How to get Nissan Consult3 Software to Work with Jdiag Elite J2534

– Is the Jdiag Elite J2534 compatible with Nissan Consult 3 2017 the latest software?

– Yes, definitely. It works perfect with Nissan consult III Plus software, already tested with many Nissan cars.

So, how to setup Jdiag Elite J2534 to work with Nissan consult 3 Plus?

Here you go.

The main steps…

Open Nissan consult iii Plus software on Desktop

Connect JDiag Elite to the laptop USB and OBDII cable to the OBDII port on the car

Choose JDiag hardware

Choose the signal module to read out information

Then work with it

Then the details for you…

Open Nissan Consult 3 Plus software

Connect JDiag Elite J2534 device to the laptop USB and OBDII cable to the OBDII port on the car

Select VI/MI in Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Consult 3 Plus ver.52.11


Select VI and click on Connect


Then Close


You’ll see the connection status: VI: Normal module/USB connection


Start Diagnosis (one system)


Choose a module to read out info

jdiag-elite-work-with-nissan-consult-iii-plus-6 jdiag-elite-work-with-nissan-consult-iii-plus-7

Also, you can choose by the car type

Back and start Diagnosis (all system)


Consult 3 plus Nissan car list


Consult 3 plus Infiniti car list


Manual selection

Choose a model and the model year

jdiag-elite-work-with-nissan-consult-iii-plus-11 jdiag-elite-work-with-nissan-consult-iii-plus-12 jdiag-elite-work-with-nissan-consult-iii-plus-13

Automatic selection



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