2019 Lonsdor K518S VS 2017 K518ISE: wins in 3 packages

In short, the supported car models and capabilities of the Lonsdor K518S are subdivided from the Lonsdor K518ISE,
which has three package options. In other words, the Lonsdor K518ISE contains all the models and features of the
lonsdor K518S package. So that the users can choose the lowest-cost package according to their needs and make more


Lonsdor K518S package:

Package 1. SK213-B:

Host and adapters with free models (The workable car models are free lifetime)

Package 2. SK213-B + SK213-S1:

Hardware with free software + one-year update subscription (Addition: get first 6-month free update)

*** After one year expires, the payable options exist but need pay another one-year fee if you want to use again.

Package 3.SK213-B + SK213-S2

Hardware with free software + lifetime subscription [not incl. the cost of hardware and basic package (SK213-B) ]

Read: Lonsdor K518S function list

The part of the black words is lifetime free

The part of the red words is paid.


Lonsdor K518ISE Package:

Package 1: SK213: Lonsdor K518ISE hardware with free software (free lifetime)

Package 2: SK213 + SK213-S

Lonsdor K518ISE hardware with free software + one-year subscription (630USD)

***After you pay 630USD, you can use all newest-released functions in the whole year,
and for the next year, you can continue use this part of functions updated in this year;
but for the next-year update, you have to pay.

Read: Lonsdor K518ISE latest update in October 2018

Read 2017 DACIA Dokker Pin and Add Spare Key with Lonsdor K518ISE Success

New test report:

Lonsdor K518ISE /K518S added a spare key (OEM key) on a 2017 DACIA Dokker 1.6 gasoline success
Perfect work, pincode reading and key programming.

The same for all Dacia(Renault) brand: Duster, Logan, Sandero, Dokker

?Thanks the feedback from Mr. Slavo Backov?
lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-1 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-2
Step 1: Read Pin Code

Select Immobilizer->Dacia->Dokker->2012->Read Pin Code

lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-3 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-4 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-5

Turn ON and OFF ignition switch, remove key


Read VIN
lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-8 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-9
Reading data
lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-10 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-11

Lonsdor read pin success


Step 2: Program key

Select Program Key in Lonsdor K518
lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-14 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-15

Turn ON and OFF ignition switch, remove key
lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-16 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-17

Insert original key and turn on ignition

lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-19 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-20

Insert next key and turn ignition to ON position

lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-21 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-22
Turn OFF and ON ignition
lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-23 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-24

Current number of keys: 2


Program success
lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-26 lonsdor-k518-2017-DACIA-Dokker-27

Test the remote control


Start engine with the new key.


Diagnostic Codes on Caterpillar ET Software

Diagnostic Capabilities

Diagnostic Codes
The engine’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) has the ability to monitor the circuitry between the ECM and the engine’s components. The ECM also has the ability to monitor the engine’s operating conditions. If the ECM detects a problem, a code is generated.

Diagnostic - Codes - on - Caterpillar - ET - Software

There are three categories of codes:
-Diagnostic Code
-Event Code
-Flash Code

-Diagnostic Code - A diagnostic code indicates an electrical problem such as a short or an open in the engine’s wiring or in an electrical component.
-Event Code – An event code is generated by the detection of an abnormal engine operating condition. For example, an event code will be generated if the oil pressure is too low. In this case, the event code indicates the symptom of a problem. Event codes indicate mechanical problems rather than electrical problems.
-Flash Code – Diagnostics and events are reported via flash codes. When a diagnostic code or an event code becomes active, the specific condition is immediately reported to the operator through a series of flashes on the CAT ET Diagnostic Software . By counting the flashes, a numeric representation of the diagnostic code or event code is revealed.

Codes can have two different states:

-Active Codes
An active code indicates that a problem is present. Service the active code first. For the appropriate
troubleshooting procedure for a particular code, refer to the following troubleshooting procedure:
a. Troubleshooting, “Diagnostic Trouble Codes”
b. Troubleshooting, “Event Codes”
Refer to the Troubleshooting, “Diagnostic Code Cross Reference” for information that relates to converting flash codes to the equivalent diagnostic code or to the equivalent event code.

-Logged Codes
The codes are logged and stored in the ECM memory. The problem may have been repaired and/or the problem may no longer exist. If the system is powered, it is possible to generate an active diagnostic code whenever a component is disconnected. If the component is reconnected, the code is no longer active but the code may become logged.
Logged codes may not indicate that a repair is needed. The problem may have been temporary. Logged codes may be useful to help troubleshoot intermittent problems. Logged codes can also be used to review the performance of the engine and of the electronic system.

Current Totals on Caterpillar ET Software

Current Totals on CAT ET Software

-Connect Caterpillar ET Software,
-Information – Current Totals,

Current Totals:
-Total Operating Hours (hours)
-Total Idle Time (hours)
-Total Fuel (Gal)
-Total Idle Fuel (Gal)
-Total Max Fuel (Gal)
-Average Load Factor (%)

Current - Totals - on - Caterpillar - ET - Software

Release Notes of BMW ISTA-D 4.17.1x ISTA-P 3.66

Here are the release notes of latest version BMW ICOM BMW ISTA-D diagnostic and ISTA-P programming software (till May 2019).

ISTA/D 4.17.1x
ISTA Service Data 4.17.11
ISTA/P 3.66.1

General notes:
With the launch of ISTA 4, the functionality for programming has been integrated in ISTA.
The following series can be dealt with using ISTA/P:

E Series

The following series can be dealt with using ISTA 4:

F, G and I Series

These Release Notes contain information for both programming systems.

The Release Notes list all known faults and faults that are currently still unresolved, with possible
workarounds which are important for the Retailer Organisation. Please contact Technical Support if
additional faults occur on the vehicle. In particular in the following cases:

vehicle-related programming faults / encoding faults and activation faults
functional faults on the vehicle

With ISTA 4, it is now also possible to send feedback relating to programming directly to BMW AG. Selecting
the “Feedback” symbol (envelope symbol) displays the feedback screen with input boxes


ISTA -D 4.17.13 ISTA-P 3.66 software optional:
I. 2019.05 BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.17.13 ISTA-P 3.66.1 HDD or SSD
Software List:

ISTA-D 4.17.13
SDP database 4.17.11
VIN 2019/04/14
ISTA-P, with Engineer Programming,supports the programming of BMW motorcycles and electric vehicles can program F/G/I/K chassis for car (through the ICOM, not other cable )
ETK  2019.04
KSD 2019.04
INPA 5.00
winkfp 5.2.3
NCS 3.5.1
BMWAi 4.6
E-SYS 3.27.1 and 3.30, Psdzdata V66.1
FSC Navigation Code Generator
DIS Software for Old cars, DISV57 and DISV44,diagnosis and programming for BMW virtual machines.

II. MOE Engineering System with full BMW software all-in-one
With newer and more software for BMW E, F, G series coding and programming.
Software List:

Rheingold ISTA-D 4.17.13
ISTA/P 66.0.200
BMW PSdZData Tool
BMW coding tool
E-sys 3.31.0
E-sys Launcher Pro V3.1.1.133
NCD/CAFD Tool V0.5.2.203
Freischalt Tool 02.02.00
INPA 5.02 English
NCS Expert (English/German)
F series CBS RESET
NCS Dummy
HU Tool v2.6.PRE
CIC Special Service Utility v1.0.4352
CIC Language Coding Utility Ver. 1.2.2
Dr.Gini B021
Perfekt Toolbox 0.1a
HU-ServiceManager ver.0.2 beta
ISN Ver (
SW ID Reader (DE) v1.2.1
BMW CIC/NBT/EVO Keygen v1.9
Swt to FSC
BMW Explorer Explorer VMware Workstation
EWS Editor V3.2.0
IBAC Activation Codes Generator
AVTOTOOLS DME/DDE Password Extractor
CAS4 Mileage Tool r20140617
CAS3+ Editor
EWS Editor
Siemens MS41 EWS delete
DDE/DME SA-option Helper V1.1
BMW Coding Database
KSD2 12.05.2019
ETK 3.1.90

Part of MOE BMW software display:


ISTA-P/ISTA-D  Multi-language available in diagnosing, programming and TIS diagram circuit: , British English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

All ISTA-D HDD/SDD are compatible with BMW ICOM hardwares:

Computer requirements:
Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory
It is recommended to use Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.

Handy baby ii key programmer functions

Handy baby ii is the new generation of chip copy machine released by JMD. JMD handy baby ii improved much more functions than handybaby key programmer. So if you are looking for one functional key chip copy machine, you can choose the new JMD Handy Baby II key chip copy programmer.

Handy baby ii key programmer functions:

Handy baby I vs. Handy Baby II:

Handy baby ii key chip copy programmer can Update Free Online on Offcial Website, here are 2 ways to update JMD Handy baby II key programmer online sharing with you.

Computer upgrade:

Connect Handy baby II to the computer


Open the client software, then select “FIRMWARE UPGRADE”->”HB UPGRADE”,click “updating”
Then wait for the upgrade to complete.

APP upgrade:

Open Handy baby II Bluetooth and connect to the phone APP.
Select the firmware upgrade


Then wait for the upgrade to complete.



Handy baby ii software Client Download:



Handy baby ii APP download:

Scan the Handy Baby II APP QR code to download, both IOS and Android are ok.


If you wanna know more about handy baby ii key programmer, you can contact us freely!

Kess V2 5.017 Kess V2 Master Error “External Exception EEFFACE” Solution

Kess V2 5.017 is the latest KESS V2 ECU chip tuning tool. Kess 5.017 with latest ksuite 2.47 is the online version without token limited. Cnautotool share solution about Alientech kess v2 ECU programmer software error “External Exception EEFFACE” following.

Kess V2 5.017 Kess V2 Master Error “External Exception EEFFACE” Showed:

External - Exception - EEFFACE - 1

Kess V2 5.017 Kess V2 Master Error External Exception EEFFACE

Kess 5.017  Software Error “External Exception EEFFACE”Possible Reason:

Firstly:Software installed is incorrectly
Secondly:Driver installed is incorrectly.

Tech Support Solution:
Install Kess V2 5.017 software completely with following guide.


65.99$ for KESS V2 Master Red PCB Firmware V5.017 Ksuite 2.47 EU Version No Token Limited ECU Chip Tuning Tool

External - Exception - EEFFACE - 3

Software Version: V2.47(Newest)

Firmware Version: V5.017

Update: By link

Support Car Models: For Multi-cars and trucks, no year limited

Multi-Languages: English / German / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese / French

Support System: Win XP / Win7 32bit, Win 8, etc.

Connection: By OBD2. Read and write ECU Programmer via OBD2 port directly, no need disassemble ECU from the car, easy to use.

Renault Can Clip V181 V182 V183 Software Free Download

Renault can clip is the professional diagnostic tool for Renault with multi-languages. For Renault can clip diagnostic tool software support wide system coverage. CnAutotool.com here provide software free download link for you. Continue reading “Renault Can Clip V181 V182 V183 Software Free Download”

What’s the Difference Between KTM Bench KTMOBD and KTM Flash?

KTM Bench is 2019 new arrival Auto ECU Programmer for ECU read and write via Boot / Bench. KTM Bench has no Limits of the car model and year. CnAutotool team today would like to share the difference between KTM Bench / KTMOBD and KTM Flash.

KTM Bench ECU Programmer Features:

1. No Limits of the car model and year; No Need disassemble ECUs Read and write Bosch ECUs (Infineon’s chips) incl. flash and eeprom.

2. Less Risk to clone/copy ECUs Able to modify data or do chip tuning to achieve superior performance.

3. Read / write ECUs in 2 ways: Boot and Bench.

KTMOBD ECU Programmer Features:

1. KTMOBD main plug and play via OBD KTM Dialink J2534 cable.

2. Read the chip data, read and write ECU data, read gearbox data etc. in a high speed.

KTM Flash ECU Programmer Features:

1. Workable Transmission Model.

2. Read Chinese car via OBD.

3. Read BOOT mode according to the chip model.

4. Read the encrypted ECU password. (Read the password of encrypted ECU first, then read data). Support Chinese car ME17 TC1728/1767 data reading & writing and password reading.

Difference Between KTM Bench, KTMOBD and KTM Flash

Difference - of - KTM Bench - KTMOBD - KTM - Flash - VXDAS


The KTM Bench, KTMOBD and KTM Flash all support read / write ECU, the most difference is the ECU coverage and r/w method.

KTM Bench has no limits of the car models and year when use it to read / write ECU data. And it’s not available for chips / gearboxes.

KTMOBD main for gearboxes read and write.

KTM Flash works for transmission, and it needs disassembling.

In a word, you have to make sure and check the ECU type before order.

KTM Bench Car List (Note 1)

KTM BENCH Support:

BMW N20, N55, N63, etc. to change or read / write ISN codes (done with other tools).

Bentley MED17.1.1 to read/write immo data.

the latest Jaguar MED17.8.32.

VW MED17.5.5, MED17.5.22, MED17.5.25.

ALL can be done without ECU disassembling Good equipment of high quality and with the best technology
Professional service and good efficiency.

For detailed Car List, please refer to: KTM Bench ECU Programmer.

KTMOBD Car List (Note 2)

For detailed Car List, please refer to: KTMOBD ECU Programmer.

KTM Flash Car List (Note 3)

For detailed Car List, please refer to: KTM Flash ECU Programmer.

Thanks for all of your attention. If have any other questions, welcome comment below!

Finally, for more software free download, please click link below:


MB SD C4 Firmware Update Manual

1. Prepare 6 common AA batteries of 5. Then install the battery by following the Manual of How to Install Battery for MB SD C4. (Notes: The batteries need to be new with fully charged.)
2. Connect the Mb Star C4 interface with the computer by green cable. Then use the OBD cable to connect the MB SD C4 interface with car. If can not connect car, please use the OBD 12V power supply to take place of car.
3. Open the DAS software. Then check those 3 files Update_automatic, Update_manual, Update_Special from the C:\programm files\SDconnect Toolkit. If the name of the file is not right, please correct it.
4. Restart the computer.
5. Start to update MB SD C4 firmware by following ” MB SD C4 Firmware Update Instruction”.
If there is any problem, please feel free to contact me by sale@dasobd2.de
More details, please check on