CG PRO Reset Odometer on a BMW X1 CAS3 2010 M35080

Model: BMW X1

Year: 2010

Instrument type: 35080

Immobilizer: CAS3-0L15Y

Device: CG PRO 9S12 programmer

Purpose: odometer correction



Original odometer: 191,245 km

Step 1: Remove Dash

Turn off ignition.  Remove and disassemble dashboard instrument




cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-6 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-7

Locate chip m35080DOWQ

cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-8 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-9
Step 2: Remove IMMO Box

Remove immo box CAS3-0L15Y







Step 3: Change mileage in dash

Open CGPro software

Solder 080DOWQ chip into CGPRO M35080/35160 adapter


Select Model->Adjust mileage->BMW->35080 V1 (080DQ)


Choose Adjust mileage function icon and enter mileage you desired

Step 4: Correct odometer in Immobilizer

Connect CAS3 0L15Y eeprom IC chip with CG-Pro DB25 connector


In CG Pro software, select Chip->Adjust mileage->BMW->CAS3 0L15Y

Manully enter new mileage you desired

Press YES to confirm

Both dash and immo mileage reset successfully. Reinstall dashboard and immo box to vehicle.


Reset fault codes or do necessary coding with CGDI BMW.

What is Best for Mercedes FBS4/BGA/NEC/Moto Key Programming?

What is the best FBS4, BGA, NEC, Moto Key Programming Tool? CGDI-MB or  VVDI MB TOOL or Diagspeed or AK500 or NEC PRO57?

Look here! This is for people who are looking for one good key tool to program all new and old keys to Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes key programmers comparison: CGDI MB vs VVDI MB vs Diagspeed vs AK500 vs NEC PRO57

Moto - Key  - Programming  - 1 Moto - Key  - Programming  - 2 Moto - Key  - Programming  - 3 Moto - Key  - Programming  - 4 Moto - Key  - Programming  - 5

It’s easy to find that,

you’d better to have more than one key tool for Mercedes key programming.

IMPORTANT: CGDI-MB is the only FBS4 key programming tool!

Moto - Key  - Programming  - 6 Moto - Key  - Programming  - 7

So, you have to use a CGDI MB esp. for FBS4 key (confirmed to read and write FBS4 keys to W205, W218,W166… without any issue) and get another auto key programmer (such as VVDI-MB TOOL and the like)  for BGA keys and the other.

Note that with Xhorse VVDI MB, you should buy VVDI PROG too, because the are some eis and ecu’s that you cant do with MB Tool independently. For example some w210 eis or Sprinter 906. You should have both, VVDI MB Tool and VVDI prog. Or, if you have to buy some tool again, Simon Touch is the best, but its more expensive.

But if you have a CGDI MB, you have a chance to program a new key through OBD. All done with a tool. That’s the reason why people look for it.

YOU HAVE TO KNOW: What is the difference between FBS3 and FBS4:

Late 2015 is FBS4, Early production 2015 is still FBS3.

Not on the outer shell.. maybe the numbers under the battery cover will tell you..

You can also tell by the kind of car…

For sure FBS4… 222, 231, 205, 117, 2012 model year and up 212 and 218, 166 and 190

Note that FBS4 was added to 212 207 etc at mid 2013 (804) not in MY 2012

FBS4 can use blank keys to program to the car with Xentry and an authorized online account.. Not all online accounts have access to program keys..

How to use BMW FEM BDC Test Platform for F20 F30 F35 X5 X6 I3

BMW FEM BDC Test Platform  is a powerful tool for key programming, ecu and gearbox coding. It’s necessary for automotive locksmith, car electronics technician, auto repair shop.

BMW - FEM - BDC - 1

BMW - FEM - BDC - 2


with your FEM/BDC keys, FEM BDC Module Testing Platform is easy to detect FEM BDC Control Module in good condition. No need start-stop button.

Designed with 4 interfaces. It is used for making FEM and BDC keys, suitable for connecting the dashboard, keys, FEM, ECU and Gearbox.

Fits model:

BMW F20 F30 F35 X5 X6 I3 etc


No need to test them on the car, very convenient and efficient.

Compatible device:

Can works alone or works with BMW FEM key programmers, i.e Yanhua BMW-FEM,BMW Explorer, VVDI2 BMW,  CGDI Prog and BMW F-series FEM Blade key etc

How to use BMW FEM BDC Test Platform?

BMW - FEM - BDC - 3

Pic. 1: the adapters are insert into the test platform.

BMW - FEM - BDC - 4
Pic. 2: Connect well the harness and the ignition switch is in the OFF status,make sure the voltage is 12V.

BMW - FEM - BDC - 5

Pic.3: Put the FEM/BDC key into the sensing area, press the “Enter” button and the red LED  flashes.

BMW - FEM - BDC - 6

Press the “Enter” button, the screen displays FEM BDC TESTS:11.2V, the battery icon on the screen turns up, means it starts OK.
Again press the “ENTER” button and ACC OK
Again press the “ENTER” OFF OK
Then FEM BDC test OK, if no connect to FEM BDC.

If the key is not pass test, the test platform displays: NO FIND FEM BDC HOST.

CGDI MB reviews: OBD Add New Keys to Mercedes 2000-2019 ALL OK

Look here: CGDI MB key programmer reviews and tests report on Mercedes 2000-2019


CGDI MB reviews collection:

Part 1: CGDI MB and Mercedes all keys lost

Part 2: CGDI MB and Mercedes spare key add

Part 3: CGDI MB and Mercedes FBS4

in detail…

Part 1: CGDI Porg MB and Mercedes all keys lost

2009 W164:

W164 EIS type all keys lost possible only after 2009

2012 W212:

Work really good!
W212 is from 2012
Read ezs About 30mins
Upload data
Password given

Read eis info
Paste key password
Then key calculation

Part 2: CGDI Programmer and Mercedes spare key add

2000 G500:

BENZ G500 year 2000
Just done a Benz G500 imported from Dubai

2004 W203:

W203 2004 spare key making:
Total time about 13 minute when beginning to programming new key. Read pass NEC key by IR and calculate PSW
Key still working after get PSW.
Done in car.

2004 W203:

W203 2004 spare key making takes about 13 minute when beginning to program a new key.

Read pass NEC key by IR and calculate PSW
Key still working after get PSW.

2004 W211:

W211 2004 year add key ,10 min job!

2005 W203:

Class C W203 2005 adding key on car.
Spare key made in under 10 minutes.

2006 W164:

ML350 W164 2006: Read EZS, add key, write BE key all done in 17mn.

Really fast and i’m happy with the first try on car. Use late software
I just plug in the OBD, put key and turn ignition ON and read.

After this step, CGDI will ask only put in EZS and in CGDI.

Just all. PSW query is more longer than 209, about 12mn to get PSW.

2007 W221:

Add Key on W221 2007, i was complete in ~12min. CGDI is very fast
Upload collect data after 2 or 3 min show me PW

2007 w221:

Add key on bench
First try I use VVDI
But 2 time upload also failed cannot get pass
So I was change device CGDI from VVDI
1 time upload successful
Good and very fast 10min got pass

2008 W219:

Add key also 15mn OK

2009 W164:

2009 W164 ML450
Key add work
Cgdi 15min
Very good speed!!

2009 W164:

w164 after 2009
I did for testing 2 types of programming _ have got EZS with both programmed keys because customer claimed somethimes EIS works sometimes doesn’t – I have found that connector for immo aerial was desoldered from PCB so when I fixed it – EIS became fully working again – and then I started testing CGDI and made 2 types of programming (all programming on bench – EZS + GATEWAY EMULATOR)
1) programming in case one key is available and adding spare key – ALL OK!
2) programming in case of ALL KEYS LOST – ALL OK!

spare key programming was pretty fast
AKL scenario takes circa 80minutes to get data from EIS and You have to plug in and out emulator key every 5 seconds – I have bought VVDI POWER ADAPTER to pass all hassle on to adapter so You don’t have to watch whole process and move key in and out manually – but it doesn’t work with CGDI – seems adapter works only with VVDI MB and software drives it by addressed pin to switch connection off and on between ezs and key emulator – maybe CGDI TEAM could write a code to their SW and make VVDI POWER ADAPTER useful for all their customers.

2010 W207:

C300 W207 2010 spare key without problem and in 2 minute

(exiting key is BE, so no need server query PSW)

2010 W204:

W204 2010 adding key on bench
Total time about 15mn.

2014 W246:

W246 2014 FSB3: Add key successful in 15mn

2017 W906:
generate a password in Sprinter W906 2017 year.

Part 3: CGDI MB and Mercedes FBS4

No tool can do FBS4 key?

No.  With genuine xentry and daimler fbs server.  Makes FBS4 every day via OBD very fast and easy.

Diagspeed announced the dates of FBS4 solution. But not confirmed yet. The Diagspeed has the reputation of being the best in the Mercedes world to make keys, Reset ECU’s and trouble shoot problems that a normal scan tool can not.  It is worth to take a gamble.

CGDI MB can read FBS4 keys and knows if it’s in a working status or key is damaged

VVDI-MB-TOOL-full-package-2 VVDI-MB-TOOL-full-package-3


CGDI MB is a good Mercedes key programming tool, as good as VVDI MB TOOL.

It can do a lot for Mercedes like key programming, EIS/EZS functions, key data generation, infrared key abilities, etc.

And it covers many models, including

Obd mode:

W164 / W216

W164 / W221 (-2009)

W16 / W197 / W212 / W212 (old)


W172 / W204 / W207 / W209 / W211

W202 / W203 / W208 / W210 / W463 / W639

Platform mode: (quick collect)

W164 / W216

W164 / W221 (-2009)

W172 / W204 / W207 / W209 / W211

W202 / W203 / W208 / W210 / W463 / W639

Note: More will be updated here…

How to use AC adapter with CGDI MB for W639 all keys lost

Test report: CGMB Prog Benz Monster + AC adapter for Mercedes Benz W639 all keys lost.

Hardware: CGDI Prog MB programmer + AC adapter


Software: CGDI MB


EIS: W639


Wiring diagram:

cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-2 cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-4

cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-5 cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-6


Step 1: read EIS data

CGDI read out EIS data


Step 2: calculate pass

CGDI MB calculated password



cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-9 cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-10

waiting to read EIS data


pls unplug the direction lock ELV and connect the clip on the yellow line of the OBD line on the directional lock plug (the most fine line in the directional lock connector in the K-Line)




pls insert the simulation key within 1 minute. if you have inserted it, pls pull out and try again
cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-14 cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-15

you need a key emulator




CGDI MB read EIS data successfully

save data


upload data
cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-19 cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-20

query result

cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-22 cgdi-mb-ac-adapter-how-to-use-24

CGDI MB Key Programmer managed to read out W639 password!


CGDI BMW “This Version FEM/BDC Not Supported, Update Your FEM/BDC” Solution

Sometimes you are trying to program keys to FEM/BDC system, CGDI Prog BMW will give you error  “This version FEM/BDC is not supported, pls update your FEM/BDC”. This does not mean this ECU is not supported. You can enable it by FEM/BDC programming and coding.
cgdi-bmw-update-fem-solution-1 cgdi-bmw-update-fem-solution-2

Here’s the proper solution to this problem.

Connect CGDI BMW with vehicle


Select BMW F/G Series Programming


Choose FEM_Body and Program

cgdi-bmw-update-fem-solution-5 cgdi-bmw-update-fem-solution-6

cgdi-bmw-update-fem-solution-7 cgdi-bmw-update-fem-solution-8

CGDI BMW progam ecu success
cgdi-bmw-update-fem-solution-9 cgdi-bmw-update-fem-solution-10

Go to BMW F/G series Coding


Select FEM_Body and Backup coding


Backup success

Select Coding


Coding success

(Here’s CGDI BMW F-series programming and coding guide with English menu)

Now go back to FEM/BDC Key Match


This time you can program FEM/BDC with CGDI Prog no issue.

cgdi-bmw-update-fem-solution-15 cgdi-bmw-update-fem-solution-16
Detail FEM/BDC key programming procedure, please check:

BMW FEM/BDC Add Key and All Keys Lost with CGDI BMW

CGDI MB Replace Benz W204 W207 W212 ELV and Replace ELV Emulator

CGDI Prog MB user manual: How to replace used/new ELV and replace ELV simulator.

Part 1: Replace ELV CGDI MB

Part 2: Replace ELV Simulator with CGDI MB

Part 1: Replace ELV CGDI MB

Connect the power, USB cable OBD connection device

The vehicle is replaced with a used or new ELV

I. Replace used ELV


OBD connects to vehicle, open software, click ‘Read ELV Data


please connect the clip on the yellow line of the OBD line to the K-line on the ELV plug.


Read the data successfully, show the related information


ELV is normal and can do repairing


Get ELV erase password


Erase the ELV success


Read ELV data again, to display related information after erasing

II. Replace new ELV


After reading the whole new ELV data,the related information is showed as above,you can do following
operations without wiping ELV data.

Collect and calculate anti-theft passwords


Read EIS Data


Enter“computer password”,choose ”copy key with key”(If you lost all keys,you can choose ” copy key
without key”)


Default “other keys”, click ”OK


The collection process will not be described one by one, follow the software prompts, eventually you can get
the anti-theft password .


Copy and paste the password to ELV


Save ELV data(Please default file name)


Get erase password successfully


Click ”wipe the EIS ”,It will shows ”please insert the simulation key into the EIS in 30 seconds”


Picture for physical operation


Erase the EIS success


Read EIS data again to show related information


Load the origin data(the ELV data saved initially)


Click ” write EIS data”


please insert the simulation key into the EIS in 30 seconds


physical operation connection


Write EIS data success


Read EIS data again to show related information


Click“sync w204 ELV”,when it shows sync w204 ELV success, please insert key into EIS for activation

Activated successfully , can be used normally

Part 2: Replace ELV Simulator with CGDI Prog

Read EIS data


Turn to“compute password”, collect data

The collection process will not be described one by one, upload data, successfully query the password and
copy the key password


Turn to the EIS interface and paste the key password


Save data,Default file name


Put on the CGDI ELV renew simulator and clip the K-line


Click“ELV”, enter“ simulator”


Read Simulator, display related information


erase simulator success

Load the EIS data just saved and check whether the key password is correct

Click ‘write’ button

Write ELV success, please insert key into EIS and switch ignition on for activation

Actual operation

Read simulator again, show activated, match successfully!

CGDI Prog BMW Key Programmer F-series Coding Manual

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 is not only able to program BMW key for CAS1-CAS4+/fem/bdc system and read ISN, but also do F-series coding.

CGDI BMW F-series coding guide:

Select BMW F series coding

Read ECU info

This feature requires network connection.


Select control module

Backup coding


Confirm backup coding data


CGDI BMW backup coding success

Select Coding


Coding success


Free Download CGDI BMW Database for F-series Key Programming

CGDI Prog BMW F-series programming manual:

Where to download database, how to setup psdzdata and how to do do F series programming

Steps in detail..

free download F-series programming database:

Then you will get


unzip psdzdata


Files/folders included:


right click on BMW Key Programmer CGDI icon on Desktop and choose open file location


copy or cut folder “psdzdata” to C:/Program files (x86)/Changguang/CGDI

Then you can program F series


Reference: CGDI Prog BMW programming test report

CGDI Prog BMW and Mercedes Key Programmer Test Report & Video

In conclusion,

1). CGDI PROG BMW is able to add new keys to BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ and program keys when all keys lost,

CAS computer replace,

CAS3+/P4X or newer version can directly downgraded by OBD in 5 minutes 100% safety.
2). program keys (when all keys lost) BMW CAS4/CAS4+

3). support BMW key inspection, check key status

4). support BMW engine computer DME replacement.

5).  support BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85 series OBD read ISN code (no need to spilt computer when matching key)

6).  support BMW key unlock.

7). reliable reviews from owners:

So far I tried
Cas 2 – E60 2005 lost key – Obd – not working ( no option to program from dump)
Cas 3+ E87 2008 spare key – eeprom dump – ok

F10 – key from dump – OK
F10 LCI – key from dump and isn from working key – OK
F10 LCI – key from dump and isn from DDE – OK
E60 LCI – downgrade CAS3+ and key via OBD – OK

I just got the CGDI BMW based on reading good reviews for their Mercedes tool. Have not seen much info for the BMW tool so I thought Id give a quick run down from my experience so far with the tool.

For making keys it has worked great. I have made about 7 keys so far all CAS types except CAS4.

I tried to read ISN on 3 cars and failed. I think it may only read ISN from MSV80/85 ecu’s. Will try on the MSV80 soon and will update. All done by OBD.

I have BMWExplorer and have used Autohex as well, but if you only need to program keys and your not concerned with ISN for DME swaps, I would buy the CGDI before those tools.

Its supposed to do ISN but the advertising wording can be misleading. It may only be able to read ISN of 2 types of DME. So far thats how its looking. Will contact my vendor to verify and see if there is an update preventing ISN reads.

For the money its worth it just to be able to program the CAS3 keys. It works super fast literally less than 2 minutes beginning to end. Faster than BMWExplorer for sure. I have yet to successfully do FEM key with Explorer so as far as Im concerned it has the same key programming capability as the CGDI.

in detail…

2019 Lonsdor K518S VS 2017 K518ISE: wins in 3 packages

In short, the supported car models and capabilities of the Lonsdor K518S are subdivided from the Lonsdor K518ISE,
which has three package options. In other words, the Lonsdor K518ISE contains all the models and features of the
lonsdor K518S package. So that the users can choose the lowest-cost package according to their needs and make more


Lonsdor K518S package:

Package 1. SK213-B:

Host and adapters with free models (The workable car models are free lifetime)

Package 2. SK213-B + SK213-S1:

Hardware with free software + one-year update subscription (Addition: get first 6-month free update)

*** After one year expires, the payable options exist but need pay another one-year fee if you want to use again.

Package 3.SK213-B + SK213-S2

Hardware with free software + lifetime subscription [not incl. the cost of hardware and basic package (SK213-B) ]

Read: Lonsdor K518S function list

The part of the black words is lifetime free

The part of the red words is paid.


Lonsdor K518ISE Package:

Package 1: SK213: Lonsdor K518ISE hardware with free software (free lifetime)

Package 2: SK213 + SK213-S

Lonsdor K518ISE hardware with free software + one-year subscription (630USD)

***After you pay 630USD, you can use all newest-released functions in the whole year,
and for the next year, you can continue use this part of functions updated in this year;
but for the next-year update, you have to pay.

Read: Lonsdor K518ISE latest update in October 2018