Free download Xtool x100 pad v2.4.0 c60.apk

Here provide XTool X100 PAD v2.4.0 c60.apk free download link and Xtool X100 pad update procedure.

Xtool x100pad_v2.4.0_c60.apk free download link:!0do3iRKa!Rg5BwyUviuQBu_4eWKAqwBoYi7UcmN_RuSOymRFtgDc

Xtool x100pad_v2.4.0 update procedure:

1.Enable the wireless WIFI network connection or plug the USB into the computer and Xtool X100 pad.
2.Send the APK application (Download above) to the X100 PAD machine.
3.Open “x100pad_v2.4.0_c60.apk” and click UPDATE.

X100 pad one-click update:

X100 pad update tip:

If you got error to activate XTOOL X100 pad “please wait…”, try to update X100 PAD to the newest version with “x100pad_v2.4.0_c60.apk”.

Software List for Launch X431 V 8 InchTablet Scanner

Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet diagnostic tool here is the full vehicle & software list:
Malay cars (PROTON,

Here are the software photos from Launch X431 official website:

How to install Xprog M software on Vmware/Virtualbox

Finally, have the Xprog 5.55 software installed successfully inside the Vmware machine (virtualbox or virtual pc) that works well with XPROG-M v5.55 clone.

Xprog is protected to run on Virtual Machines so you may have no luck with VM ware and Virtual box. Xprog from Auto Diagnostic tool is running in Task manager but no screen just makes error sound that is all.

This is how to manage that. Thanks to davidcie & narkeleptk!! Wish this helps you also.

add this to config file for system you have xprog installed in.
monitor_control.virtual_rdtsc = “false”
monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = “true” = “true” = “true” = “true” = “true”
monitor_control.disable_directexec = “true”

For Virtual box,
using XPROG v5.55 without dongle. While it is true that it tries to detect VirtualBox, this detection only checks these three registry keys/values:


You can manually rename/delete the first key and change the value of the second and third to test if it works. If it does and you do not want to manually go through the trouble every time you start your VM, create the following batch file and put it in Startup folder:

@echo off
@reg add HKLM\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System /v SystemBiosVersion /t REG_MULTI_SZ /d “NOBOX” /f
@reg add HKLM\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System /v VideoBiosVersion /t REG_MULTI_SZ /d “NOBOX” /f

Now it would be ok to use Auto ECU Programmer Xprog 5.55 or 5.51 inside VirtualBox . Vmware as well. Of course, it’s what i tried. Maybe other issues, even risks, may happen on you. Good luck!

Chinese vendors usually sell Xprog clones with software tested. If you are with it, have a try.

OBDSTAR X300M Change Mileage on Porsche Cayenne 2008 engineer has managed to adjust mileage on Porsche Cayenne 2008 by using OBDSTAR X300M odometer correction tool via OBD.

Note: OBDSTAR X300M is able to change odometer for Porsche pre-2009 via OBD.

X300M Change KM for Cayenne 2008 Procedure:
the dashboard of Cayenne 2008
the current mileage: 2345744km

note: check connection of the car and X-300 M

here goes to Cayenne odometer correction.




select Cayenne->Cayenne -2009->MILEAGE ADJUSTMENT


->enter a file name to save, here 11100000

input value: 11100000

OBDSTAR X300M mileage programmer managed to read the current mileage of 234560 (error does not exceed 10km)

->input new mileage: 345430

input value: 345430

->adjusting mileage…

->adjustment complete

the dashboard displays the new milesage as what is set just now

Cayenne change km SUCCESS.

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Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P Key Erase Issue on 2000 Ford Focus (fixed)

I write this blog to share my problem about Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P key erasure on 2000 ford focus and its solution with you.

Vehicle model and year:

2000 Ford Focus Z-Tech

Diagnostic tool used:

Autel MaxiSYS MS908P

Issue description:

I intended to replace the PCM in my vehicle. With followed all the instruction for key erasure, the MaxiSYS MS908P seemed to freeze at the 9 second make on the task bar.


The engine told me that I could only program new third key with having 2 already programmed keys, which meant that I couldn’t program new key if I did not have 2 working keys.


1 Download the beta version V6.12.10 to have a test.

2 Try to program key manually. The process bar will appear for 10s after key erasure. Please ignition off and program it as followed:

Turn the ignition key to position 0

Cycle key1 in the ignition from OFF to RUN for at least 3 seconds

Cycle key2 in the ignition from OFF to RUN for at least 3 seconds.

Cycle key1 in the ignition from OFF to RUN for at least 3 seconds.

Two keys are programmed now.

Renault CAN CLIP software is working OK with Nissan Consult III hardware

Yes it is 100% sure that Auto Diagnostic tool Renault CAN CLIP software is compatible with Nissan Consult III hardware. This is verified by many experienced users.

Therefore, the CAN Clip and Nissan Consult 3 2-in-1 interface is developed, which is only $130 and more cost-effective. It looks like this:

Refer to others feedback is more trustful, following are 4 pieces of feedback.

NOTE: you will be at risk to try this.

Feedback 1:

Yes it will work with both, it is alliance B
Do not but the ones flying around with the WHITE < <16 PIN CONNECTOR.
As regards programming, I’m unsure because I never tested, However there are can clip interfaces that are alliance B and they work fine.

Feedback 2:

If that is recognized as VI alliance by drivers this will work with Clip and Consult too
I’d say that there is very high chance of success.

Feedback 3:

Nissan consult 3 is verified working fine with Nissan and Renault cars, while there is only Nissan software come with the interface, you need to buy Renault software extra.

Feedback 4:

Worked perfectly with Nissan and Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface.

It is risky to start with this hardware, for example, flashing the control unit of the vehicle. That’s why I at first was looking for the original hardware, or really good clone. I know that there are good clones. I had one good clone can clip with Full Chip AN2135SC AN2136SC in the below picture.

Renault CAN CLiP V168 Reprogramming Tested Successfully

This is Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface 168 diagnostic interface software download resource. Renault Clip 168 is tested successfully on diagnosis and reprogramming!

NEWEST: 2017.05 Renault CAN CLiP 168 download free!3kZUDZ6S!fkx3S4A5xZ5qFqpASDvmVHtJM3y6-FyWhhuobvOvjNs

SAFE to use: Renault CLiP 168 diagnostic tool tested version

Edit: professionals at tested the software.

CAN CLiP 168 test report: (released on 2017/05/30)

Renault can clip obdii diagnostics……..Worked!
No issues on systems incl. ENGINE, automatic gear shifting, Air conditioning system, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, GM, IMMO, KEYZESS GO system, OBD-I I and so on

Renault can clip reprogramming……..Worked!

As for the benefits of renualt can clip programming, new versions are usually released to resolve glitches that have been in the mean time discovered, to improve driveability, fuel consumption etc… also as the engines get worn and old, new software can adjust things to make is driveability a bit better… most of the times you will not see any difference after a software update, unless a real obviously glitch has been identified and a new version has been released to resolve it. I hope all the above makes some sense, and some how answers your question…

As for Renault key programming and ecu programming, Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool has no luck. But, Renault-COM Bluetooth interface will help you.

As for Renault can clip diagnostic tool, renault can clip ebay is a good choice, generally. But CAN CLIP V167 for Renault is tested with tools below:

Renault CAN CLIP V168: Works Perfectly with china clones

Renault can clip the best quality version (no communication issues)

The populous version

The cheapest version ($95)

Renault CLIP French version

V168 Renault CAN CLIP reprogramming Questions & Answers:

What is the purpose of renault can clip reprogramming?
This update installs an updated version of the ECU software, it can be released for example, if renault found a glitch in the previous versions, or to make slightly changes as the engine gets older etc…

What is the benefit for doing this other than fault finding ? can i remap ECU in can clip?
This procedure has nothing to do with fault finding, sort of… This update installs an updated version of the ECU software, it can be released for example, if renault found a glitch in the previous versions, or to make slightly changes as the engine gets older etc… You can only install the releases from renault… not your own ones…

Why to choose reprogramming through a cd-rom?
Because to use the other option, (renault net), you need to have the renault server/account…

What is the code or what is (renault pin extractor)?
Pin extractor is a software to decode data from dumps, to calculate ISK, incode etc… You will need it to calculate the code to allow you to programme.

Do you know if you can reprogram a Renault ECU for more than 1 times???
With clip, if the software available is higher than the one installed, you can… You can’t install a lower/older version…

I’ve just changed the battery on my Renault Clio and I’m getting a solid immobiliser light. Will I be able to use the Clip software to put in my vehicle code?
Yes you will…

Do you recommend to buy Renault can clip and what version do you recommend?
If you work a lot with Renault, I do recommend! Version, the latest… now is Renault can clip v168

i have question about software updates. when i try to lauch it ,it asks me for device serial number. i mean for clone tool. what need to input?

It should come on the instructions… Although if I recall correctly, that is not important… you can put numbers from 1 to 7… or all zeros…

Do you know if using a chinese CAN Clip clone, you can do the upgrade too ? Any solution to know if there is an update for my motor, prior to buying a clip (searching on the dvd update ?) ?
My clip is the third one i am going through, and the first thing I do is open them inspect and re-solder all chips . About check if is updates available, I can’t answer with certainty. I check it when the machine is plugged in. Just out of curiosity, I don’t update ECUS just because an update is available, I usually do it if I am convinced that it will resolve a certain problem. Update ECUS is a risky process, which can transform your ecu on a paper weight if something goes wrong….

I was wondering if you knew how to program a electronic handbrake unit on a Renault scenic 2 2007 and if my husband replaces it with a second hand unit will it work , cheers x

The programming procedure using clip will be not much more than following the screen… but this for a new hand brake module… A second hand unit should work, however it might need coding, or adjust the configurations… it all depends on the car it came from… Hope that helps…

How to replace GM Tech2 Clone DC converter

This is how to rework GM Tech2 PCB to make Tech 2 Scan Tool clone boot up for use.

– Problem
Tech II clone not boot up (not turn on)

– Reason
The issue usually results from the DC to DC converter

This converter is a common internal component for the device GM Tech2 Scan Tool

originally these come equipped with the “Meanwell SKE10A-05VT” and “BTCPower 4BE-01T-02”
you cannot longer purchase these items because they are not being manufactured anymore

You actually can find the “Meanwell SKE10A-05” but missing the “VT” and also missing 1 pin for the soldering points.

BEWARE this model dc to dc converter WILL NOT WORK

It may help you power on your device, but the power button among other programming features won’t work.

– Solution worked!
To replace DC to DC converter can avoid unpleasant surprises.

REC10-1205S/H2/M has a 6 pin connections, “Meanwell SKE10A-05VT” and “BTCPower 4BE-01T-02” have a 5 pin connections, is it not a problem when you change the component.
So, sort this out.

This list is for a DC to DC converter with the following specifications:
Input: 9~18VDC
Output: 5VDC 2.0A

– Professional Diagnostic Tool GM Tech 2 PCB before the DC to DC converter replacement
– Tech2 clone worked gain after the DC to DC converter replacement

– The important note: Tech2 not boot up when the car starts

So, how to fix a reboot Tech 2 from CnAutotool when starting the car? The square dedicated native voltage Stabilizer, black spots, this is how it is better to feed on, immediately giving to drink block, then the main Board gently giving to drink lagged behind in her legs. By means of wooden toothpicks carefully remove the solder prepared under us new voltage regulator (mornsun VRB1205LD-15W DIP).

* To avoid boot-up issues, had better buy a high-quality Tech2 clone from a man of his words to trust in.

Gm Tech2 TIS2000 failed to run Win7 Virtual Machine

One of CnAutotool customer bought the GM Tech2 Scanner and the TIS2000 software CD. He sent an email to our customer service that the GM TIS2000 software did not Run In xp Mode On Win7.

Problem:“I use a GM Tech II diagnostic tool or a gm MDI to attach it to the truck, its on a cd / dvd, its a program i got on-line to reprogram GM BCMS in my truck. my problem is I can load 2007 software [its called ”TIS2000] into my computer [it only runs on a ”win xp” machine”][yes it won’t run in xp mode on a win7 machine],but I need the update to 3/2008 or 8/2008,to get it to see my vin#, so I can add power adj pedals[and some other options, I can’t get the 3/2008 to load. ”

Engineers Solution:
Depending on your computer hardware, you could install XP and your app in a Virtual Machine (VM) from Windows 7. Once installed and configured, you would boot your computer like normal and start XP in a window.

VMware makes Virtual Machine software called Workstation v10. They have a trial, but expect money at some point. The second best option for VM software is called VirtualBox from Sun. It is free!
You would just need a compatible computer, a copy of Windows XP and time to learn the ropes and get your XP Virtual Machine (VM) up and running. Learning how to use it is a one-time thing and at that point you’ll be familiar with VM software in general. That is a huge benefit to have as a computer user.

At that point you would meet the requirements of the Car Diagnostic Tool GM Tech 2 software and would install TIS2000 within the VM and use the virtual com/serial port to connect to your computer serial port (or USB).

(Vote) OBDstar RFID adapter or Xtool KC100 to program VAG 4th 5th Immo?


Ready to program VAG 4th 5th Immo, how would you vote between these two Chinese products:
OBDSTAR X300 DP (also key master DP) with RFID adapter and XTOOL X100 PAD2 with KC-100.
Both are supposedly capable of doing similar things including the support for 4th and 5th VW immobilizers. Just curious.

This is the page that lists them both, item 3 and 4

The user who vote for OBDSTAR:
It’s hard to sey, i think. I know much better OBDSTAR, work with they 4th year, no problem until today, no problem for me and any customer didn’t complain for devices- i think, was something devastated. Be honest they don’t do everything what is listed but no one device which do it. Obdstar very quickly react and make amendments and supplements so devices work very properly.

obdstar products are very popular and has frequent updates
I vote for OBDSTAR
So, yes it is worth ordering the OBDSTAR RFID adapter.

The user who vote for Xtool:
Ray-ray from DK forum is most familiar with Xtool Company, so let’s here what he said.

If you look at old post XTOOL tech had no sale in china or on eBay. I ask member on the forum if anyone used ps80 or ps90 little to no feedback. I ask my Chinese broker to look and buy a unit for me to test. They refuse to sell to any Chinese broker. That was perfect solution I want to come out with something new with a company that was will to bring in engineers to the USA. The company was part of Obdstar that did most of their sales in commodities. After the break up they focus on heavy duty diagnostics. I went to sema last year in Las Vegas, next to sema there was diagnostics show call apex. There I meet the company and there engineers, I made a deal that day. Xtooltech learn that day that there was too much competition in diagnostics, and very little in immobilizer. I have work on making the tool better, I have not stop. My goal is to keep developing and improving their tool (there is no money Xtooltech is paying me). Ken the owner has tried to pay me for my work and I have refuse. My mission is to make it a great tool.. what is my reward to be remember.