We’re extremely proud to introduce the X431 Pad

We’re extremely proud to introduce the Launch X431 PAD. Not only does it offer all of the high performance diagnostics that you would expect from a Launch device, it allows users to connect with other diagnosticians all over the world to share information and assistance where it is required.

This innovative piece of kit is designed for professionals, and is made to be flexible to suit different diagnosticians’ needs. Optional modules available for the Pad expand on its capabilities and include a four-channel oscilloscope with ignition analysis, a sensor tester and simulator, a battery test with print-out, and a bore scope.

The Launch next generation software suite also allows users to access OE-level Asian, European and Domestic applications for module coding, to perform resets, as well as re-learns and bi-directional capabilities. The X431 PAD also supports the use of Launch extension modules such as Multimeter Scope Box, 4 Channel Oscilloscope, Sensor Simulation and Endoscope Inspection camera.

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