Xentry Openshell XDOS 07.2019 Acronis Image + Pactch + Keygen


System requirements: HDD or SDD 250 Gb, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 64bit

Interface language: multilanguage

Description: Image of programs for diagnostics, coding and programming of cars


Developer Kit ?

DAS Password Free Special Functions?

Adding W204-W212-W166 in DAS?

Special Function Password Free SMART?

Xentry Special Functions Calculator?

SMART SAM 450&452 inside ECU adaption

SMART ESP Extra Coding+Dev. Data ?

Superess ALL TAN codes Smart Equipment

Passwordfree Offline Key Teach in Smart

Offline SAM Assignent?

TRANSPORTER Special Function Passwordfree Coding/Flashing Offline?

SD FLASH Offline in DAS all Vehicules ?

LKW Nox Torque Limit Setting FDOK XT Automatic in DAS no password calc need ?

LKW NFZ Erase SCR AD BLUE fault code?

NFZ Sonderfunktion Passwordfree?

Added Offline EOL & VMAX all LKW ?


Vediamo Level 10 whit 9GB shortest ?

Vediamo 100GB Data Base ?

New Keys for Xentry?

BUS Licences MB & Setra ?

Ready for Online/Offline ?

Sd Connect C4-BENZ C5-Benz C6 & VCI Ready by Wifi

All Server Online !! ?

Addon Updates Works 100% ?


07.2019 MB STAR Acronis Images:
07.2019-xentry-xdos-download-2 07.2019-xentry-xdos-download-3 07.2019-xentry-xdos-download-4 07.2019-xentry-xdos-download-5 07.2019-xentry-xdos-download-7

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