How to update shell config. for Porsche Piwis3 Developer Mode

Porsche Piwis III Developer Mode:
The Developer Mode in Porsche Piwis 3 is not available when you update the shell, coz you lose the menu diagnostics configuration to switch between regular and developer mode,
Problem solved if you copy the old file com.porsche.piwis.Shell.exe.config
Here is how to update the shell config. and get the diagnostic configuration boxes back, on the system tab.
After a successful update from 37.250.20 you will loose the two above mentioned boxes from the System tab.
If you did not loose them, then the [PIDT] diagnostic software did not update completely.
So it’s a good thing to loose it !
Go to C:\PiwisApps\Shel\ and carefuly edit with notepad   this file –> com.porsche.piwis.Shell.exe.config
after the update the PIDT section shows up in green, after U edit it it will be blue.
First picture shows, red underlined, 2 places, beginning and the end of the green section, what to remove.
On top [Line 568 on mine] U delete  these four symbols       !–<     on the bottom [line 603 on mine] U delete these 3 symbols   –>
Then U save the config file.
Restart the PC and your Diagnostic config box for 991,981,970 and Diagnostic config for other models RE-APPEAR.
rm996 has the solution how get the developer functionality back up and running, !!!
[Similar solution for the lost with the Update Wiring Diagrams ]
Another tip might help you also.
It’s how to enable Developer Mode for Piwis 3
Developer mode is a special Piwis program that allow a lot of advanced coding normally reserved only to Factory.
With this function you will have a tool that can do more than software of official Porsche Dealer.
For example, you can reprogram all ECUs completely offline.
How to use Piwis Developer Mode:
Install winrar and winhex on your computer.
-1-locate the file c:\program files\porsche\PIDT_P_MIG_DLSS3\pidt\plugins\de.dsa.pidt.datatype.jar and copy it on your desktop in order to modify it.
Open it with winrar,in the wirar windows locate the file
\de\dsa\pidt\datatypes\utils\Helper$1.class and drag it on your destop , delete it from the archive after the copy, keep the winrar window open.
Open Helper$1.class on your desktop with winhex and goto offset E81, replace 9A by A7 and save.
Drag back the save file on the winrar windows still open and click OK.Close winrar
Copy the new file de.dsa.pidt.datatype.jar you just made in
c:\program files\porsche\PIDT_P_MIG_DLSS3\pidt\plugins, overwrite it.
copy the file aftersales.sig on your desktop and rename it development.sig.Copy this file back in the folder
Do exactly the same method given above with the folder c:\program files\porsche\PIDT_P_MIG_DLSS3 with its own files.
To transfom it in developer :
Diagnostic configuration
981-991, mode, operating mode, E= development, P= production, V= aftersales ( regular piwis)
Other models line, mode, operating mode, E= development, P= production, V= aftersales ( regular piwis)
This method to switch between regular and developer works only with my backup and will not work anymore after
an update.
porshce-piwis-developer-mode-1 porshce-piwis-developer-mode-2


Maybe this helps Folks some.

How to make VAS 6154 or TC XS work as PIWIS3 PT3G

There is only 3 ways that the VAS6154 or TC XS will work as pt3g

1. you flash the GL123…… from VAS to pt3 (you will get also the Serial from the Donar)

2. You use some home made firmware (serial from VAS will stay there also you can see on the webserver that the emergency firmware is still VAS or TC XS)

3 you use the same way like the VCX do it. after the Piwis system will think it is a PT3G.
the VCX do the same

look here

You buy a original or any decent china clone PT3G remove there the GL128, read the data out buy some new GL128 progamme it with the data and solder the ic back to the vas interface and you are done.
But you have to know the risked, we damage the pt3g and have to repair the board, we have to manufacture a plastice to fix the bold GL128 back on place right place you have only 1 chance.
for me as a solution to much work.
I paid some people to make some firmware but until now no 100% working firmware.
The last solution is the easy.
You just buy a xvc after the xvci is working on your system you change all know xvci data to vas 6154. and you are done.
You have to do it after every update.
last version is
you just pay some Porsche Piwis sparepartmanager some money and order there your pt3g.
but than you will not get the interface for 1400€
Thanks to kiranabc for his contribution



After vehicles are released to the market, the troubles on the vehicles start to appear entirely.
New ECU software is released by the manufacturer reaches our vehicles through repair services.
The SCN coding is the process of the current software installation instead of the old software in the vehicles.


Automotive manufacturers who produce new software for vehicle ECUs, offer the opportunity to update via their own diagnostic systems.

Auto Repair services can perform SCN coding with the help of service diagnostic tools.

For Online SCN coding operation, software is supplied by manufacturer online, although there is no software available in the diagnostic system.


You can work as Authorised services with the help of Autel MS908P and Autel Elite diagnostic tool. And you can also perform the SCN coding with the help of Autel Cloud system without password.

We as Nitro Group are the distributor of the Autel Products. With the help of the Autel Universal diagnostic tool, you can use with %100 BMW and Mercedes %70 Vag groups as online. You can perform the online operation as an authorized service with the Autel. Autel has an extensive vehicle coverage, it supports more than 80 different Sian, European and ABD vehicles. It is a professional car scan that you can perform coding, displaying live data, ECU programming etc.

Mitsubishi MUT-III Software Download, Install, Review, User Guide

MUT-III software download for PC:

Here are links for Mitsubishi MUT-3 PRE15061-00 Multilanguage



UPLOADED.NET – INTERCHANGEABLE LINKS (750 MB)  (I used this one 5hrs download time)




MUT-III (Multi Use Tool) is a hardware-software complex for diagnosing Mitsubishi cars.


VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) – a hardware interface with which a diagnostic laptop is connected to a car, as well as some other diagnostic procedures;
set of diagnostic cables for connecting to vehicle diagnostic points (OBD-II connector, battery terminals, etc.);
Microsoft Windows laptop with proprietary software.

The MUT-III complex allows for the complete diagnostics of ALL electronic components of a Mitsubishi car, measurement of engine and transmission parameters, tuning and adaptation of electronic components of the car, updating the firmware (firmware) of the car blocks, etc.

You need to know that to change the settings of the “hidden functions” of the car (Lancer X, ASX, Outlander XL, Outlander III, Eclipse Cross, L200 V, Pajero Sport III …) in its pure form MUT-III is not suitable.
With its help, you can only unload from the car and load back the configuration files (kon-file). You can edit these settings with third-party software .


MUT 3 VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface):




Mitsubishi MUT 3 install:

So mine just showed up, but the software craps out mid-install. It left a MUT-III link on m desktop, but then it bitches about not having IE5. I’m running Windows 7, and I set the installer to run in XP compatibility mode. :-/

Tried an XP machine, got this error:

I have installed no problem on W7 and XP
for W7 – run as admin, and also run internet explorer in full time compatibility mode.
for XP – it just worked.

4 . you can run MUT3 SW on windows7
it runs on Internet Explorer (yes, i know!)
before you run MUT3 – quit any IE windows you have open
– put your IE into Compatibility Mode.
5. In W7 it will error when you load up MUT3. it does for me anyways. just kill the error popup and off you go
6. when you first connect the VCI – wait a while – it will need to update the VCI firmware in some cases. just let the MUT3 S/W do it’s thing. look on the VCI screen for details of what it’s doing before you go any further
Mut3 needs some patience… it was made at the time of web 0.1 or just before.…
It runs only on XP and only with a really old release of IE.
It is difficult (not user friendly) to choose the car’s model.
It is very difficult to navigate from menu to item…
Good luck….

MUT 3 VCI user guide:

MUT 3 installation help

Solved! OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Missing Software After Upgrade


OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS after update, cluster calibrate (odometer correction) menu is missing….. Anyone had some like this??? What to do how to get it back???



1.Enter Home button, choose ES File Explorer



2. Click  on Home and then choose DP folder

3. After enter the DP menu, choose the SN No. file 9514XXXXXXXX–àFUNCTION–àMILEAGE,

At the bottom of this file, there will be a 【en.cfg】, find and delete it.

4. Restart the X300DP Plus.

5. Enter 【upgrade】menu, then choose any of mileage correction software, then download it.

If problem remains unsolved, please feel free to contact us.

Tech2Win USA GM Car List (Tech2, MDI, VXDIAG Nano)

What is Tech2win:

Tech2Win is a PC program that executes Tech2 software on a Windows PC. Tech2Win communicates with a vehicle through a vehicle communication interface (VCI), using the MDI or an ISO 22900 PDU API compliant device.

Almost all vehicle systems supported by Tech 2 Scan Tool will also work with the Tech2Win. The same software downloaded and executed on Tech2 will also run on Tech2Win. For that reason, the TIS2Web communication procedures used for Tech2 are also applicable for Tech2Win.

Tech2Win allows you to store as many configurations as you wish. A configuration defines how Tech2Win is to be used. Each configuration may use its own PCMCIA card file or MDI serial number. To learn more about Tech2Win please consult the help that comes with Tech2Win.

Unfortunately, it leaves something to be desired with limited functions and some lack of actuator tests and incomplete coverage. It doesn’t replace a Tech 2 and is a yearly subscription purchase, but it is cheaper. Tech2Win also cannot be used for Saab or Isuzu or Suzuki!

Where to get Tech2Win software:

tech2win window 7 install:

tech2win windows 10 install:

Which GM scan tool can work with Tech2Win:

Tech2, GM MDI interface, VXDIAG VCX NANO GM diagnostic tool… genuine or copy…all work with Tech2win…no problem!



How to Recover Toyota 24C16 Immo Data using OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus

The goal of the tutorial is to clarify the possibility/potential of the OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS so that makes it in addition to being a key programmer through the software, but he can do the job.


Recover Toyota 2016 24C16 ECU Immo data

What you need:

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus tablet (with P001 and EEPROM adapter)

External storage device (a USB Card)


Connect P001 with EEPROM adapter, insert USB disk to X300DP plus, then connect P001 with X300DP

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-1 obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-2
Go to X300 DP Plus Home menu->ES File Explorer->SD Card


Long press the data (here 24C16_Toyota_2016_ECU_IMMO_OFF_Data_for_H_Immobilier) you need to recover and copy it to “/Storage.emulated/0/DP/951400041740/DATA”

obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-5 obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-6 obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-7 obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-9 obdstar-toyota-ecu-reset-10
Select EEPROM function in X300DP Plus


Select PIC/FreeScale adapter V34.06->EEPROM->EEPROM RW (Read/Write)->24CXX Series->24C16
Make sure P001 adapter has connected with X300DP Plus

Reading EEPROM data in process

Save data as bin file


Press Help button to perform data recovery


Select the file desired to restore from /Storage.emulated/0/DP/951400041740/DATA” folder

Recovering data in process

IMMO data recovery success.

Now you can rewrite recovered data to immobilizer to repair ECU.

Hope it helps.

How to Install Tech 2 TIS2000 on Windows/MacOS using Internet from Smart Phones

It’s about GM computer programming – useful set up, software support and the stuff you cant learn in school!

Its old but still has its place in the tool box of today’s technician.
TIS2000 and GM Tech 2:
Cnsider purchasing a decent copy of TIS2000 software
This will allow you to program and update controllers up to 2008 on most GM family vehicles. On the good side, you can use TIS2000 as well as TIS on WEB in both pass thru mode, as well as remote mode if your PC is not close to the car your working on. TIS2000 can also be configured to use a J tool in pass thru meaning if you were to acquire a J2534 unit or an MDI down the road, you can configure TIS2000 to work directly in concert with it. Another benefit to using TIS2000, even WITH a subscription to TIS on WEB is that TIS on WEB is no longer supporting VTD re-learning on a lot of pre CAN products. Its worth its salt just for that feature alone. TIS2000 allows you to use your Tech 2 as a pass thru unit and you would have the flashes resident to your PC. You do not need to have internet access to flash program cars from TIS2000. This is all upside!
Downside is that TIS2000 is not known to play nice with Windows OS beyond windows XP. It also does not work on a solid state hard drives or memory devices. It has to be a good fashioned platter drive. It takes up a good amount of HD space as well (as much as 4GB).
If you can believe it, OTC actually provided programming software to allow an OTC Genisys, Mentor, Taskmaster, Deturminator to do programming on ALL GM modules in Pre O8. As a matter of fact, the data disc updates are directly from GM and work with TIS2000 software to update it. The only catch is that you need to have the TIS2000 program installation disc and a software security key to make it work on a PC.
I have personally posted TIS2000 discs and security keys on auction sites and the feedback I get on how well it works is outstanding as to its usefulness and functionality.
For some newer vehicles, as new as 2007 (caddy’s and W body cars in particular), they love to tell you to go blow when it comes to pass-thru programming or even using a remote mode of programming with MDI, Tech 2 or generic J 2534 units. Believe it or not, I have had to use gm Tech 2 Legacy feature to get into some of these modules.
Yea, yea, it all sounds kinda overwhelming, but trust me, its all there, you just have to know what it means when you’re looking at it. Once you know where its at, you will know when its time to use it.

PC Selection for GM programming:
Now that Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, lots of folks have moved away from XP as an OS. If you want to continue to use programs like TIS2000, better think it over before re-formatting your PC.
Windows XP:
Ipersonally, use a Toughbook CF19 with windows XP on a platter drive specifically for the purpose of working with GM products. Its a little more expensive than the CF18’s or CF24’s that most folks use because they are much cheaper. The only reason I use CF19 is because it has SATA hard drive capabilities. The wonderful thing about Toughbook is that it has a removable hard drive caddy in the side. You can slide the hard drive, hard drive heater and caddy out in seconds, and slip in another unit with whatever load of windows you like. Personally, I have one platter drive equipped caddy with all my GM software using Windows XP. When I need some other application like Ford IDS, or Chrysler witech, or Honda HDS, I simply pop the GM HD out of my PC and slip in a Solid State HD with Windows 7 in and fire it up. Some folks are astonished that Windows 7 will work well on such a Puny processor, but with a little added RAM, (4 Gig total) and a SSHD, it works great! If your already using windows 7 on a platter drive, you can easily install a virtual windows XP onto it. There is actually a feature within windows 7 to do just that.
Afraid of an Apple Mac Book for programming? Think again! It may be the best unit out there!
I also like to use my MacBook Pro and a program called parallels to run OS10 for general computing, than I can do the 2 finger slide into windows 7 and 2 finger side into XP as I need to. I do not need to close down a virtual machine like Windows requires you to do when you want to toggle between multiple operating systems. You simply put two fingers on the mouse pad and SSSLLLLLIIIIIDDDDDEEEEE to whatever OS you want to use. Parallels shares the USB ports and wireless, so there is no loss of connectivity or functionality. Truth be told, MacBook is FAR superior to PC even with a windows OS on it. You can also use programs like Virtual Box on MacBook to jump from Apple OS10 to Whatever windows OS you like, but I find parallels to be far more user friendly and light years faster! I have not even broached Linux operating systems like Ubuntu which also work great with some of this software and are just incredibly fast!
Smart phone:
Connecting to the Internet……PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!!!!!
The last thing I want to discuss is how you can use your smart phone to connect your PC to the net to get on GM TIS ON WEB. Sure, you can make most smart phones like I phone and Android an internet “hot spot” BUT…..This is slow, and insecure! I prefer to use a cell phone app called “PDA NET.” This allows me to tether my cell phone directly to my PC through USB and gives me lightning fast internet service. The trial app can be had for free, but I’m telling you, spend the eight bucks to buy the app. Its way better, has far more features and folks, if you use this one single time to update a controller, it will more than pay for itself!
Finally, bear in mind, I am by no means a computer expert/geek! I am nominal in skill level at best! I rely on the kindness of others to show me the way. This is why our always welcome to reach out with questions.

How to solve Xentry [2221-45] No access authorization

Optional solutions of Xentry [2221-45] No access authorization
Here are some optional useful solutions of how to fix 2019 Mb SD Connect C4 open shell error [2221-45] “No access authorization for XENTRY Diagnostics …” some solutions are from CnAutotool engineers, some from users sharing at forums.

Problem description:

(2221-45) No access authorization for XENTRY Diagnostic was found on the server. You must contact the User Help Disk.


Solution Way For WIN7 system HDD:

Browse to C:\MB\Xentry\fusoko\eclipse\plugins folder,

delete com.daimler_xentry.diagservice_1.6_0.2016.07181047 file.


If you Running 2019.09 SD C4 WIN8 system HDD

Just need to delete the following:

Problem solved !

Hope it can help you if you happened the same problem.
Solution III from another user
Software version: 05.2016 Xentry
Free download Xentry-2221-45-fix.rar:!Ip1GkQhR!hHakXl1U1Q5SEE_5NlIZcfSNRE_2CKDJSL9OLXTexYw

(2 fix)
Solution IV with lots of thanks & likes in a forum
Software version: Xentry 2016.5
replace the file call com.daimler.xentry.diagservice_1.6.0.201605121225.jar in the folder
c:\program Files(x86)\Mercedes-Benz\Xentry\fusoko\eclipse\plugins
with the attachment below

Wish this helps

MB SD Connect C4 WIFI set on WIN10 laptop Xentry 09.2019 OK

Here share with you a personal tested guide, hope it helps and try your own risk!
How to set up Mb SD C4 Wireless on a Dell XPS15 9550 laptop WIN10 and run Mercedes Xentry 09.2019 software?


I’m running Win10 on a Dell XPS15 9550 laptop with Intel AC 8260 internal wireless card installed.

After days of investigation and testing, the most important thing is that: The drivers for your wireless card MUST support AdHoc functionality.

This can be verified at the DOS command prompt. The command is: Netsh wlan show drivers
This command will show “Yes” or “No” on the line for “Hosted Network Support”.
If this line says “No”, AdHoc will not work properly.
Although I’m running Win10, Intel has drivers for the 8260 wireless card for Win8 which will enable proper AdHoc functionally.

The trick is to download the driver first, prior to removing your existing wireless driver. Download the driver ONLY, not any driver file with additional driver management apps included in the downloaded file.

Now you can go into Device Manager and remove your existing wireless card AND check the box that removes all software associated with it. My Win8 driver download file was a .exe file. I double clicked on it and the Win8 driver for my Intel 8260 card was installed. Went to Device Manager, right clicked on my 8260 wireless card and selected Properties. Clicked on Advanced and was able to see several AdHoc related entries. These AdHoc entries were not visible using the Win10 drivers.

AdHoc can now be verified at the DOS command prompt. The command is:
Netsh Wlan show drivers.
This command will show “Yes” on the line for “Hosted Network Support”.
If this line says “No”, AdHoc will not work properly

With AdHoc functionality confirmed, additional DOS commands can now be used to enable Road24h wireless connectivity.
This is what worked for me. Depending on your computer skills, your results may vary.

P.S. Recommend to get  MB DAS Xentry HDD 09.2019 for WIN7 or WIN10, WIFI set on WIN10 100% OK!