Autel Maxisys pro introduction

Early in 2010, I heard the Autel MaxiSys Pro was awarded the Best New Auto Repair Tool of 2013. I was thinking of buying a motor vehicle diagnostic tool for everyone cars. This news convinced me more. Therefore i ordered one coming from a ChineseĀ Autel MaxiSys Pro Scan Tool supplier who’s going to be quite famous in US auto repair industry. My Autel MaxiSys Pro
just arrived with me at night today. Here’ wants to share you guys with my experience deploying it.

The package is within perfect condition. These devices looks OK from your first impression. And the seller is reliable. The tool is included with 3 cables, 12 car adaptors and connectors, another power adapter along with other auxiliary things, as they promised.

I test the Autel diagnostic tool on my Land Rover the moment I receive it. The tool is simple to manage. An important feature about it’s its 9.7 inch LED capacitive touchscreen technology. The bigger the screen, the more it will likely be to use diagnoses; be the same reason as why most people love large-screen iPad. I aim several functions on the tool to read error codes and program ECU for my car. Though it should acquire some real feedback in the next month or two, I already adore the product. It could get the things I want done quick and accurate. By the bye, the simplicity on the new system looks great. And its particular Wi-Fi connection rocks !!

However, once we always say, nothing does everything on everything. TheĀ MS908 PRO can work with a lot of car makes, but most of them are mainstream ones. This is apparently the most popular fail of universal car repair tools. Hope the technicians can expand its auto coverage soon.

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