Using Tips of DA-VINA 2534

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J2534 SDD VCI Device is an Upgrade connection center between your automotive and computer. it can be used in more than ten Vehicle/Model for Range Rover and Jaguar. such as 2007-2012 defender, 2005-2012 Discovery/LR3/LR4, 2006-2012 range rover sport and range rover official version, 2007-2012 Freelander/LR2, 2011-2012 EVOQUE, 2010-2012 XJ-new, 2005-2009 XJ-old, 2008-2012 XK-new, 2005-2009 XF-OLD, 2008-2012 XF, 2005-2009 S-type and x-type. But J2534 can’t supoort J1850 SCP.

Using Tips of DA-Dongle J2534 SDD VCI DA-VINA 2534 for Jaguar Land Rover sae j2534:
1. Download the latest Cnautotool DA-VINA 2534 DLL software files from the Diagnostic Associates web site
2. Connect the J2534 device to the vehicle OBDII connector (the device powers from the vehicle).
3. Connect the 12ft USB cable to the DA-VINA and the other end to the SDD Laptop.
4. The (PWR) LED will turn solid red to show the DA-Dongle is powered.
5. During communication with the vehicle the Status (STS) LED will flash green.

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