How to Solve Xtool PS2 GDS Gasoline License Exception Issue

XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool newly released by Xtool comes with 8 inches true color TFT touch screen, support bluetooth wireless connection, specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians.

Recently , there have customers gave feedback that the screen of PS2 GDS have ““License Exception” issue .

When click on diagnose→asia→ Hyundai→OK, then screen showed checking license, the screen display “Liscense Exception” and stays no action. There wouldn’t go pass and no data. Have refreshing the SD card and do the reinstall several times before. Just can do remotes and program keys.

We submit this issue to our engineer and now it has been solved,  the latest version of the software has been released to solve this problem.

The solution is very easy , just update the software will be ok . First, format the SD card, and second, download the latest software according to the update guide .You can check the user manual in the package

If you still have any problem , please contact us directly

Thank you


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