliqué à mettre en place

Voici thesetup de VCM II avec Nissan Consult 3+.

Pour ford VCMII

Dans le Diagnostictool.ini mis Ford-VCM-II

Installez le consulter 3 plus

Installez votre Manager VCMII et les pilotes.

Dans passthru 4.04 en reg modifier et renommer NISSAN_VI2 Pour autre chose

changement de nom Bosch Ford-VCM-II à NISSAN_VI2

Redémarrez l’ordinateur et de le tester

Je l’ai testé une fois avec un succès limité.

Pièce jointe: [Diagnostictool.ini]!5kMm2TwI!1m7PLJEx_DM_ll3a1UBWuG4ZviRlSyH80iKvJN0-BLk

Note 1: [alliance vi]

La vi sonde alliance est la fin pour la sonde peut couper RTL. Remplacé par sonde alliance vi mais qu’est-ce.

Renault Aliance VCI = 100% Même avec Nissan Consult III VCI …

Juste & ONLY nom différent …

Note 2: [sw réalisable]

Clone Discount Products Consult III (qui l’utilisation du patch) pour travailler avec Nissan Consult III S / W, NE travailler avec le logiciel Clip !!!

Il semble maintenant clip S / W a besoin de nouveaux “Pill” pour Clones ..