DSP3+ Odometer Correction Tool How to Connect Wifi?


The best odometer repair equipment DSP3+ Odometer Correction Tool
1.Full touch screen
2.One button upgrade
3.Real time data interaction with PC via USB
4.World top R & D team, professional after-sales group to service
5.98% coverage rate for digital odometer, airbag modules, car radios,car immobilizers
6.Simple and clear operation interface

DSP3+ Odometer TOOL full package (include all software and hardware)
Free 2021 update with DSP3+ Full version!
Adjusting kilometers with DSP3+
Popular milage programmer
Advanced device programmer
Conversion from Miles to Kilometers
Motorola device programmer
EEPROM device programmer

The most advanced odometer adjustment tool for professionals
The most complete version to cover odometer mileage adjustment, airbag reset, some immobilizer programming and radio decoding. No limitation on odometer software! Can be used as stand along device programmer to access any EEPROM and MCU found in automotive industry these days.

“Full software” includes FULL ODOMETER and some AIRBAG/RADIO/ IMMO coverage using OBD2 and direct programming of EEPROMs and MCUs. For complete coverage advice with “Vehicle List” below.

PDA main unit. Includes the full set of all available adapters: EEPROM, Motorola, NEC, TMS 374, HC711, HC908, 9(S)12 in-circuit, HC705, EWS, NDM457, ST624, TMS 370, CMM, OBD, JC, AVR/PIC, D80/160, Multiplex, C-04, Denso. Includes all connectors and clips: MERCEDES-38 connector, BWM-20 connector, BMW CAS cables, Mercedes cluster cable, FCA chrysler cable, SD card, WiFi adapter, SOIC8 clip, touch-holders (T-01, T-02, T-03, T-04), USB cable, power cables.
What will be found in the network that you have of internet in, here for example we give you double click about how to connect wifi DSP 3.
Here it appears where you want to be exposed Password at this bottom corner. A new milestone pencil seems to play Send a message to touch him. Here, art says, The side that makes the keyboard. Touch the part you want to place. The password that was entered there is password then he will click In this Odometer Correction Tool, it says yes.
We connect Once the small screen appears. Hidden in blue connection, Keyboard turns pencil again milestones, let you hype. I even deleted the keyboard.
Let’s go back to the sp 3 option. We put the password, And the options we have to use
activation.It is the one mentioned in the installment update. And that is the one that says active and functional. This message, we said that you are. We wait for him to load all. Activate the bar, it must appear. A message says to activate the light. This will be all the equipment is ready. Use it again normal.
This will be completed in about 30 days. About an option. Safety is more important than anything else. This is an already activated message Satisfied. Once the bar is removed
Button will be activated, Can give you success what today he is entering the function of 2 Rice seems normal. The software is used again.


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