Top 6 Car Diagnostic Software in 2017

Automotive is one of the most fast developing industries, that attracts a great number of investors. A smart vehicle is able to adjust its productivity to lower fuel consumption, show the best direction taking into account traffic and weather conditions, detect errors in the engine and collect data to arrange lower insurance rates.

Most vehicles are equipped with on-board diagnostics, or an OBD2 port that provides access to data from the engine control unit (ECU). To get the information you need to plug in an external device.

An car diagnostic scanner is used to receive data codes and other information about the car’s general health. One can buy diagnostic software that will let connect PC to the ODB system in the vehicle, but necessary automotive repair knowledge are usually also needed.

The need for development of vehicle apps has been rapidly increasing. The Auto Repair Software market promptly reacts to these signals and universal applications exactly in this direction are increasingly spread.

Commonly car application has two components – a device – hardware configuration interface that connects to the onboard computer of the car and the application itself on the computer.

The car application analyzes the records and works as a smart assistant when the car owner drives the vehicle. It analyzes many sides of the trip and provides the user helpful tips: how to drive more cautiously, how to reduce fuel consumption and how to extend the life of the car. The main goal of applications is to give the driver more insight into their car. Vehicle maintenance apps usually help to track car’s service and gas fill-ups.

Here we gathered 6 best automotive diagnostic software solutions that provide a simple and acceptable way to monitor your car’s health and have advantages and disadvantages. The software differs from the OS you have. Here are 3 OBD Scanner Tools for Windows.

To help better understand this process we have compiled a few questions to consider

When running an auto repair shop, you must let your clients know that you are doing all you can to ensure they get the fastest service possible. At the same time, you must keep track of all the repairs and inventory to ensure you are making a profit.

To help better understand this process we have compiled a few questions to consider.
1.Does the software fully integrate with your system?
While some companies claim to integrate with repair shop software, true integration is a rarity. With full integration data collected through the software transmits automatically to the program without any additional effort. BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s automotive software solutions fully integrate with leading shop management systems. Without true integration shops must either copy and paste information into the system, or re-enter it manually, both of which reduce productivity and hurt a shop’s efficiency.
2.How can shops use the Automotive repair software to communicate with customers?
Many auto repair software solutions share multi-point inspections and other communications via email. Since customers are bombarded with emails from loved ones, work, plus sales pitches and unwanted spam, is emailing a customer the best approach, particularly when you’re seeking a timely response? BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s Mobile Manager Pro digital inspection tool features Message Manager, a text messaging tool which enables users to text message vehicle condition photos in conjunction with a thorough vehicle inspection. Shops can also use built-in templates to send text message appointment reminders and thank you messages to customers.

3.How can the expense of auto repair software be recouped?
It’s important to measure the software expense against what would be necessary to yield a return on investment. If the cost of a software solution amounts to one or two average repair orders per month, will your shop be able to generate more work, or better yet, make the most of its existing work? Incorporating the best practice of conducting digital multi-point inspections on all vehicles and using photos to show the need for repairs has helped shops boost their average repair order. Shops that regularly follow these best practices in conjunction with using our Mobile Manager Pro automotive software have upped their average repair orders by 45-75 percent or higher on average.

4.How do I know if the software will do what the company promises?
Researching on automotive repair forums, talking to some of the company’s customers, asking to see a product demonstration and requesting data to back up claims are ways to ensure that a new software solution will pay off for your shop.